La Terre: Richard’s Soil

Adapted by
May 2009
Yield: 4 Servings


Richard's Soil
1 kilogram unwashed burdock
30 milliliters canola oil
100 grams soil
3 liters spring water
5 grams kuzu (Japanese arrowroot) powder
7 grams soy lecithin
Root Vegetable Puree
100 grams sunchoke
30 grams parsnip
40 milliliters spring water
15 grams Chinese yam potatoes
8 oysters
5 milliliters yuzu juice


For Richard's Soil:
Chop the unwashed burdock. In a deep pan, add canola oil, burdock, soil, and stir-fry together and bring out the strong aroma. Add spring water and cook for 90 minutes. Cook until the amount is reduced to 1.7 kilograms, and then puree in a Thermomix for 90 seconds. Strain through a large chinois, pressing solids with a ladle until the moisture is gone. Use paper filter and strain again. Add salt and kuzu powder. Add lecithin and whip with an immersion blender.

For the Root Vegetable Puree:
Boil sunchoke and parsnip with salt water, and then grate into mashed form. Grate Chinese yam potatoes. Add spring water slowly. Add Chinese yam potatoes and salt.

For the Oysters:
Steam oysters with the shell for 5 minutes at 100°C/212°F. Remove from the shell add yuzu citrus juice.

To Assemble and Serve:
Put oyster in the bottom of a boil. Top with root vegetable puree, and add froth of the whipped soil soup.