Frozen Lime Marshmallow

Adapted by
June 2013


Lime Marshmallow
10 grams pectin, bloomed
500 grams cold water
150 grams granulated sugar
150 grams trimoline
150 grams glucose
150 grams dextrose
100 grams egg whites
750 grams lime juice
Swiss Meringue
150 grams egg white powder
125 grams granulated sugar
200 grams cold water
3 drops lime essential oil
kosher salt
To Assemble and Serve
Hot Japanese


For the Lime Marshmallow:

In medium pot, heat water and stir in sugars until dissolved. When mixture registers 50°C, add
gelatin and stir to dissolve. In bowl mixer with whisk, whip egg whites to medium peaks, then
stream in warm syrup while whipping on high speed. Emulsify lime juice into marshmallow with
a hand blender. Process in a batch freezer, then chill in freezer until set and chilled.

For the Swiss Meringue:

In large bowl, combine egg white powder and sugar, then stir in water and set aside for 10
minutes. Whisk to bring mixture together. Place bowl over slowly simmering water, whisking
constantly, until mixture reaches 50°C. Transfer to bowl of mixer with whisk and begin
whipping on low, increasing speed as meringue gains volume. When stiff peaks form, season
with salt and lime oil. Transfer to a piping bag with medium tip.

To Assemble and Serve:

Prepare Japanese charcoal. In chilled bowl, place a small scoop of the Frozen Lime
Marshmallow. Pipe Swiss Meringue on top to cover the marshmallow. Take charcoal with large
tweezers and wipe clean with a dry towel to remove ash. Press charcoal to meringue and slowly
roll,to burn a crust on top. Garnish with fresh lime zest.