The Perfect Pour-over

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February 2014
Yield: 1 cup
There are lots of ways to brew great coffee. Which brewing device to use is ultimately a matter of taste. Saying that the refined texture of a pour-over is better than the hefty body of a French press brew, is akin to arguing that steaming vegetables is superior to roasting them in the oven. It depends on what you want. You can say that proper technique makes the most of the ingredients, and I can say that the execution of one pour-over can be a much better treatment of the product than another. This recipe I’m sharing calls for the Clever Coffee Dripper. They’re readily available, inexpensive, and user friendly. I used this recipe at the Southeast Regional Brewer’s Cup.


#4 filter
Clever coffee dripper
water, just off boil (above 206°F but below 212°F; water should have no chlorine or iron; total dissolved solids between 100 and 200; calcium hardness between 1 and 4 grains)
20 grams coffee, ground just before brewing on a medium or “drip” setting (18 to 22 on a Baratza grinder)
1 scale
1 timer


Insert filter into dripper. Fill with hot water. Pour out water. Place dripper on scale, add grounds, and zero scale. Pour in 60 grams hot water, gently wetting all the grounds. After 30 seconds, vigorously pour in 240 grams water and cover dripper with lid. After 2½ minutes, give the grounds an ever-so-gentle stir (grounds will sink to bottom). Place dripper on coffee cup. The coffee should take about a minute to drip into the cup. (If it takes longer, try again tomorrow morning with a coarser grind.) It’s ready to slurp as soon as you give the coffee a quick swirl.