Smoky Martini

Adapted by
December 2008
Yield: 1 Cocktail


Liquid Olive
1 cup pitted olives
½ cup lemon juice
½ cup gin
½ cup olive brine
1 tablespoon calcium lactate glucanate
½ tablespoon xantham gum
sodium alginate bath
Laphroaig Cloud
1 cup water
½ cup Laphroaig Single-Malt Scotch
¼ cup sugar
cherry wood
To Assemble and Serve
2¼ ounces dry gin
¾ ounce dry vermouth


For the Liquid Olive:
Combine and blend olives, lemon juice, gin, brine, calcium lactate, and xantham gum. Slowly drop mixture in spheres into sodium alginate bath and let stand for 4 minutes. Remove from bath and rinse with water.

Laphroaig Cloud:
Bring water to just below a boil. Add Laphroaig and sugar and stir until sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and use a smoking gun or vaporizer to add cherry wood smoke to the mixture. Seal with plastic wrap and let stand for 15 minutes. Transfer to a siphon.

To Assemble and Serve:
Combine gin and vermouth and stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with liquid cocktail olive and top with Laphroaig foam.