Crave Brothers Les Frères Farmstead Wisconsin Cheesecake, Fig Gelée, Muscovado Gelée, Beet-Fig Sponge, and Salted Walnuts

The First Annual International Pastry Competition
Round Two: Plated Dessert
Adapted by
December 2010
Yield: 10 Servings


Beet-Fig Sponge
200 grams eggs
100 grams trimoline
8 grams baking powder
2 grams salt
75 grams powdered sugar
250 grams boiled beet purée
250 grams PreGel Fig Arabeschi
40 grams whole milk
250 grams pastry flour
Fig Gelée
150 grams PreGel Fig Arabeschi
50 grams water
25 grams sugar
3 grams Sosa agar agar
Crave Brothers Les Frères Farmstead Wisconsin Cheesecake
225 grams cream cheese
165 grams Crave Brothers Les Frères Farmstead Wisconsin cheese
50 grams whole eggs
125 grams sugar
22 grams all-purpose flour
60 grams crème fraîche
5 grams Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract
Muscovado Gelée
100 grams muscovado sugar
100 grams water
6 grams gelatin
Salted Walnuts
250 grams walnuts
30 grams egg whites
5.5 grams fleur de sel
5 grams walnut oil
50 grams simple syrup
Raspberry Cotton Candy
100 grams PreGel Magic Sugar (Isomalt)
50 grams freeze dried sugar
30 grams raspberries
Yuzu Milk
225 grams low fat milk
0.75 grams iota carrageenan
25 grams sugar
15 drops yuzu oil
Beet Ice Cream
175 grams sugar
5 grams PreGel Neutro ice cream stabilizer
575 grams whole milk
60 grams glucose
112 grams milk powder
245 grams cream
150 grams boiled beet purée
2 grams salt
Caramelized Walnut Powder
30 grams caramelized salted walnuts
45 grams tapioca maltodextrin


For the Beet-Fig Sponge:
Preheat the oven to 320ºF. Blend the eggs and trimoline in a Waring food processor for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, sift the baking powder, salt, sugar, and flour together. In a separate bowl, combine the beet purée with the PreGel Fig Arabeschi. Add the milk to the egg mixture. Add the flour mixture and pulse the mixture until it comes together. Add the fig mixture and pulse until it all comes together. Empty the mixture onto a half sheet tray. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove from the oven.

For the Fig Gelée:
Combine the PreGel Fig Arabeschi and water in a pot. Over a medium heat bring the mixture to a boil. Put the hot liquid in a blender. With the blender on low speed, add the sugar and the agar agar. Return the mixture to the heat, and boil it for 1 minute. Cool the mixture, then blend it until it becomes smooth. Transfer the gelée to a shallow container lined with plastic. Freeze it, then cut it into 2-inch circles.

For the Crave Brothers Les Frères Farmstead Wisconsin Cheesecake:
Let the cream cheese and Crave Brothers Les Frères Farmstead Wisconsin cheese come to room temperature. Blend the cheeses together in a Waring food processor. Add the eggs, sugar, flour, crème fraîche, and vanilla extract and blend the mixture until it becomes smooth.

For the Muscovado Gelée:
Soften the gelatin. Combine the water and muscovado sugar in a small pot. Bring the mixture to a boil and dissolve the sugar. Remove the pot from the heat, add the gelatin and allow it to dissolve. Transfer the gelée to a shallow container and refrigerate.

For the Salted Walnuts:
Preheat the oven to 300ºF. Toss the walnuts with ½ of the egg whites and 1.5 grams of the fleur de sel in a mixing bowl. Spread the coated nuts in a sheet tray and bake them in the oven for 12 minutes. Remove the walnuts from the oven and allow them to cool. Once the walnuts have cooled, toss them with the remaining egg whites and 1.5 grams of the fleur de sel. Bake them for another 12 minutes. Heat the syrup to 118ºC. Put the walnuts and simple syrup in a copper mixing bowl. Place the bowl over a medium heat. Stir the mixture constantly until the nuts turn dark brown. Add the remaining 2.5 grams of salt and the walnut oil. Spread the mixture on a Silpat-lined sheet tray and separate the nuts using a spoon. Transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

For the Raspberry Cotton Candy:
Combine the PreGel Magic Sugar and granulated sugar in a small pot and bring the mixture to 155ºC. Pour the mixture onto a Silpat and allow to cool. Grind the raspberries with a Waring spice grinder. Grind the sugar mixture and combine it with the raspberry powder. Make the cotton candy using a Koerner cotton candy machine.

For the Yuzu Milk:
Bring the milk to boil over a medium heat in a small pot. Transfer the hot milk to a blender and blend it on a low speed. Combine the iota carrageenan and sugar, then sprinkle the mixture into the hot milk. Chill the mixture, then add the yuzu oil to combine.

For the Beet Ice Cream:
Mix 25 grams of the sugar with the sorbet stabilizer. Combine the milk, remaining sugar, and glucose in a pot and bring the mixture to 65ºC. Add the milk powder, and cream. Bring the mixture to 75ºC, and add the stabilizer mixture. Bring the mixture to 85ºC for 3 minutes. Chill the ice cream base rapidly. When the base is chilled, add the beet purée and salt. Process the Carpigiani ice cream machine.

For the Caramelized Walnut Powder:
In a Waring food processor, blend the walnuts until the mixture has liquefied. Add the tapioca maltodextrin. Reserve the powder in a container.

To Assemble and Serve:
Preheat the oven to 200ºF at 100% steam. Cut 2½-inch rings of beet-fig cake. Trim to ¼-inch thick. Spray the cake rings with nonstick spray and cover one end with foil. Press the cake down in the mold. Add 14 grams of the cheesecake mixture. Add a ring of fig gelée. Add enough cheesecake mixture to fill the ring mold to the top. Bake the mixture in a Baxter Hybrid Convection oven for 8 minutes. Cool the cheesecake. Once the cheesecake has cooled, plate the cheesecake. Spoon walnut powder on the edge of cheese cake and onto the plate. Break small pieces of muscovado gelée off, and plate them naturally on top of and around cheesecake. Add broken pieces of salted walnut in the same manner. Spoon the yuzu milk around and on top of cheesecake. Plate a quenelle of beet ice cream and garnish the dish with cotton candy.