Sautéed Maine Halibut with a Citrus Marigold Sauce and Lemon Candy

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Yield: Serves 6
Citrus marigolds are some of our favorite flowers to work with because of their intense lemony-spicy flavor that is quite easy to impart into sauces and other applications. For this sauce we infuse the flowers into a simple beurre blanc.


6 6-7 ounce halibut filets
3 tablespoons clarified butter
For Sauce
10 peppercorns
6 shallots, finely chopped
½ cup lemon juice
1 cup white wine
6 tarragon stems
½ pound butter
½ cup picked Citrus marigolds
salt and pepper
For Citrus Candy
Julienned strips of six lemons
3¼ cups sugar
2 cups water


1) Combine the peppercorns, lemon juice, white wine, and tarragon stems and simmer until reduced by two thirds. Reduce heat and whisk in the butter. Pour sauce through a fine sieve. Adjust seasonings.

2) Heat three cups sugar and two cups water to a boil. Blanch the zest in the sugar water for three minutes. Strain out the zest and immediately toss in the remaining sugar and set aside.

3) Sauté the halibut filets in the clarified butter until golden brown. Place a pool of the beurre blanc on each plate and place filet in the pool. Sprinkle the sauce with the citrus marigolds and place a portion of the lemon candy on each filet.