Steamed Boston Brown Bread

Adapted by
April 2015
Yield: 30 small or 18 large loaves


1.5128 kilograms cornmeal
718.1 grams coarse pumpernickel-rye meal
1.2447 kilograms fine whole-wheat flour
718.1 grams fine rye flour
107.7 grams sugar
40.2 grams baking soda, sifted
62.2 grams salt
4.3086 kilograms buttermilk
2.2022 kilograms blackstrap molasses
107.7 grams water
1.4362 kilograms raisins


Heat convection oven to 300˚F, vent closed. Set 2 quarts water to boil. Line loaf pans with a double layer of aluminum foil, greasing the top layer. In a bin, combine meals, flours, sugar, baking soda, and salt. In a 2-gallon pitcher, combine buttermilk, molasses, and water. Into a stand mixer fitted with a paddle, pour half the wet ingredients. Next pour in all the dry ingredients. Finally, pour in the remaining wet ingredients. Mix until just combined; let rest. Mix in raisins. If using small loaf pans, scale 375 grams dough/batter per pan; 675 grams per large pan. Cover tightly with greased foil. Slide a full sheet tray onto an oven rack below the middle rack. Pour boiling water onto tray. Place filled and sealed loaf pans on a sheet tray and slide onto middle rack. Bake 35 minutes, until the loaves form slight domes and the bread is firm when touched through the foil. Let bread cool in pans.