Chocolate and Pistachio Terrine, Blue Cheese Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Fig Espuma, and Violet Cotton Candy

The First Annual International Pastry Competition
Round Two: Plated Dessert
Adapted by
December 2010
Yield: 24 Servings


Chocolate Biscuit
120 grams almond flour
100 grams powdered sugar
20 grams cocoa powder
25 grams cornstarch
100 grams sugar
150 grams egg whites
Pistachio Praline
150 grams milk chocolate
170 grams PreGel Pistachio Sicilia Traditional Paste
120 grams pâte feuilletée
Pistachio Ganache
200 grams butter
200 grams PreGel Pistachio Sicilia Traditional Paste
200 grams powdered sugar
Dark Chocolate Mousse
1050 grams cream
500 grams 66% Belcolade chocolate, chopped
50 grams sugar
Violet Cotton Candy
100 grams PreGel Magic Sugar (Isomalt)
1 drop Sosa violet candy extract
Chocolate Tuile
50 grams butter
150 grams chocolate
80 grams water
4 grams apple pectin
40 grams glucose
10 grams cocoa powder
50 grams 100% Belcolade chocolate
Fig Espuma
250 grams milk
250 grams cream
120 grams sugar
125 grams PreGel Fig Arabeschi
4 egg yolks
Chocolate Sauce
250 grams milk
20 grams cream
20 grams glucose
20 grams cocoa powder
20 grams chocolate
20 grams sugar
Blue Cheese Sauce
125 grams blue cheese
125 grams crème fraîche
15 grams sugar
2 grams salt


For the Chocolate Biscuit:
Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a half sheet pan with parchment paper. Whip egg whites to soft peak and slowly rain in the sugar, whipping until stiff. Fold the egg white mixture into remaining dry ingredients. Spread out on a sheet pan. Bake for 8 minutes. Cool and remove parchment paper. Line pan with half sheet pan-sized cake ring.

For the Pistachio Praline:
Melt the milk chocolate and mix in the pistachio paste. Add the pâte feuilletée and pour over the chocolate biscuit, spreading evenly.

For the Pistachio Ganache:
Whisk together the butter and pistachio paste. Add the powdered sugar and spread over the set pistachio praline.

For the Dark Chocolate Mousse:
Boil 250 grams of the cream with sugar and pour onto the chopped chocolate. Whip the remaining 800 grams of cream and fold into the warm ganache. Spread this onto the set pistachio ganache.

For the Violet Cotton Candy:
Combine the Magic Sugar and violet candy extract and process in Koerner cotton candy machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.

For the Chocolate Tuile:
Preheat the oven to 350°F. In small sauce pot, melt the butter, water, sugar, and glucose. Bring to a boil, add apple pectin, cocoa powder, and chocolate. Pour onto a Silpat-lined tray and bake for 8 minutes. Remove from the oven and while still warm, cut into rectangle pieces and wrap around small tubes to form tuiles.

For the Fig Espuma:
Heat the milk, cream, sugar, and fig in a medium-sized sauce pot and steep for five minutes. Bring to a boil and temper with egg yolks. Strain and cool. Add to an iSi Gourmet Whip Plus and add two iSi original chargers.

For the Chocolate Sauce:
Combine all ingredients to boil in a medium sauce pot, stirring intermittently. Strain and cool.

For the Blue Cheese Sauce:
Melt all ingredients together in small sauce pan. Season to taste.

To Assemble and Serve:
To plate dish, cut one slice of the chocolate terrine and place on plate. Add a few drops of chocolate sauce and blue cheese sauce. Add fig espuma and chocolate tuile. Garnish with candied pistachio and violet cotton candy.