Candied Beet, Bavarian Malt, Frozen “Curdled” Cream, and Lemon Balm

Adapted by
April 2011


Candied Beet
½ kilogram beets
1 liter water, mixed with 30 grams hydrated lime
500 grams sugar
2 liters water, plus more for cooking
Bavarian Malt
5 grams black malt powder
100 grams water
100 grams sugar
½ gram baking soda
Grapefruit-Beet Sorbet
1 kilogram cooked beets
350 milliliters grapefruit juice
125 grams sugar
100 milliliters water
2 grams salt
Brown Butter Sable
225 grams butter, cold and cut small dice
150 grams sugar
479 grams all-purpose flour
155 grams almond flour
80 grams warmed brown butter
Frozen “Curdled” Cream
250 milliliters fresh, highly quality cream
25 grams sugar
To Assemble and Serve
grapefruit segments
Fresh lemon balm


For the Candied Beet:

Peel, break, and soak the beets for three hours in the lime mixture. Meanwhile, dissolve the sugar in the water to create a simple syrup. Cook the soaked beets in the simple syrup, adding double the water back into the pot and reducing to a syrup three times. Dry the cooked beets on dehydrator rack for 3 hours at 55°F. Reserve.

For the Bavarian Malt:

Mix the black malt with the water to dissolve thoroughly. Add the sugar and cook to the hard crack stage. Add the baking soda immediately. Pour the mixture onto a lined sheet tray and allow it to harden before breaking it into the texture of small powder.

For the Grapefruit-Beet Sorbet:

Purée the beets with the grapefruit juice, sugar, water, and salt; freeze in a Pacojet following the manufacturer’s instructions. Reserve.

For the Brown Butter Sable:

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Combine all the dry ingredients in a food processor and gently cut in the cold butter. Once the butter has been well incorporated, spread the mixture on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown, roughly 25 minutes. Cool the mixture on a speed rack; once cooled, blend it back into the food processor with the warmed brown butter. Spoon the runny sable mixture into the shape of a disc onto small patty papers, roughly 4 inches in diameter; refrigerate to set.

For the Frozen “Curdled” Cream:

Whip the cream with the sugar until you reach soft peaks; using liquid nitrogen, freeze the whipped cream and break into small frozen “curds.” Reserve in the freezer.

To Assemble and Serve:

Plate a small spoonful of Bavarian Malt. Add 4 pieces of the Candied Beet Root, 1 segment of grapefruit, and 2 sprigs of fresh lemon balm. Add a small scoop of Grapefruit-Beet Sorbet into the middle of the beets and cover with the Brown Butter Sable. Using a torch, lightly melt the sable over the sorbet. Finish with the Frozen Curdled Cream.