Smoked Duck Breast, Beet Marmalade, and Brioche

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February 2013


Beet Marmalade
4 medium-large red beets, roasted and peeled
1½ cups sugar
1 lemon, seeded and coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons chopped fresh ginger
To Assemble and Serve
1 smoked duck breast, thinly sliced
20 brioche rounds, toasted
Thinly sliced scallions


For the Beet Marmalade:
In a food processor, pulse the beets until coarsely chopped. Transfer beets to a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Add the lemon and ginger to the food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Transfer the lemon-ginger mixture to the saucepan and stir in sugar. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring often, until the marmalade thickens. Pour hot marmalade into clean jars, cover, and refrigerate.

To Assemble and Serve:
Place two slices duck breast on top of a brioche circle. Garnish with Beet Marmalade and scallions.