Bone Marrow Foam

Adapted by
July 2012
Yield: 4 batches


Bone Marrow Cream
150 grams heavy cream, warm
10 grams sugar
20 grams water, warm
4 grams salt
350 grams rendered bone marrow
Bone Marrow Base
300 grams milk
2 grams iota carrageenan
1 gram guar gum


For Bone Marrow Cream:
Place heavy cream, sugar, water, and salt in Vitamix and mix on high speed. Slowly add bone marrow until emulsified; reserve.

For Bone Marrow Foam:
Place milk, carrageenan, and guar gum in Vitamix and mix on high until wisps of steam appear. Once warm, mix for five minutes until mixture thickens.

Incorporate Bone Marrow Cream into the mixture while Vitamix is on high setting. Adjust seasoning and place one cup Bone Marrow Foam base into an iSi whipper. Charge with two NO2 cartridges, shake vigorously, and discharge.