Blood Orange Marshmallow Sorbet, Carrot Cake, and Orange Cells

Adapted by
July 2012
Yield: 30 servings


Carrot Cake
200 grams castor sugar
150 grams dark brown sugar
450 grams all-purpose flour
7 grams coarse salt
5 grams baking powder
5 grams baking soda
5 grams powdered ginger
5 grams ground cinnamon
3 eggs
50 grams carrot juice
275 grams carrot, grated
75 grams lemongrass simple syrup
175 grams extra virgin olive oil
10 grams ginger, peeled and grated on a microplane
Ginger Syrup
200 grams ginger
400 grams cold water
200 grams castor sugar
25 grams gelatin
250 grams castor sugar
50 grams water
34½ grams glucose
34½ grams trimoline
Blood Orange Marshmallow Sorbet
500 grams orange juice
25 grams castor sugar
To Assemble and Serve
orange cells


Carrot Cake:
Preheat the oven to 375° F. Sift the sugar, brown sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, ginger, and cinnamon together. Separately, combine the eggs, carrot juice, grated carrot, and simple syrup. Slowly stream the extra virgin olive oil into the liquids, then stream that mixture into the dry ingredients. Let the batter rest 24 hours. Spray and fill baba molds approximately halfway (or 18 grams per mold). Bake for 10 minutes.

For the Ginger Syrup:
Peel, slice, and blanch the ginger in the water. Add sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and reserve.

For the Marshmallow:
Strain the ginger from the Ginger Syrup and bloom the gelatin directly in the syrup. Transfer the bloomed gelatin with 250 grams of the Ginger Syrup into the bowl of a mixer. In a small saucepot, combine the sugar, water, glucose, and trimoline and cook to 116°C. Pour the sugar syrup over the ginger syrup-gelatin and whip on medium speed until the mixture cools to 30°C. Spread onto acetate and allow to set until firm.

For the Blood Orange Marshmallow Sorbet:
Cube 275 grams of the Marshmallow and blend together with blood orange juice and sugar. Freeze in a container overnight.

To Assemble and Serve:
Trim the top from the Carrot Cake, flattening on two sides. Place the wider piece at the center of your plate. Pacotize the Blood Orange Marshmallow Sorbet à la minute (it must be very cold, and only spin as much as needed). Place Sorbet in a bag with a medium tip, and pipe around the Carrot Cake, starting at the bottom and working all the way to the top. Garnish with orange cells and serve immediately.