Baby Monkfish with Sea Urchin Sauce

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Yield: 4 servings
This recipe doesn't involve raw fish, but it is an example of how Sushi-Ko matches red Burgundy with fish in a Japanese-style preparation.


4 baby Monkfish filets, 3-4 ounces each
½ tablespoon Ao-Nori (seaweed flakes)
4 ounces uni (Sea Urchin Roe)
4 ounces unsalted butter at room temperature, cut into 8 pieces
1 teaspoon lite soy sauce
1 teaspoon yuzu juice (Lemon juice may be substituted. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that can be found at some Japanese markets.)


Season Monk filets evenly with salt and Ao-Nori and place on a nonstick baking pan.

Bring 2 cups lightly salted water to a boil. Blanch Uni for 20 seconds, strain and place in a blender with half the butter, while blending add remaining butter, soy sauce and yuzu juice. Keep warm!

In a preheated 400°F oven, roast the Monk tails for 5-7 minutes until just cooked.

On warm plate, ladle 1.5-2 ounces Uni sauce on the center, thinly slice Monk tails and fan over sauce. Serve immediately.

Wine Suggestion:
A Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Charmes, Les Baudes, or Les Chatelots; from Hubert Lignier or Barthod-Noellat