Salt: Mozambican Prawn, Seaweed, Confit Potatoes, and Sea Foam

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May 2013
Yield: 8 portions


8 Noirmoutier potatoes, peeled
olive oil
80 grams red quinoa
8 Mozambican prawns
200 milliliters seawater
1 teaspoon lecithin
fryer oil
40 grams sea lettuce
50 grams sea spaghetti
30 grams sea coral
30 grams star shape coral
30 grams seawater plant


Confit baby potatoes in oil until very tender. Season with salt.

Cook quinoa in salted water until grains are tender.

Peel prawns; reserve heads. Set aside shells for another purpose.

Combine seawater and lecithin and emulsify.

Fry prawn heads in oil.

Place quinoa in the center of the plate followed by potatoes.

Top with seaweeds and then prawn and fried prawn head.

Scoop seawater emulsion on top before serving.