June 2013

June 2013

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Vivid Colors, Character, and Variability: Steelite Craft
Andrew Klimecki
Interview with Andrew Klimecki
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Vivid Colors, Character, and Variability: Steelite Craft

In the 20 years that Head of Design, Andrew Klimecki has worked for Steelite, he's never been more excited for a new line of wares.

Craft's design harkens back to the age of artisan potters in which every plate, cup, and bowl was touched by hand and displayed subtle differences on their rustic surfaces. Diners are tapping into this nostalgia and finding these contemporary wares comforting, reminiscent of an early, simpler era.

Improving on artisan craftsmanship, the Craft line is built with a modern plate-making technique that's unique to Steelite and produces wares that are both heat and chip resistant. The variation in the plates and the applied glazes makes each piece have a singular sparkle, and, in fall 2013, Kilmecki plans to add a new color to the successful blue, green, brown, terracotta, and grey glazes already available.

The plated cuisine of any chef looks simultaneously fresher and richer on Craft plates. And the dishware comes in a number of organic shapes and sizes that complement traditional and modern styles of plating. It's this seamless duality and versatility, that when paired with the artisan design, that makes Craft plates something to celebrate.

Richard Blais's Bone Marrow, Tuna Tartare, and Fried Quail Eggs
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