Steelite International

StarChefs Austin Rising Stars

At the 2017 Austin & San Antonio Rising Stars Honorees Dinner, Rising Star alums Jason Dady and Andrew Wiseheart crafted beautiful dishes on Steelite plateware. A couped plate with some flare perfectly complement the flavors of Chef Jason Dady's Smoked Beef Short Ribs, Massaman Curry and Avocado Mouuse. Candied peanuts add a nice pop and crunch. 

Small Plates & Super Bites in Portland
 At SuperBite in Portland, Oregon, Chef Greg Denton sends out a flurry of snacks on a selection of petite Steelite plates, including Rene Orzorio, to open the meal with style. 
Playful Plating at Gunshow in Atlanta
 Chef Joey Ward presents a whimsical, modern toad in a hole on a clean, white Steelite backdrop. The "egg white" is really a decadent white truffle emulsion concealing wagyu tartare below. 
Steelite Sightings in Austin
 Chef Rick Lopez plates his high concept tacos on Steelite's made-in-Mexico Anfora and Craft to highlight the care he puts into each dish. 
StarChefs Los Angeles Rising Stars
 At the 2017 Los Angeles Rising Starts Honorees Dinner, Rising Star alums Jonathan Whitener and Miles Thompson wowed the crowd with their gorgeous presentations on Steelite plateware. On a trio of Rene Ozorio Wabi Sabi plates, Thompson's Burrata, Sturia caviar, and chowchow, with its imperfect form, sits in the center of multicolored, rippled edge plates. Whitener's Wagyu brisket tartare, nam chim, herbs, crispy garlic, pops brightly off the earthly, elemental, Anfora Crete plate.  
Steelite Sightings in Los Angeles
 At Lucques, Chef Javier Espinoza takes inspiration from the Farmers Market for his fresh, balanced Raw Salad, featuring Sweet Corn from Tamai Farms in Oxnard, along with Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula from Flora Bella Farms, Opal Basil, Avocado, Cilantro Pistou, Olive Oil, and Queso Fresco. The raw salad pops off of the stark white Steelite classic round plate, capturing the LA glow and the essence of California cosine: fresh, bright, and balanced. 

Chef Amar Santana has found inspiration in the diverse regions of Spain for his restaurant Vaca, which serves both tapas and family-style dishes. And to present such diverse inspiration to his guests, Santana utilizes the myriad colors of Steelite’s Craft line.

The bright reds and greens in his Piquillo Relleno find home in glazed Craft white bowl. On the Craft blue plate, bright yogurt and bright green cucumbers jump off the plate for a dish of Albondigas: Roasted Lamb Meatballs, Lemon Yogurt, and Cucumbers. The Terracotta craft oval platter serves as the backdrop for his Canelon de Pollo Ahumado, which features an orange Foie Gras sauce which gets a lift for the hand-glaze, deep colored Craft platter.

StarChefs Colorado Rising Stars
 Chef Kyle Mendenhall’s Finnan Haddie is at the center of the evolution of Colorado cusine, and as illustrated by artist Rachel Jablonski, it graces the cover of StarChefs Colorado Rising Stars Magazine. The Smoked Finnan Haddie, hardboiled egg, chive cream cheese, house crown bread, cucumber, radish, and lemon sits on a deep hued Alma Tacana Azul Steelite plate that echoes the blue on Colorado’s state flag. 
 Gonzo Jimenez and David Lewis are bringing world-class, show stopping chocolate sculpting to Colorado, with vibrancy, artistry, and a modern edge. Their Passionfruit-Jasmine crémeux, basmati rice-coconut rocher cookie, and basmati-chocolate gelée ripples out from the center of Steelite’s Pier by Robert Gordon, with it’s soft gray giving way to the glossy crémeux.