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LA Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Holly Jivin

By: Eddie Velazquez

2017 Los Angeles Rising Star Jolly Jivin wins Steelite's Art of Presentation award at the StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Ceremony at Vibiana. Immersed in the playful, high-volume, and ultra-technical world of Bazaar by José Andrés, Jivin has a world of influences and product at her fingertips, and she laser-beam focuses on flavor, satisfaction, and hospitality.

LA Rising Stars Honorees Dinner at Vibiana
At the 2017 LA Rising Starts Honorees Dinner, Rising Star alums Jonathan Whitener and Miles Thompson wowed the crowd with their gorgeous presentations on Steelite plateware. On a trio of Rene Ozorio Wabi Sabi plates, Thompson's Burrata, Sturia caviar, and chowchow, with its imperfect form, sits in the center of multicolored, rippled edge plates. Whitener's Wagyu brisket tartare, nam chim, herbs, crispy garlic, pops brightly off the earthly, elemental, Anfora Crete plate. 


Steelite Sightings in the Golden State

Chef Javier Espinoza of Lucques

At Lucques, Chef Javier Espinoza takes inspiration from the Farmers Market for his fresh, balanced Raw Salad, featuring Sweet Corn from Tamai Farms in Oxnard, along with Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula from Flora Bella Farms, Opal Basil, Avocado, Cilantro Pistou, Olive Oil, and Queso Fresco. The raw salad pops off of the stark white Steelite classic round plate, capturing the LA glow and the essence of California cosine: fresh, bright, and balanced.

Chef Amar Santana of Vaca

Chef Amar Santana has found inspiration in the diverse regions of Spain for his restaurant Vaca, which serves both tapas and family-style dishes. And to present such diverse inspiration to his guests, Santana utilizes the myriad colors of Steelite’s Craft line.

The bright reds and greens in his Piquillo Relleno find home in glazed Craft white bowl. On the Craft blue plate, bright yogurt and bright green cucumbers jump off the plate for a dish of Albondigas: Roasted Lamb Meatballs, Lemon Yogurt, and Cucumbers. The Terracotta craft oval platter serves as the backdrop for his Canelon de Pollo Ahumado, which features an orange Foie Gras sauce which gets a lift for the hand-glaze, deep colored Craft platter.






Colorado Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Alberto Hernandez

2017 Colorado Rising Star Alberto Hernandez wins Steelite's Art of Presentation award at the StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Ceremony at City Hall for his precise manipulations of ingredients, adding a jolt of excitement to every plate. Like a nugget of gold in the dirt, his Panna Cotta, Quince Tea, Buffalo Yogurt, Juniper, Citrus Tuile, Satsuma Sorbet, and Brulee Grapefruit jumps off the Sienna-hued Rene Ozorio plate. 

Colorado Rising Stars Honorees Dinner at The Denver Central Market

Chef Kyle Mendenhall’s Finnan Haddie is at the center of the evolution of Colorado cusine, and as illustrated by artist Rachel Jablonski, it graces the cover of StarChefs Colorado Rising Stars Magazine. The Smoked Finnan Haddie, hardboiled egg, chive cream cheese, house crown bread, cucumber, radish, and lemon sits on a deep hued Alma Tacana Azul Steelite plate that echoes the blue on Colorado’s state flag.




Colorado Rising Stars Gala at City Hall

Gonzo Jimenez and David Lewis are bringing world-class, show stopping chocolate sculpting to Colorado, with vibrancy, artistry, and a modern edge. Their Passionfruit-Jasmine crémeux, basmati rice-coconut rocher cookie, and basmati-chocolate gelée ripples out from the center of Steelite’s Pier by Robert Gordon, with it’s soft gray giving way to the glossy crémeux.

Steelite Sightings in Colorado

Chef Will Nolan of Eight K at Viceroy Snowmass | Snowmass, CO

Turns out, when you are cooking at 8,000 feet, the laws of physics change due to low air pressure, which has the opposite effect of a pressure cooker. Plus, water temperatures max out at about 198ºF. So, when New Orleans native Chef Will Nolan of Eight K at Viceroy Snowmass makes a 10-gallon pot of Anson Mills grits, “the breakfast crew starts them and the dinner crew pulls them. It is like a family bonding experience. Big brother gets mad if you burn the grits!” Nolan serves his grits with shrimp, a family barbecue sauce, and a three-minute egg, all in a pristine white Steelite Rene Ozorio bowl.

Chef Hunter Kepley of The St. Regis Aspen Resort | Aspen, CO

In the snowy mountains of Colorado, Chef Hunter Kepley is cooking beautiful food that matches the beautiful surrounding landscape. His Hamachi Ceviche with Aji Lime, Dried Black Beans, and Crushed Aleppo is a stunning presentation that excites the palate while feeling grounded, even at 8,000 feet. The sparkling, bright blue glaze on the Steelite Rene Ozorio plate gives the dish a colorful pop, a welcome change from the plush, white snowy mountains it sits at the center of.

New York City Rising Stars - Art of Presentation
Award Winner Aaron Bludorn

2017 New York Rising Star Aaron Bludorn wins Steelite's Art of Presentation award at the StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Ceremony in Manhattan for his multi-textured, multi-dimensional plating style. He plates his Smoked Ora King Salmon, Coriander Crust, Dill Mustard, Fennel, and White Sturgeon Caviar on an Anfora Alma plate in Tacana Azul. Simple and concise manipulations of the ingredients take center stage while the brightness and romantic detail of the plate play the perfect supporting character. 


New York City Honorees Dinner

at Rouge Tomate


Former Rising Star Jillian Vose of The Dead Rabbit manages to keep it sexy and PG13 at the same time with her tempting Striptease cocktail. Steelite’s MCC Gold Rim Nick & Nora glasses are the perfect vehicle for the seductive drink made of Bacardi 8-year Rum, Novo Fogo Aged Cachaca, Noilly Pratt Ambre, Becherovka, Yellow Chartreuse, and Cane Syrup. Jillian also used The Thrill Machine (distributed by Steelite), to blast-chill her glassware, adding dramatic flair to each glass. While the Nick and Nora glasses with their gold rim are alluring on their own, when frozen with The Thrill and filled with Jillian’s amber elixir, the glass goes from sexy to sensational.

Chef Travis Swikard quickly went from Rising Star Chef in 2015 to cooking for the newest class just two years later, a testament to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Dinex group. At the Honorees Dinner, Travis took to his roots in Mediterranean food with a Lebanese Braised Lamb Shank with Eggplant Tarator and Jeweled Royal Basmati Rice. The dish bursts with flavor as much as it does with color off of the hand-crafted glaze of the Rene Ozorio Wabi Sabi plates.

New York City Rising Stars VIP Reception at Capitale

Chef Aurelien Dufour of Dufour Gourmet in New York, wows the Rising Stars VIP crowd with his Pâté de Campagne. The country style pâté with pork, pork liver, onions, parsley, and garlic look balanced and composed on the clean and inviting Anfora Chena, where the classic French preparation gets a modern lift on Steelite’s newest addition to their renowned Anfora line.



Steelite Sightings in New York City

Chef Matt Conroy of Virginia’s

Chef Matt Conroy is elevating bistro fare in his cozy East Village restaurant, Virginia’s. Common French bistro menu items get a breath of new ideas and an upscale twist. The classic beef tartare gets an upgrade, with Conroy’s Lamb Tartare, with Pistachios, Harissa, Mint, Yogurt, and Olives. The subtle off-white hue and ridges of the Steelite Anfora plate allows for the spotlight to shine onto the smooth, bright white of the greek yogurt on which Conroy’s tartare sits.

Chef Justin Neubeck of Bedford & Co.

Tucked inside Midtown’s Renwick Hotel is Bedford & Co., is a modern American restaurant with a menu built around the kitchen’s wood-fired grill. For his dish of Wood-grilled Striped Bass, Green Tomato Broth, and Zucchini Blossom, Chef Justin Neubeck draws from his trips to Thailand to create a flavor-packed green tomato broth. The broth, with its bright green hue, sits in a Steelite Craft bowl, with its hand-glazed shine adding depth to the already colorful broth. The brown edge of the Craft bowl accentuates the wood-grilled char of the striped bass, elevating a simple dish of fish and broth to something beautiful. 

On the Craft plate, Neubeck’s grilled Spanish octopus and charred cucumbers speaks to the versaltility of the Steelite Craft line of plates. The glazed canvas allows the cucumbers and mircogreens to pop off the plate, while the brown rim and speckles ground the charred Spanish octopus.

Chef Nick Pfannerstill of Dovetail

At John Fraser’s elegant New American Dovetail, Chef Nick Pfannerstill is bringing together disparate elements on the plate and making them feel as one—living up to the tasting menu-only restaurant’s name.  Pfannerstill marries Cured Yellowtail, Shiitake Mushrooms, Minted Pea Juice, and Rose on a deep black Steelite Koto plate, which lets the Yellowtail’s opaque pink tint shine, and the rose petals pop off of the rich glaze like they never could on a white plate. With its gorgeous, progressive presentation and clean flavors, this dish sets the tone for what will become an unforgettable meal.



Rust Belt Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Brett Sawyer

2016 Rust Belt Rising Star Chef Brett Sawyer of Plum Cafe and Kitchen in Cleveland took home the gold, the glory, and a fat stack of plates in his near future when he won Steelite's Art of Presentation award at the StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Ceremony at the Westin Cleveland Downtown.

The winning dish, Sawyer’s Yellow Corn Grits Croquettes, Smoked Shrimp Rillettes, Fermented Peanuts, and Micro Okra, sits in the winner’s circle on Steelite’s Rene Ozorio Porcelian. The plate’s raised ring in the center provides a center stage for presenting smaller bites.


Rust Belt Honorees Dinner at Restaurant Dante

Andy Hollyday of Selden Standard | Detroit, MI

Mentor Chef Award winner Andy Hollyday of the Selden Standard lent his hand to the Honorees Dinner at Dante in Cleveland. His Parsnip Casonsei, Mushrooms, and Gremolata recives a boost of color from the Steelite Denali Matte Gray oval dish, with its understated soft blue-gray hues and hand-glazed shine.

Bartender Kristen Kascher of Dante

The staff of Dante was all hands on deck for the Honorees Dinner. Bartender Kristen Kascher made a Royal Basmati Horchata, spiked for good measure (it is a StarChefs party). To present her sweet, boozy cold-weather cocktail, Kascher used a Steelite Rona Edge glass, with its elegant stem and the sleek rim, slightly tapered on one side, giving it an edge over a traditional martini glass.

11th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress

Main Stage

Antonio Bachour | The Art of Entremet

Making a seven layer entremet from scratch in less than one hour seems contradictory to Antonio Bachour’s demand for perfection. Still, the Pastry Chef was up for the challenge and - spoiler alert - impressively delivered. In his ICC demo, he made a “Gianduja, Hazelnut, and Passion Fruit Entremet” from scratch. Such a beautiful creation deserves the right display, and on Steelite’s lichen-colored Wabi Sabi plate, the impeccable shine of Bachour’s dessert gets a little bit brighter.


Valrhona C3 World Pastry Competition

In the second round of the Valrhona C3, finalists focused on their plated desserts. “It’s a test of skills to accomplish something that’s so complicated, delicate, and delicious in that short amount of time,” said Judge Johnny Iuzzini. Competitors were allowed just two hours and 40 minutes to complete both the petit four and their plated dessert. The winner, Frederik Borgskog, created a modern, clean plate following Nordic aesthetics on the Steelite Paul Liebrandt Pedestal Stand. Nicola Dobnik drew inspiration for his plate from the New York’s skyline, and made it happen on a Varick Parliament Coupe plate.


Hands-on Workshops

Johnny Spero | From minibar to Mugaritz 

While “the ingredients and technique come first… the actual plates are important.” says Spero. The tomato tartare dish looked elegant when presented in Steelite's Pillivuyt Grain grey bowl. Had it been served on a white plate, it might not have had the same impact. It’s worth taking the time to plate a dish on several different pieces of china to see what works best. 


Brad Kilgore | Precision in a High-Tech Kitchen

At the 2016 International Chefs Congress, Miami chef Brad Kilgore demonstrated one of the ways he prepares lobster at his restaurant Alter. For Kilgore, precision is key in his preparations, from time and temperature to the plating itself. While Kilgore plated his New Shell Maine Lobster, Harissa-Lobster Anglaise, Whipped Squash Cmawanmushi, and Vadouvan Puffed Squash, he demonstrated his attention to detail, starting with the shallow Rene Ozorio bowl by Steelite.


Art of Presentation

At the Steelite Art of Presentation pop-up on the ICC show floor, Joe Richie of Goldfinch Tavern brought his brand of simplicity to his presentation. Taking a break from plating at his 180-seat restaurant, the 2015 Seattle Rising Stars Art of Presentation winner made his Black Cod, Chanterelles, Chorizo Bacon, Apple Cider Sauce, and Apple Crisps. The slight burnt edges of the Wabi Sabi by Rene Ozorio help the crisp chorizo bacon and apple cider sauce pop off of the rectangular plate.

Ian Palazzola, of the Michelin-starred Mourad in San Francisco, took part in the Art of Presentation pop-up as well. Cooking with care, artistry, and attention to sourcing, the 2016 San Francisco Rising Stars Art of Presentation winner weilded tweezers to plate his Hokkaido Scallop, Avocado, Cucumber, Quinoa, and Charmoul, making an impact on the Pillivuyt Grain plate, as it ripples out from the center.


Steelite Sightings in the Rust Belt

Chef Vishwatej Nath of Urban Farmer | Cleveland, OH

At Urban Farmer in the Westin Cleveland Downtown, Chef Nath Vishwatej uses the range of the speckled, lustrous white plates of Steelite's Craft line to take his steakhouse to the next level. The perfectly cooked and juicy 24 ounce Ohio Proud Bone-in Ribeye (top) glistens with the rich glaze of the plate, as if they both came from the same kiln. The Scotch Egg (bottom) sits atop Winter Squash Agrodolce, Goat's Milk Yogurt, and Micro Herbs, painting colors to the Craft bowl's polished canvas. At the center, the bright yolk of the quail egg shines with the bowl's shimmering glaze, contained by the earth-toned rim.


Restaurateur Matthew Porco of Sienna Restaurants | Pittsburgh, PA

Matthew Porco chooses his plates to add another layer of color to his dishes. Deviled Eggs with House Bacon Jam and Caesar Salad (top) pop off of the Steelite Mocha Terramesa plate, breathing new life into the classic dish. Pan-roasted trout, Lemon Aioli Potatoes, Broccoli Raab and House Pickles (bottom) get an extra punch of color from the Mustard Steelite Terramesa plate.


San Francisco Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Ian Palazzola

2016 San Francisco Rising Star Chef Ian Palazzola of Mourad took home the glory, the bragging rights, and the big ole check when he won Steelite's Art of Presentation award at the StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Ceremony and Tasting Gala.    


2016 San Francisco Rising Stars Honorees Dinner at the Swedish American Hall 

Smoked Salmon Cannoli, Candied California Walnuts, and Nutritional Yeast

Evan and Sarah Rich of Rich Table | San Francisco, CA

The soft, glossy blue-gray hues of this small Steelite Anfora Denali oval platter with a shadow rim underscores the farmhouse aesthetic of these plates. While smoked salmon cannoli isn't typical farmhouse fare, that contrast heightens the pristine, natural beauty of the carefully composed dish. The hand-crafted glaze makes every plate distinct and special, just like every dish plated by Chefs Evan and Sarah Rich.      

Corn Pudding, Soy-glazed Vegetables, Trout Roe, and Basil

Jason Fox of Commonwealth | San Francisco, CA

The amorphic, naturalistic curves of Steelite's Venus plate by Catherine Hurand echo and accentuate the organic plating style of Chef Jason Fox. Because of the translucent plate, the guest's eyes are immediately drawn to the arrangement of vibrant colors and shapes created by the chef. Radishes gleam irresistibly like incandescent bulbs of deliciousness, and the trout roe pops visually in addition to texturally.


Steelite Sightings in San Francisco

Tortilla de Patata with Dungeness Crab, Spring Peas, Pea Shoots, Miner's Lettuce and Pepper Cress

Ryan Pollnow of Aatxe | San Francisco, CA

At Aatxe in San Francisco, Chef Ryan Pollnow joins the best of Northern California’s agricultural bounty with expert Spanish technique. His play on the classic tortilla de patata—dotted with spring peas, shoots, and plump Dungeness crab—bisects the dark hue of Steelite’s Craft Brown coupe bowl and creeps up its sides with rolling hills of green and white straight from a landscape painting.

Yogurt Panna Cotta with Calamansi, Jasmine Rice and Matcha

Edward Martinez of Cadence | San Francisco, CA

Edward Martinez's pastry creations are undeniably eclectic, and his yogurt panna cotta at Cadence in San Francisco takes the Italian dessert on a trip out east. The smooth incline of Steelite's Anfora Sedona (in black) leads diners down through mounds of jasmine rice and wedges of calamansi to the semicircle of thickened cream. Organic streaks of yogurt accentuate the slight bend of the Anfora Sedona's sides andalong with the pop of mint and citrus—enliven the plate’s sleek, black backdrop.

Rabbit Agnolotti with Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Garlic Jus, Celery Root Milk, Apple Oil and Parsley

Joey Elenterio of Cadence | San Francisco, CA

The subtle, circular grooves of Steelite’s Virtuoso rim pasta plate beckon diners towards a glistening portion of rabbit agnolotti at Cadence in San Francisco. Chef Joey Elenterio arranges the pasta with curled, crisp Brussels sprouts opposite a shallow pool of celery root milk that, alongside the gleaming white bowl, amplifies the vibrant tones of yellow and green.


South Florida Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Niven Patel

Niven Patel | of Ghee Indian Kitchen
Art of Presentation
Jaggery-cured Bacon, Achar-spiced Carrots, Mung Beans, Brown Basmati, Yogurt, and Crispy Rice Cracker

At the 2016 Rising Stars Gala at Marlins Park, former Michaels Genuine Chef and Rising Star Niven Patel, winner of Steelite’s Art of Presentation Award, gave South Florida a spicy preview of his next project: Ghee Indain Kitchen. His Jaggery-cured Bacon, Achar-spiced Carrots, Mung Beans, Brown Basmati, and Yogurt stunned on the stark-white Steelite Paul Liebrandt collection plate.


2016 South Florida Rising Stars Honorees Dinner at Sarsaparilla Club


Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth | Sarsaparilla Club
Tiny Veggies in Pumpernickel Soil with Yuzu Cream
Pumpkin- and Cashew-filled Squash Blossoms with Arugula Mascarpone

At the Sarsaparilla Club on Miami Beach, the 2016 South Florida Rising Stars Honorees dinner featured past chefs cooking for and honoring the newest class of Rising Stars. Hosted by Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, they served delectable Pumpkin-Cashew Squash Blossoms on Steelite’s Catherine Hurand Venus collection, and Tiny Veggies in Pumpernickel Soil with Yuzu Cream. McInnis and Booth also showed us that it’s not just their dishes that know how to work the camera!

If You Give a Rising Star a Cookie

Kelly Fields | Willa Jean

Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies with Angostura Vanilla Milk


At the New Orleans Honorees Dinner at Coquette, Chef Kelly Fields of Willa Jean served the ultimate classic, cookies and milk. Her simple yet delightful Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies were presented on Pillivuyt Grain Blue plates. The plate's swirl lured everyone in for another helping. The Angostura Vanilla Milk was served in Ypsilon Shot Glasses, which was the perfect accompaniment to wash down the decadent dessert.

New Orleans Rising Stars - Art of Presentation Award Winner Michael Gulotta

Michael Gulotta | MOPHO


The 2016 StarChefs New Orleans Rising Stars Gala kicked off with the awards ceremony in the courtyard at Il Mercato, where Chef Michael Gulotta of MOPHO earned extra recognition as New Orleans’ best plater with Steelite’s Art of Presentation Award. Following his accolades, Gulotta proceeded to feed hundreds of hungry guests with his Vietnamese-inspired Lamb Neck Curry and Creole Cream Cheese Roti, which he artfully serves at his restaurant in Steelite Koto bowls. (Click here for Michael's gallery.)  
Steelite Sightings in Miami

Crema Catalana, Apple Foam, Compressed Apple, and Gelée

Antonio Bachour of Bachour Bakery and Bistro | Miami, FL

The bronze hue of the Pillivuyt Grain plate highlights the warmth and brightness of Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour’s Crema Catalana at his Bakery and Bistro in Miami.


Soft Egg: Sea Scallop Espuma, Chive, Truffle Pearls, Gruyère, and Sassanian Caviar

Brad Kilgore of Alter | Miami, FL

Chef Brad Kilgore of Wynwood’s Alter carefully crafted his Soft Egg dish in the like-colored Steelite Monaco Vogue Axis Bowl. The complexity of the Soft Egg goes beyond the bowl's depth, leaving the diner pleasantly surprised with each spoonful.


Diver Scallops, Soba Risotto, Asian Pear, Yuzukoshō, Guanciale, and Heirloom Carrots

Eric Baker of Max's Harvest | Delray Beach, FL

Chef Eric Baker of Max’s Harvest uses Steelite’s Craft line (in Blue) to highlight the earthen tones of his Diver Scallops and Soba Risotto at his seasonal South Florida kitchen.


Rising Stars Seattle - Art of Presentation Award Winner Joe Ritchie

Geoduck Crudo: Cucumber, Sichuan Peppercorn, Celery Leaf, and Lemon 

Chef Joe Ritche of Goldfinch Tavern at Four Seasons Seattle and the 2015 StarChefs Seattle Rising Star was given the Art of Presentation Award, presented by Steelite International. Seattle Rising Stars Gala attendees had the chance to witness his precise wreath-style plating of Geoduck Crudo on Steelite's new Anfora Spruce.

Seafood City, Washington

Ahi Tuna Crudo, Grapefruit, Ash-roasted Parsnip, Pickled Mustard seeds and greens, and Spiced Seed Crumble

Chef Jason Wilson of Miller's Guild's Ahi Tuna Crudo was bold not only in flavor, but in color, highlighted by the sleek slate coloring of Steelite's Pillivuyt Grey plates at the 2015 Seattle Rising Stars Honorees Dinner.

Beets for Dessert

Xocopili Crémeux, Beet Ganache, Opalys Yogurt Noodles, Beet Araguani Cake, Smoked Meringue, and Cranberry Gel

Steelite's simple and sophisticated Crucial Detail Plateau Deep plate was the perfect backdrop for Pastry Chef Matt Kelley of Barking Frog's vibrant, complex, beet-based dessert at the 2015 Seattle Rising Stars Honorees Dinner.


Vegetables at the Forefront

At Mourad Lahlou's Art of Presentation workshop at ICC this year, he paid homage to Chef Michel Bras' famous Gargouillou of Young Vegetables, specifically as an ode to its presentation. Steelite's Rectangular Platter, part of the Paul Liebrandt by Rene Ozorio collection, served as the canvas for the iconic artful salad. Lahlou guided the attendees, as they plated their vegetables with precision together. The result was 30 beautifully vibrant interpretations of the Michel Bras salad. Each stood out on its own against the sleek, white, rectangular backdrop.

The Art of Presentation Takes The Stage at EAT@ICC

Chef Daniela Soto-Innes of New York's Cosme serves the pop-up guests her Veal Tongue, Ha' Sikil P'ak, and Brussel Sprouts Pico on Steelite's Varick Alpha Ceram.

Chef Mattie McGhee of Washington D.C.'s RANGE Beef Cheeks and Tongue, Root Vegetables, and Yukon Gold Potatoes on Steelite Anfora Denali Spruce.

Chef Lee Wolen of Boka's Smoked Foie Gras, Pig’s Head, Fall Radish, and Dill on Steelite Anfora Denali Gray.

The Battle of the Broth & the Bowl

Whose (ramen) bowl is best? 5 ramen masters and their assembled 5-person teams battled it out for the ultimate title at ICC 2015's Inaugural Ramen Battle, sponsored by Steelite.

Mihoko Obunai, the master of the masters from Mibo Ramen in Atlanta, presented a seafood-based Gyojkai Yuzu Shoyu Ramen in Steelite's Koto Axis Bowl for the win.

Formerly of Hapa Ramen in San Francisco, master Richie Nakano and his team presented a slow-cooked pork neck and shoulder “Big Daddy Ramen,” in Steelite's Taste Tulip Bowl.

Keeping it fresh and clean, master Jamison Blankenship's Spicy Vegetarian Miso Ramen, served in the Steelite Taste Tulip Bowl, put up a healthy fight to the finish.

Our favorite brunch ramen master from Boston's Snappy Ramen, Youji Iwakura, brought his Eggs Benedict Tonkatsu Ramen to life with the help of Steelite's Distinction Axis Bowl to highlight the vibrant greens and bright yellow yolk of the dish.

Once of Chicago's Yusho, master Harold Jurado lit up the crowd with his carnivorous Tan Tan Hop, presented in Steelite's Distinction Axis Bowl.

Pickles En Vogue

Pickle Plate: Horseradish Cream, Fresh Violet and Green Grapes, Fermented and Smoked Grapes, Half-Sour Cucumbers, White Pickle, Cardamom, Garlic, Dill, Peppercorns, Fresh Italian Prune Plums, and Fermented Watermelon

Chef Marie Rutherford of The Whale Wins in Seattle uses Steelite's Monaco Vogue—an elegant white platter perfect for the vibrant hues of her ingredients—to present her comforting, refined, and home-style pickle plate to the cucumber lovers of the Pacific Northwest. 

Which Came First, The Table or The Plate?

Grilled Redfish, Guacamole, Pickled Vegetables, and Tomatillo Salsa

Chef Miles Landrem of Johnny Sanchez uses the versatility of the Steelite International Craft Collection to show off the complexity of his dinner-for-three at the New Orleans Modern Mexican eatery. 

Getting Craft-y This Fall

Ricotta, Honey, Citrus, Chocolate Bread Wafer, Hazelnut-Chocolate Paste, Tempered Chocolate Leaf, Fig Compote, and Edible Flowers

“Fall is coming,” says Pastry Chef Junko Mine of Seattle's Cafe Juanita, thus her fun, rich dessert is a reflection of the changing of the seasons. Mine uses Craft as a canvas to paint a striking and thoughtful representation of fall.

Silver is the New Black

Pickled Murder Point Oysters, Fennel-Buttermilk Puree, Alabama Apple, Wild Ginger Vinegar, Fried Croutons, Sliced Radish, and Fennel Fronds

The silvery hue of the Anfora Denali Grey plate is the perfect background for the bright, lively coloring of Chef Alex Harrell's Pickled Oyster dish at Angeline, a Mediterranean-Southern fusion restaurant in New Orleans. 

Gourmet Doesn't Always Call for a Silver Platter

Valrhona Guanaja dark chocolate mousse, flourless chocolate cake with a milk chocolate crunch, finished with Fiori di Sicilia cream on Delfin Greystone.

Hosted at Nightwood Restaurant in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, the 2015 Chicago Rising Stars Honorees dinner featured dishes, cocktails, and wine pairings from past winners. Executive pastry chef Meg Galus of Boka, Rising Star in 2011, proved that she is still deserving of the title today. Her carefully crafted dessert is a work of art on a plate, and the durability and simplicity of the Greystone dinnerware creates the perfect canvas for her pastry.

Rising Stars Chicago – Art of Presentation Award Winner Lee Wolen 

Salt Cod ravioli with lardo, braised artichoke, crispy artichoke, artichoke puree, finished with a Cod emulsion on Anfora denali Grey.

Chef Lee Wolen of Boka Restaurant Group and the 2015 Chicago Rising Star was granted the Art of Presentation Award, presented by Steelite International.  Following his accolades, Wolen proceeded to wow the event's attendees with his beautifully plated Salt Cod Ravioli, his feature at the 2015 Chicago Rising Stars Gala.

Rising Stars Chicago – Art of Presentation Award

We’re excited to host the 2015 Chicago StarChefs Rising Stars Art of Presentation plating contest, which will honor the best-looking plate presentations. Chicago is home to many top-notch restaurants and world-class chefs, and ten of the city’s finest chefs have crafted beautiful dishes to be considered.

The Art of Presentation Award winner is determined by public vote.  Check out the images* in each Chef’s plating gallery shown below, then use the poll to vote for the Rising Star Chef who created your favorite presentations.  The deadline to vote is Friday, June 5 at 3 pm EST. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 8 at the Awards Ceremony & Tasting Gala. The winning chef receives $5,000 towards Steelite International product of their choice (at list price) and a ticket to StarChefs ICC with a spot in Steelite’s Art of Presentation Pop Up. Please only vote ONCE.

You choose the winner, so please share this contest with your friends! Use the hashtag #ArtofPresentation and tag us @steeliteusa.

Click here to vote now!

Steelite Plates Are a Chef's Canvas in Boston

Mustard Gelato, Pumpernickel Purée, Pickled Carrots, Turnips, Sea Beans, Chickweed, and Swordfish Pastrami from Chef Will Gilson of Puritan & Company

Chef Will Gilson thoughtfully and delicately composes a dish on an elegant Steelite plate  

Fermented Cabbage, Sauerkraut Marinated Asparagus, Grilled Ramps, Country Ham, Green Almonds, Pickled Green Strawberries, and Cured Egg Yolks

At modern American Puritan & Company, Chef Will Gilson exemplifies artisanship and restraint on his plates of seaonal New England ingredients that are always an intriguing mix of both fresh and pickled, fermetned, funky product. Bright and colorfully composed, Gilson's artful yet unpretnetious cuisine finds the perfect home on simple, sophisticated Steelite plates.   


Boston Rising Stars – Art of Presentation Award 

Winner: Chef John daSilva of Spoke – Somerville, MA

2015 Boston Rising Star John daSilva took home the Art of Presentation Award, presented by Steelite International  

Harissa-spiced Australian Lamb Tartare, Diva Cucumber, Labneh, and Pistachio  

Hosted at the Colonnade Hotel, the 2015 Boston Rising Stars Gala kicked off with the awards ceremony in the ballroom, where Chef John daSilva earned extra recognition as Boston’s best plater with Steelite’s Art of Presentation Award. Following the awards ceremony, 500 hungry Bostonians descended on the winning dishes and drinks from the city’s top culinary talent.

A Range of Influences at The Cecil Shine on Craft

JJ Johnson's Oxtail Dumplings, Apple Curry, Micro Cilantro

JJ Johnson's Fried Guinea Hen, Frisée, Sweet Potatoes, Charred Okra, and Adzuki Beans

Mame Sow's South Africa Malba Pudding Cake, Apricot Jam, Buttermilk Ice Cream, Candied Honeycomb, and Grilled Apricots 

At The Cecil in Harlem, Rising Star Chef JJ Johnson and Pastry Chef Mame Sow blend Asian influences with flavors of the African diaspora to make a cuisine that’s distinct and soulful. Sow hails from Senegal and Johnson from NYC (with Caribbean roots and work in Ghana to his credit), and the duo’s wide range of influences and flavors show off the versatility of Steelite’s Craft line. At The Cecil, everything from dumplings to larger format share plates and desserts come plated on Craft. 

Boston Rising Stars – Art of Presentation Award

Pastry Chef Michael Daly of The Four Seasons - Boston, MA

The Boston StarChefs Rising Stars have plated up some exquisite plating presentations, and we want you to pick your favorite.  Our Art of Presentation award honors the Chef or Chefs who have presented the best-looking dishes — help choose the winner!

The Art of Presentation Award winner is determined by public vote.  Check out the images in each Chef’s plating gallery, then use the poll to vote for the Rising Star Chef who created your favorite presentations.  The deadline to vote is Friday, April 10 at 3 pm EST. The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 16 at the Awards Ceremony & Tasting Gala. The winning chef receives $5,000 towards Steelite International product of their choice (at list price) and a ticket to StarChefs ICC with a spot in Steelite’s Pop Up. Please only vote ONCE.

You choose the winner, so please share this contest with your friends! Use the hashtag #ArtofPresentation and tag us @steeliteusa.

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To Plate or to Place in a Bowl?

Chef Richard Kuo of Pearl & Ash (NYC), Quail Eggs, Focaccia, Trumpet Mushrooms, and Dandelion Greens

Who says elegant plating can’t be approachable? Rising Star Chef Richard Kuo uses Steelite’s Taste stacking bowl as the vessel for his Quail Eggs, Focaccia, Trumpet Mushrooms, and Dandelion Greens. It’s a dish that would work on a plate, sure, but the clean, casual lines of the Taste stacking bowl scream dig in. Plus, the deep, straight sides give diners a sturdy surface to help scoop up every last bit of crunchy bread and sauce. 

Comfort Flavors, Upmarket Plating


Pastry Chef Tracy Obolsky of the North End Grill (NYC), Maple Panna Cotta, Oatmeal Cookie Crumble, Poached Pears, Pomegranate, and Pomegranate Juice Poached Raisin

Maple, oatmeal, pear, raisin, pomegranate: It’s a comfort dessert dream team of flavors. But at North End Grill in Manhattan’s Financial District, Rising Star Pastry Chef Tracy Obolsky elevates the plating by setting the maple panna cotta in a Monaco Steelite bowl, and then building the rest of the dish on top. She starts with a crescent of oatmeal cookie crumble, followed by thin spirals of poached pears, and last with jewel-like raisin and pomegranates peeking from every nook. 


Rising Stars NYC – Art of Presentation Award


The StarChefs Rising Stars New York City VIP Reception & Tasting Gala is fast approaching, and it’s time for our Art of Presentation Award. There is nothing we love more than a beautiful dish, so we created the Art of Presentation Award to recognize the Chef or Chefs who present the most attractive plating presentations.

The Art of Presentation Award winner is determined by public vote. Check out the images* in each Chef’s plating gallery, then use the poll to vote for the Rising Star Chef who created your favorite presentations. The deadline to vote is 3pm EST Friday, February 20th. Winner will be announced at the VIP Reception & Tasting Gala on Wednesday, February 25th. The winning chef receives $5,000 towards Steelite International product of their choice (at list price) and a ticket to StarChefs ICC with a spot in Steelite’s Pop Up. Please only vote ONCE.

You choose winner, so please share this contest with your friends! Use the hashtag #ArtofPresentation and tag us @steeliteusa.

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Plating Takes Front and Center for EAT@ICC

  • Chef Nick Elmi pates his Venison, Juniper, Shinjiku, Sauce Grand-Veneur on Steelite’s Chena line
  • Chef Ryan McCaskey hands diners his Werp Farms Beets, Granola, Caviar, Cauliflower, and Pickled Blueberry plated on Steelite Craft
  • Chef Niki Nakayama’s Scallop Sashimi, Kiwi, Dill, Lemon, Olive Oil, and Red Beet-Sorrel Ink plated on Steelite’s Venus collection
  • Bartender Danielle Pizzutillo shakes her Long and Leggy

Steelite International brought three of the country’s most exciting chefs to the EAT@ICC pop-up at the 9th Annual International Chefs Congress, where they fed 30 lucky attendees every day. “Top Chef” winner and Rising Star Chef Nick Elmi brought his Philadelphia Restaurant Laurel to Brooklyn on Day 1. Day 2 saw Chef Ryan McCaskey’s artful cuisine from Chicago’s Acadia come to life in the Chefs Products Fair. And Rising Star Chef (and Steelite Art of Presentation Winner) Niki Nakayama served attendees the graceful kaiseki cuisine of L.A.’s n/naka on Day 3. Each chef prepared signature dishes and plated them on Steelite plateware. During Congress Cocktail on Monday evening, Steelite showed off their Nick and Nora glasses and Danielle Pizzutillo’s Long and Leggy gin cocktail.

Omni Shoreham Goes Vintage

  • Chef Peter McCall’s Pan Seared Rockfish (c. 1939): Rockfish, Grilled Cajun-spiced Peach, and Pimento Butter
  • Chef Peter McCall’s Consommé Xavier (c. 1936): Duck Consommé, Quail Egg, and Herbs

They’re not in the Steelite catalog any more, but when Chef Peter McCall conceived a menu of Shoreham classics, dating back to the 1930s, he chose to plate on collection of vinatge Steelite plates that he uncovered in the basement of the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Minibar in the Groove

  • Chef Johnny Spero’s Lamb, Whey-compressed Cucumbers, Whey Sauce, Milk Skin and Dill and Cucumber Blooms

At José Andrés’ minibar in Washington, D.C., Chef Johnny Spero uses the natural curves and dips of Steelite’s Crucial Details Landscape plate to serve as the springboard for his organic plating style—and hold all the goodness of his summer lamb dish.

Edward Martinez | Cadence

Yogurt Panna Cotta with Calamansi, Jasmine Rice, and Matcha [photo 3]


Edward Martinez’s pastry creations are undeniably eclectic, and his yogurt panna cotta at Cadence in San Francisco takes the Italian dessert on a trip out east. The smooth incline of Steelite’s tktktk leads diners down through mounds of jasmine rice and wedges of calamansi to the semicircle of thickened cream. Organic streaks of yogurt accentuate the slight bend of the tktktk’s sides and—along with the pop of mint and citrus—enliven the plate’s sleek, black backdrop.