Front of the House

The plate as the first ingredient.

Most chefs view the plate as their “canvas”—a backdrop that allows the ingredients to take the spotlight. But when it comes to the overall presentation of a dish, does the plate really fade into the background? The answer, of course, is no. When diners sit down, they’re looking at the ingredients and the plate, taking in the filled and empty space as one complete work of culinary art. Front of the House plates are designed with this idea—and some lofty aspirations of their own—in mind.

And if chefs are like artists, it’s also true that chefs can be … as particular as artists. But with 10 complete porcelain collections and over 200 matching accessories, FOH has a plate to fit every plating style. In the mise en place of any successful kitchen, the clean lines and modern designs of FOH plates make for the ideal first ingredient. The bonus? Unlike actual canvases, FOH plates are very much reusable, meaning they can support a culinary Mona Lisa one day and a modernist deconstruction the next.

FOH Dinnerware Collections:

FOH Porcelain...Your first ingredient.

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Ola by Michael Gillet
O!Luna: reflects solar, lunar, eclipse and spiral themes meets geometry
Linneo: Spiral shapes: deep swirls and twirls
Bliss by Rick Tramonto
Magna: designed for maximum impact with embossed texture
Hana: textured design meets geometry, small plates come together to create intricate patterns
Tabula by Josh DeChellis
Tabula by Josh DeChellis
Tabula by Josh DeChellis
  Tabula by Josh DeChellis

Why choose Front of the House Porcelain?


  • 10 cutting-edge and porcelain dinnerware collections with over 200 matching accessories = endless possibilities.
  • Mix and match—all FOH Porcelain is designed to be mixed and matched to create new and exciting looks for every menu item and occasion (another tool in the battle to stand out from the culinary crowd).


All FOH porcelain is made with the highest quality commercial-grade porcelain. All corners and rims are reinforced further for a chip resistant finish. Plates are:

  • Oven safe.
  • Dishwasher safe: Manufactured to withstand high-volume washing in commercial dishwashers.
  • Microwave safe.


Most FOH Porcelain items are designed to be stackable for easy and compact storage.


Super-white glaze: Made with a proprietary recipe, our superior glaze will not fade or stain with high-volume use.

Customer Service:

Exceptional customer service: Personalized and unrivaled customer service, high stock levels, same-day order processing and unparalleled three- to five-day ship time.


Lifetime Plus Edge-Chip warranty.