Fresh Origins Recipes

Fresh Origins Recipes

Fresh Origins provides high quality, nutritious product to the nation’s top chefs.  Its passion for innovation ensures that chefs can always find new and exciting products that most people have never seen before.  Fresh Origins' MicroGreens are extremely versatile, enabling chefs to create beautiful works of art by adding them to their dishes.  Unique and distinct flavors also allow chefs to truly be creative and create wonderful themed plates. 

Beef Short Ribs, Red Rice, Calabrian Chile, Orange, and Cumin Aïoli
Chef Sarah Rinkavage of Lula Cafe | Chicago, IL

Harissa-spiced Australian Lamb Tartare, Diva Cucumber, Labneh, and Pistachio
Chef John daSilva of Spoke | Somerville, MA

Hawaij-spiced Sea Scallops, Heirloom Cauliflower, Capers, and Pomegranate
Chef Travis Swikard of Boulud Sud | New York, NY

Spiced Australian Lamb, Coffee, Carrot, Preserved Lemon, and Black Olive
by Chef Richard Gras of Pier A Harbor House | New York, NY

Black Pepper Cheesecake, Rhubarb-Apple Confiture, and Celery Leaf Gelée and Sorbet
by Pastry Chef Kristen Murray formerly of Paley's Place | Portland, OR