Baxter Hybrid Convection Oven

What can I make in this oven?
The question is what can’t you make? Gear up your imagination and grease up those elbows, because the Baxter Hybrid Convection Oven is ready for whatever the hungry hordes demand—and whatever the professional kitchen requires. Its advanced airflow system saves pastry chefs from the anguish of unevenly baked breads, cookies, cakes, and pies, while convection steam brings balanced moisture to every culinary endeavor, from pristinely roasted proteins to crave-worthy golden crusts. 

Will it fit in my kitchen?
Like a really useful, extremely versatile glove. Capable of using standard 18-inch by 26-inch sheet pans, this oven holds four pans with 4-inch spacing. Need more space for taller products? The three-pan option has 5.3-inch spacing. And you get all this from an oven that’s a mere 34 inches wide x 45 inches deep x 25 inches high. The space-deprived can install it in tight kitchen corners while the spatially-endowed can put it just about anywhere. Or, for a little mouthwatering culinary theater, install it at the front of the house.

Is it easy to use?
It’s the Miss Congeniality of “user friendly.” The “Quick Set” feature lets you store up to 99 recipes, so you can switch between savory and pastry preparations with ease. And four different baking settings enable you to fine-tune the baking process according to your exact specifications –and what chef doesn’t like more control?

How does it work?
Like a lesson in culinary harmony. The Baxter Hybrid Convection Oven hybridizes two simple cooking technologies: convection cooks foods quicker while steam enables a slow-cook finish. In convection mode, the airflow ensures consistent cooking and baking, so you can bake every last crust and crumb to a perfect golden finish without turning the product or moving the pan. And the patented steam system produces an even steam (no system-flushing required, thanks to the patented design). Combined with the oven’s “Fan Delay” feature and heat-saving door-latch design and you’ve got artisan-quality crusts tray after tray.  

Will it keep up with my demand?
Absolutely. It’s form meets function, for the modern kitchen. To stand up to the constant rotation, the Baxter Hybrid Convection Oven is built tough, inside and out—a lot like the chefs and cooks that depend on it. An artisan oven built on the backbone of heavy-duty welded frame and stainless-steel construction, the Baxter Hybrid features a hearth-like large viewing window and a double-paned, single-load door—reinforced for extra strength. Heating and steam elements are situated to protect the oven from that special brand of professional wear and tear that only kitchen professionals know about.

What about maintenance?
Never fear—we’re there before, after, and every step of the way. Before it ever hits the shipping box, every function on each hybrid convection oven is thoroughly tested. And if that doesn’t calm your nerves, rest easy: we back up the hybrid convection oven with the only factory-trained and dedicated service organization in the industry. So if and when something does need attention after you’ve received your oven, it’s our savvy service team’s sole purpose to get you operational again—with minimal interruption to your production.