Three-foot Bunny Hatched From Giant Chocolate Easter Egg


A milk chocolate Easter Egg with decorative swirls hatched a three-foot creamy dark chocolate bunny with complete with eyes, pointy ears and a holiday basket. With the Easter Celebration just a month and a half away, this early arrival is a tell "tail" sign that there are more special things brewing, stirring and molding at Schakolad Chocolate Factory.

"We have a history of unique and decadent chocolate creations, but the arrival of this three-foot bunny is truly EGG-squisite!" said Edgar Schaked, Master Chocolatier Schaked said that the Milk Chocolate Bunny may be joined by its sibling in both dark and white chocolate.

Schakolad Chocolatiers spend many months designing their handmade chocolates specifically for the holiday. In keeping with the Easter Tradition of giving, sharing and eating chocolate, a variety and sizes of Chocolate Bunnies, Chocolate Carrots, Edible Chocolate Baskets and Chocolate Eggs filled with Butter Cream, Creamy Coconut, or Peanut Butter are being made fresh on premises in preparation for the Holiday Celebration.

The Chocolatiers are confident that the eggs created at their factory will far exceed the taste of the plastic ones found during upcoming Easter Egg hunts.

Chocolate on Easter is a well known and well cherished holiday custom. The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s. The first wholly chocolate eggs (filled with sweets) were made from dark chocolate in 1873.
According to the Cocoa Foundation, sales of chocolate eggs today account for approximately 8% of all annual chocolate sales. In response to: "Which part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?" 85% of chocoholics say "The Ears!"

The franchise system was created by Edgar Schaked with his father, Baruch Schaked, an expert in the art of chocolate making since 1969. Baruch learned the art of making chocolates in a large chocolate factory in Argentina with his father-in-law. The elder Schaked also traveled extensively to prestigious schools for chocolate manufacturing in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Schaked moved to Florida in 1985 and for nine years operated a chocolate boutique store in Miami. At this store, he put into practice all the knowledge he accumulated while traveling throughout Europe. He won first prize awards at the Fontainebleau Chocolate Festival in Miami for his truffles.

After his son graduated from Florida International University, he asked his father to teach him his legacy, so he might continue with the family tradition of exquisite chocolate making. There was only one catch - Edgar Schaked wanted to create a chain of stores. The elder Schaked agreed, and together they opened Schakolad Chocolate Factory (their last name turned into chocolate).

With 35 Stores across the world, the brand is fast becoming recognized as the perfect combination of a quality upscale chocolate boutique and a service-oriented atmosphere of the corner Mom and Pop European Chocolateria.

Additional information regarding the franchise system can be obtained from the corporate Web site: and from Edgar Schaked at (407) 248-6400.


Additional information regarding the franchise system can be obtained from the corporate Web site: and from Edgar Schaked at (407) 248-6400.