Rona Barrett Introduces Lavender Cookies Into Her Line Of Miss Rona's Lavender

For years, Rona Barrett was your best source for Hollywood news- now she's got the scoop on Lavender! Ms. Barrett has developed the first shortbread cookies with lavender herbs baked right into each bite.

Ms. Barrett began creating unique foods with fresh lavender grown on her California Certified Organic Farm six years ago. In 2001, she launched the first line of gourmet foods using lavender herbs in each product.

"I began experimenting with lavender in my own kitchen because I was looking for a new, distinctive taste to add to my cooking. Each product has been developed with the precise amount of lavender to enhance the flavor of a traditional-style cooking sauce, spice, or condiment. And my shortbread cookies come in three distinctive flavors- Sugar-Free, Chocolate-Chip, and Lemon.

"When you purchase my products, you are doing much more than just spicing up your kitchen. A portion of the profits goes to the Rona Barrett Foundation - my non-profit organization set up to help Seniors In Need. So, you see, people that use Miss Rona's Lavender products are not only enhancing their own lives, but are also helping our nation's elderly live with dignity."

Miss Rona's Lavender Specialty Food Line includes: Lavender Tea with Jasmine, Lavender Applesauces, Salt-Free Seasonings, Lavender Ginger Sauce and Vinaigrette, Lavender Honey Mustard and Mayonnaise, Lavender Chocolate Sauce, Lavender Chocolate-Chip, Lemon and Sugar-Free Shortbread Cookies.

Visit the website at WWW.MISSRONASLAVENDER.COM to learn about the benefits of Lavender and all of Miss Rona's Lavender products.

For more information about the Rona Barrett Lavender Company, or to interview Ms. Barrett, please contact Wendy Hoagland at (805)688-8887, or email to


Wendy Hoagland at (805)688-8887, or email to