Rialto Serves Up Aphrodisiacs For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is traditionally for lovers and celebrating one's love for another. People choose to show their love in various ways, including by purchasing gifts. Each year billions are spent on candy, flowers, and jewelry. One way that people can make the night even more special is to dine on some aphrodisiacs, which are those foods that are believed to arouse sexual desire or excitement.

"We may never know exactly which foods will get someone in the mood and which ones won't," explains Ryan Fichter, the executive chef at Rialto, a new Italian restaurant in Georgetown. "But there are some foods that many people believe are more prone to helping someone get in the mood. Never hurts to start by trying those dishes and increasing your chances for a great evening."

Rialto will be serving up a special Valentine's Day dinner that features some of these popular aphrodisiacs:
� Seafood - especially shrimp. They have long been touted as having the ability to increase one's sex drive because of the iodine they contain, which helps support the thyroid gland and provide the body with energy. The dinner will include lobster bisque, seared diver scallops, grilled pancetta wrapped shrimp, and seared octopus.
� Alcohol. Most of us know just how well alcohol can work to lower inhibitions, relax someone and get people in the mood. Wine makes a nice, romantic choice. The dinner includes two glasses of Prosecco, an Italian white wine, which has been hand-picked to compliment the meal.
� Chocolate. Dark chocolate, especially, contains healthy flavonoids which can improve blood flow. It also contains caffeine. This dinner will be rounded out with a dessert of hazelnut and chocolate semi freddo with white chocolate raspberry sauce.
� Caffeine. Drinks that contain caffeine, including coffee, tea, and soda, are believed to help keep couples more sexually active.
� Spices. The spices that improve circulation and warm things make ideal choices, such as cayenne, cumin, chili pepper, and ginger.

"Our special Valentine's Day menu features many of the items that are considered to be aphrodisiacs," adds Fichter. "Our mission is to help you have a great holiday."

In addition to the food listed above, the 5-course dinner will include Salumi E Formaggi,
Chef's Selection of Three Cheeses with Prosciutto San Daniele, Zuppa Di Aragosta, Capesante, Saut�ed Seasonal Mushrooms, Roasted Rosemary-crusted Lamb Chops, Lentils, Spinach, and Fingerling Potato. The special Valentine's Day dinner at Rialto is being offered for $65 per person (gratuity and tax not included). Reservations are recommended. Live entertainment will be featured from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. by Drew Sims, specializing in vintage classics. For more information or to make reservations, visit www.RialtoDC.com.

The five course special Valentine's Day menu at Rialto will be $65 per person, which includes two glasses of Prosecco (tax and gratuity not included) and will feature:

First Course:
Salumi E Formaggi
Chef's Selection of Three Cheeses with Prosciutto San Daniele and Accompaniments

Second Course:
Zuppa Di Aragosta
Lobster Bisque

Third Course:
Seared Diver Scallops, Balsamic Reduction

Gamberi E Pancetta
Grilled Pancetta Wrapped Shrimp, Saba

Polop Al Barolo
Seared Octopus, Fingerling Potato

Fourth Course:
Risotto Al Funghi
Saut�ed Seasonal Mushrooms

Asparagi Alla Griglia
Grilled Asparagus, Truffle Butter, Pecorino

Agnello Scottadito
Roasted Rosemary-crusted Lamb Chops, Lentils, Spinach, and Fingerling Potato

Fifth Course:
Semi Freddo
Hazelnut and Chocolate Semi Freddo with White Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

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Cher Murphy