Love Elixirs

Planning a romantic dinner for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day?
Flatter her with an update on the classics, like TY KU Sake & Spirits or LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur and she won't know what to say.
Use the below tips on the drinks that will melt her heart,
With a night of imbibing and a splash of love, your cocktails will be just the start.
Both low calorie beverages are kind to the hips,
So you'll be sure to win her heart in a matter of sips!

Sake is a rumored aphrodisiac and pouring sake for others is a tradition that honors friendship, intimacy and respect - the perfect way to show relationship reciprocation and better yet, an excuse to flirt. Also, a sake connoisseur shows true worldliness. Wine knowledge is common, while sake knowledge is intriguing and a great conversation starter. This Valentine's Day, replace a glass of white wine with a chilled glass of premium TY KU Sake Black... smooth, crisp and sophisticated - just like you.

Raise your glass in celebration or share a bottle of LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur, the ultimate Valentine's Day beverage. A sparkling concoction created with premium vodka and a hint of white wine in four tantalizing fruit flavors make an unexpected alternative to champagne. LeSUTRA's bubbling infusion is a sexy one‐stop option that invites your imagination's tastiest desires to create an unmatched versatility in cocktail crafting.


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