Introducing The Cronut� Mission: Celebrities And Tastemakers To Design One-of-a-kind Cronut� Boxes, With Proceeds To Benefit God's Love We Deliver

This Thanksgiving, 17 of New York's most prolific influencers will each design a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Dominique Ansel tulip Cronut� box to be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting God's Love We Deliver to feed people in need. Participants designing the boxes include Heidi Klum, Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan, Amanda Freitag, Sandra Lee, Christiane Lemiuex, Joan Rivers, Peter Som, David Stark, Vicente Wolf, and the Casts of Cinderella, First Date, Janis Joplin, Motown, Pippin and Rock of Ages. Each of the boxes will include two custom Cronuts� created by Chef Ansel, filled with pumpkin cream and topped with 24K gold leaf. The tulip-shaped boxes and Cronuts� will be auctioned off at from November 18th to 26th, with bidding starting at $100. Each of the boxes and Cronuts� will be delivered to winners on Thanksgiving morning (winners must be located in the NYC area). Find the Cronut� Mission on Twitter at hashtag #thecronutmission.

Beginning this week, Chef Ansel and the celebrities will slowly unveil the unique and fabulous designs; each day, photos of two new boxes will be posted online and via social media. Bejeweled, color blocked, adorned with feathers, and one, with locks to rival Rapunzel's, the boxes are each a stunning piece of art that will dazzle the lucky recipients.

This exciting collaboration started with a simple Tweet - and became a mission. On August 1st, DwellStudio Founder, Christiane Lemieux sent out a Tweet about the amazing Cronut� line that she saw growing daily on her way to work. Fashion Designer Peter Som responded, asking if she would bring him one, leading to banter about bartering dresses for Cronuts� and Cronuts� as currency. Their back-and-forth caught the attention of Chef Ansel - the award-winning chef and creator of the Cronut�, who suggested they collaborate to bring design and Cronuts� together for charity; a friendship and mission was born.

The purpose is simple - to leverage social media and the power of the Cronut� for good and to feed people in need. As the Dominique Ansel bakery is one block from God's Love We Deliver, the whole mission came together. It's a story of giving back; it's a social media story, a SoHo neighborhood story and a culinary philanthropy phenomenon.

"When Dominique suggested Cronuts for a good cause, the whole mission just coalesced in my mind. God's Love is just down the street from the bakery, and there is a poetic symmetry to that. What an incredible opportunity to help people through one of the most loved and coveted sweets of our time!" said Lemieux.

"It's amazing to see such creativity, which comes in so many forms - from a pastry to a box to the brilliant art and vision of these designers and celebrities," said Dominique Ansel. "I'm honored to have a chance to see so many amazing people joined together for a passionate cause - and to bring some sweetness into the homes of people this Thanksgiving."

The Cronut� is the wildly popular croissant and doughnut hybrid created by award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel and only sold at his namesake bakery in SoHo. Introduced in May 2013, the Cronut� has commanded considerable fanfare ever since with lines down the block daily and a strict limit of two per person. The coveted pastry's high demand has even resulted in them being re-sold on the "black market" for up to twenty-times their retail price. Plus, fans enthusiastically wait in line upwards of four hours for a Cronut�.

Here is the chain of Tweets that inspired the Cronut� Mission:

Christiane Lemieux: Lining up for cronuts in the rain. #cronuts @ Dominique Ansel Bakery

Peter Som: @DwellStudio tell me you're not in line! And if you are ca