Food Safety Data Services Announces Promo In Denver

Food Safety Data Services announces, for a limited time, a free promotion in the Denver area.

For no charge, FSDS will visit your restaurant, digitize your pantry, and input your 5 most popular menu items into our online menu management software at which provides granular info for your food. You will also receive a free "Allergen + Preference Membership." You can always upgrade to receive nutrient values at a later time! Call today!!

Every year, we see more and more guests patronizing our restaurants who have special needs. Whether they have real allergies, fake allergies, or simply a food preference, our ability to quickly and efficiently respond to those requests is judged on a daily basis.

Most restaurants have a prep book that serves as a central repository for all food information. Some restaurants depend upon their executive chef as an all-knowing food component encyclopaedia. Others have little central organization and are caught with their pants down every time a guest has a special request or allergy. Running to the pantry or the walk-in every time a guest has a concern should not be your restaurant's standard response.

Having a complete, cross-referenced Prep Book, readily available and easily updated is essential to the health of restaurant patrons, sanity of employees and bottom line of owners!

This is the reason for FSDS, a company that creates custom Prep books(we call them FSDS Binders) for restaurants that crave efficiency and consistency. Have a complete prep book and allergy information available at all times! Call FSDS @ 855.FSDS.FAST to see how we can make your special requests process quicker and easier.


Nathaniel Barre
President, FoodSafetyDataServices