The David Bouley Test Kitchen Welcomes Chef George Pralus For Sous Vide Seminar

The David Bouley Test Kitchen welcomes French chef, George Pralus, April 26th and April 27th for a two-day sous vide seminar.

Chef Pralus, the renowned inventor of the sous vide method, will teach novice and expert chefs the many facets of this fascinating cooking technique.

Recent media has brought this cooking method into the spot light as the New York City Department of Health has not yet developed guidelines for the use of sous vide in restaurants. For now restaurants must have strict Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (H.A.C.C.P.) plans outlined if they intend to use their equipment to cook things sous vide.

The Bouley Test Kitchen will have a representative from the New York City Department of Health, a H.A.C.C.P. trained instructor, a representative from the Koch Vacuum Company, as well as other restaurant professionals to contribute to this two-day seminar.

A European Breakfast from Bouley Bakery and Market will be served as well as a sous-vide prepared lunch each day.

April 26th and April 27th
$375 Non-Refundable
9am - 5pm

Bouley Test Kitchen
88 West Broadway
New York, NY 10007
(Between Chambers and Warren)


Please Contact Angel at 212.964.2525 for information about signing up for the George Pralus Sous Vide Seminar.