Company Brazzle Berry

Crowdfunding may soon cross its nascent industry chasm, as Brazzle Berry (www.CrowdFundBerry.Com) is crowdsurfing in the New Year on a MAVERICKS size crowdfunding campaign, and a creative Christmas wish-list innovatively designed to ride the A&E Network 'Project Startup' wave.
While traditionally only non-profits and other social ventures have thrived on crowdfunding sites like, the lingering ramifications of the credit crises on start-up small- business loan opportunities have recently converged with social networking and crowdsourcing technology to make Rewards Crowdfunding a lucrative alternative for lonesome bootstrapped firms like Brazzle Berry. The Half Moon Bay, Ca based QSR start-up is seeking $10,000 in working capital financing by creatively delivering social value to peer and consumer networks through unique rewards and experience s, as opposed to further bootstrapping growth through high-interest credit card debt.
Brazzle Berry's campaign creates an industry paradigm shift by validating the economic viability of "Business- Crowdfunding" in a new realm of Customer-Financing. Foremost, it foreshadows crowdsourcing's quintessential future of connecting people at local levels to create innovative brands benefiting communities, above all else.


David Seaton
Email: BrazzleBerry@Gmail.Com
Phone: 650-722-0840