Brillat-savarin Aux Truffes - A Valentine's Day Event From Artisanal Cheese!

The renowned gastronome, Brillat-Savarin, understood the passionate powers of the truffle. Here at Artisanal Premium Cheese, we have taken this famed aphrodisiac, allegedly able to "heat the blood," combined it with the luxurious triple-crhme cheese named in honor of Brillat-Savarin, and have created the ultimate Valentine's Day indulgence!

From now until February 5th, Artisanal Premium Cheese will be accepting orders for a limited supply of Brillat-Savarin aux Truffes-a gorgeous and decadent triple crhme cheese from France, cross-sectioned and layered with rich and elegant fresh Black Winter Truffles. These three-tier delights are hand assembled and then aged for five days, allowing flavors of truffles and cheese to infuse. The result is divine-these are certain to have your sweetheart swooning!

The Black Winter Truffle Petit Brillat-Savarin is also available on the cheese cart at Picholine throughout February. It will also make an appearance on the restaurant's Black Truffle Tasting Menu, served with a crispy celery and candied walnut salad.

The Brillat-Savarin aux Truffes weigh approximately 10 ounces and contain an additional 3 ounces of black truffles. The cost is $75, including shipping. Orders can be placed at or by calling 212-239-1200. Orders must be received by February 5th and will ship overnight to arrive on February 9th.


Amy Nelson
Artisanal Premium Cheese