Boston Is A-buzz About Bergamot - Keith Pooler & Servio Garcia To Open New Restaurant


**Moving into the former Evoo space at 118 Beacon Street on the Somerville/Cambridge line
**Progressive American Cuisine
**Neighborhood Hospitality

Somerville, MA....Chef Keith Pooler and General Manager Servio Garcia announce their plans to open a new restaurant, Bergamot, in the space formerly occupied by the popular EVOO on Beacon Street in Somerville. Bergamot will serve Progressive American Cuisine in a warm neighborhood setting. Pooler and Garcia are looking at a mid-March opening.

About Bergamot
Bergamot is actually both a flower and a fruit - and appeals to Pooler and Garcia on both levels. As a flower, it is more commonly known as Bee Balm - the bright sprightly flower that flourishes on borders and wild flower beds. In hues of red, pink, purple and white, it blooms summer through fall. Bee balm spreads its perennial beauty easily and quickly - much like the sense of hospitality planned for Bergamot the restaurant.

Bergamot is also a member of the mint family. The medicinal properties of the Bergamot plant are found in its fruits, flowers and leaves. Bergamot oil is the most common product of the plant with a delicate, light, citrusy and floral scent. The oil from its leaves creates the delicious Bergamot tea, which the restaurant will serve. The small orange fruit from the plant is tasty when candied and Pooler is playing with it right now, creating confections for the opening.

"I grew up in Gloucester and we had tons of Bergamot growing wild in our gardens, and I just always liked it" explains Pooler. "And then when I discovered that it is a citrus as well, and can be used in the kitchen - it all just came together that we'd love to name our restaurant Bergamot."

The Menu at Bergamot
Known for his ability to bring flavor to the plate with a deft hand, Pooler has created a menu he calls 'Progressive American Cuisine.' The dishes are ingredient-driven with a definite focus on local product and seasonality. "I am a big believer in following the seasons, and always have been" explains Pooler. "There is no question a tomato tastes better in August, so we're going to celebrate that tomato in August. There are going to be other ingredients we can highlight in January." Pooler looks to bring American dishes influenced by technique and ingredients from France, Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean. He says "Progressive means we can cross borders and have some fun - and that's what we aim to do."

Look for such dishes as:

Sunchoke Bisque
Lobster Knuckles, Green Beans, Nicoise Olives, Espelette

Herb Marinated Poached Cod
Fava Beans, Breakfast Radish, Lolla Rossa, Frisee, Lemon Confit Vinaigrette

Pea Green Salad
English Peas, Berkshire Ham, Pecorino Cheese, Pea Shoots, Truffle Vinaigrette

Herb Roasted Giannone Chicken
Crispy Confit, Melted Napa Cabbage, Thumbelina Carrots, Black Olives, Mustard Spiked Natural Jus

Egg Battered West Coast Halibut
Peas, Bibb Lettuce, Berkshire Ham, Truffle Emulsion

Pink Peppercorn Dusted Day Boat Sea Scallops
Parsley Root Puree, Oyster Mushrooms, Sea Urchin Champagne Foam

Slow Cooked Jamison Lamb Shoulder
Caramelized Spring Onion, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Pearl Barley, Stinging Nettle Sauce

And more...

Entrees will be in the $19-$27 range and appetizers $9-$14

The Bergamot Bar
Bergamot has a full liquor license and will serve both classic and modern cocktails, wine, and beer. The cocktails are presented in two sections: "Old School" which highlights turn of the century recipes, paying homage to those who shaped our bar


Martha Sullivan
Sullivan Communications