Al Tiramisu Restaurant Receives Slow Food's 2013 Snail Of Approval Award For Food Authenticity

Al Tiramisu, Washington DC's "most authentic" Italian restaurant, was honored with the 2013 Snail of Approval Award by Slow Food DC. The award is presented to local artisans and eateries in DC that contribute to the "quality, authenticity and sustainability of our food and drinks." The award was presented to chef/owner Luigi Diotaiuti at the 3rd Annual Snail Approval Award Party on September 22.

"I'm delighted that my commitment to preserving my culinary traditions, while promoting local and sustainable food sources and supporting the rights of all people to enjoy good, clean, and fair food has been recognized by an organization I respect and admire," says Chef Luigi.

Slow Food DC is a community-based organization that promotes and celebrates local, seasonal, and sustainable food sources; works to preserve the culinary traditions of the region's ethnically and culturally diverse populations; and supports the right of all people to enjoy good, clean, fair food.

Shortly after its opening, Al Tiramisu was also awarded the Insegna del ristorante Italiano, an honor given by the Italian government to the world's most authentic Italian restaurants outside of Italy. "Being awarded for 'authenticity' both in your country of origin and in your adopted country is a huge honor", says Chef Luigi.

Al Tiramisu has become noted for its "elevated" Italian cuisine and ability to fuse authentic Italian products with local food sources without sacrificing taste, technique, or tradition. Despite the magnitude of the accomplishment, for Chef Luigi, the transition was as natural as adapting to his new home. He made a conscious decision to serve food represents his evolution from an Italian immigrant to an Italian-American who truly enjoys and appreciates life in both places.

Chef Luigi loves to give back to the community as well as support it. He regularly conducts culinary demonstrations at local farmers' markets developing relationships with local farmers. He has also created an Al Tiramisu line of house made liquors, marmalades, and prosciuttos, that fuse the best quality local ingredients with the classics from Italy. This has become part of the restaurant's mission....bridging the best of both culinary cultures.


Award-winning chef, certified Sommelier and restaurateur, Luigi Diotaiuti, is a world-renown authority on Italian cooking and living. Born on a farm near Lagonegro, in the mountains of southern Italy, Chef Luigi has made it his life's work to bring the passion and joy of Italian cuisine to everyone he has cooked for.

When he is not cooking for celebrities and dignitaries like Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and actor George Clooney, Chef Luigi makes frequent appearances on US and Italian television and has been featured in countless print media articles. A born educator, he currently conducts regional Italian cooking and wine -pairing classes at Al Tiramisu, and regularly conducts cooking classes with the students from Washington DC's Hyde-Addison Elementary School. Chef Luigi is in the process of publishing his first cookbook, to be out later this year. He has earned a gold medal for his culinary efforts by the President of Italy and is a member of the American Chefs Corps network through the U.S. Department of State. Chef Luigi lives in Washington, DC.


Dining at Al Tiramisu restaurant, located in the heart of Washington, DC, is like taking a trip to Italy without leaving the country. The restaurant has been hailed as the most authentic Italian restaurant in the nation's capital. Chef and owner Luigi Diotaiuti, prepares classic seasonal dishes that smel


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