5 Reasons To Give A Restaurant Gift Card For The Holidays

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are more than 980,000 restaurants in the country making it a $660 billion industry. Why does America have so many restaurants and people spend so much in them? The answer is simple: we are a country that likes to dine out. Keeping that in mind, those who are trying to decide what to purchase for holiday gifts this year may want to consider restaurant gift cards for several family members and friends on their list.

"Just about everyone likes to dine out and especially when they are not picking up the tab for the meal," explains Ryan Fichter, the executive chef at Rialto, a new Italian restaurant in Georgetown. "People enjoy giving and getting gift cards. They have become a sign of our times and are not going away anytime soon."

In recent years, the association has reported that 60 percent of those polled stated that they would like to receive a restaurant gift card as a gift. Of those, 29 percent of the people reported that they would like to get one from a restaurant they haven't been to before. Here are 5 reasons to give a restaurant gift card for the holidays this year:

1. It's what people want. With the majority of people stating that they would like to have a restaurant gift card for a gift, there is a good chance you will be giving people want they want.
2. They get a break. Those who receive a restaurant gift card will be happy to have the break and get an evening out. The majority of people would like to get a night out of their own kitchen and be waited on, as well as get a chance to dine on some great food.
3. You can't go wrong. Sometimes people give gifts that end up being pushed to the back of a closet and never get used or they regift the at the next office Christmas party. That isn't likely to happen with a restaurant gift card. The chances are good that the person will put that gift to use.
4. They are convenient. Shopping is not always easy, especially if you are busy and like to avoid the overly crowded stores during the holidays. Restaurant gift cards simplify your holiday shopping experience. They can also save you shipping charges if you are buying it instead of a gift that you would have to wrap and ship to someone.
5. They are great for everyone. One thing that we all have in common is that we eat. May not agree on the dish or our favorite restaurant, but we all eat. That makes a restaurant gift card an ideal for anyone on your list. They will put a smile on the face of family members, teachers, friends, babysitters, and others.

"You can always feel good about giving someone a restaurant gift card for the holidays," adds Chef Fichter. "What you are really doing is buying them a great dinner, showing them you are thinking of them, giving them a night out, and more. That's a gift just about everyone is bound to appreciate."

Rialto, a new restaurant located at 2915 M Street NW, offers gift cards. They are located in an historic building the heart of Georgetown. The restaurant offers world-class Italian food in an upscale atmosphere. The d�cor is unique, custom made, and most of the items have been imported from Europe. The restaurant features partially open kitchens, fresh pasta, imported specialty ingredients, fresh seafood, and a cheese counter. The menu offers a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, served in both family style and piattini style (small dishes) to encourage sharing. To learn more, visit the site at: www.RialtoDC.com.

About Rialto
Rialto is an authentic Italian restaurant located in the heart of Georgetown in Washington D.C. The menu features a variety of authentic Italian dishes with a contemporary touch. The restaurant's Executive Chef is Ryan Fichter, who has years of experience in the in


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