Horchata in Tokyo!

By Paul Angelillo | Antoinette Bruno


Paul Angelillo
Antoinette Bruno
Nibby Horchata
Nibby Horchata

Cacao lovers brave two-hour queues in Tokyo’s Kuramae neighborhood for gold foil-swaddled Dandelion Chocolate bars, along with brownie flights, s’mores, and even cacao pulp smoothies. Bean-to-bar chocolate is a rarity in Japan, and Dandelion has become a phenomenon—no small thanks to Pastry Chef Lisa Vega. Yet while the beans’ origins may range from Trinidad to Tanzania, Vega’s Nibby Horchata has won Japanese fans with a taste of the chef's Los Angeles roots. For the drink, she toasts nibs and adds almonds, hazelnuts, cinnamon, and long grain white rice to soak overnight. After a quick blend and the addition of almond milk and simple syrup, the horchata is ready to serve. It’s an intensely chocolatey dose of Latin America from Japan’s single-origin ambassador. 

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