Letter from the Editor: Letter from the Editors: Hurricane Sandy Vol: 93

November 2012
Antoinette and Will
Antoinette Bruno, CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Will Blunt, Managing Editor

Perhaps it’s needless to say, but we apologize for not publishing anything to our site over the last several days. A lot has changed since then. The last time we wrote, we were looking forward to our 7th Annual StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress, an all-out celebration of the culinary community—and the highlight of our year. We couldn’t have imagined our next letter would call out that same culinary community under such drastically different circumstances.

But here we are, three days into the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, stranded from our offices and looking for a way to recover. Not surprisingly, the restaurant industry is reacting to the devastation with all the strength, vigor, and community-mindedness we’ve come to expect from it. Food trucks are bringing much-needed supplies to the power-drained and hungry downtown. Companies like M.Tucker and Total Food Service have put together a comprehensive “Hurricane Foodservice Relief” site, with vital information like Health Department guidelines for reopening and a list of suppliers still delivering in New York City. And, of course, chefs and restaurant professionals are banding together to keep kitchens running, wherever possible, all over the city.

If you’re one of those restaurants, and you haven’t already done so, we strongly encourage you to post your location on HurricaneSandyEats.com, a live update map created to keep customers and fellow chefs in the know as restaurants open for business. We also encourage you to post an update on your personal/restaurant websites; people without power and water would like to know if you’re open and when you’re serving. It’s not about the luxury of dining out. For so many, exhaustedly working their way toward recovery, it’s about the comfort and warmth of an open kitchen—and a smiling face.

Speaking of smiling faces, just as Sandy hit, we were all set up and ready to smile (and applaud and shout) about our 2012 class of Hawaii Rising Stars. And while it seems like Hawaii’s already excited, we’ll have to wait until we’re fully operational (we’ll even take mostly operational) to give this incredible class of culinary professionals the kind of celebrating it deserves. For now, we just want to share the news: on December 4, 2012, StarChefs.com will host our 39th Rising Stars Gala in Hawaii. It’s something we can look forward to together, and another reason to call out the incredibly inspiring culinary community that we’re so proud—especially now—to serve.

Stay safe.

Antoinette Bruno
Will Blunt
Managing Editor