Interview with Chef Mindy Segal of HotChocolate - Chicago

December, 2005

Antoinette Bruno: What cities do you like for culinary travel?
Mindy Segal: New York.

AB: Is there a culinary technique that you have either created or use in an unusual way?
MS: I like to cook fruit in its juices or in juices of another fruit. I like to make reduction sauces of the fruit juices and then cook fruit in that. It’s a technique that I borrowed from Charlie Trotter and Sherry Yard, and I have taken it to the next level.

AB: What are your favorite restaurants –off the beaten path – in Chicago?
MS: Lula Café; La Isla Maria for Mexican. They make these langoustines that have this butter spice on it.

AB: What trends do you see emerging in the restaurant industry now?
MS: I believe that savory ingredients in dessert have to be very well executed. You must be able to execute the best vanilla ice cream before you can make corn ice cream.

AB: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
MS: I have to pay my investors back! I plan on doing one more HOTCHOCOLATE and then a dessert concept.