Interview with Chef David Myers of Sona – Los Angeles, CA

March , 2004

Antoinette Bruno: Why did you start cooking?
David Myers: I started out studying international business, but then I started cooking instead of studying for exams. I soon began cooking at Spaggio’s in Ohio.

AB: Which chef has influenced your cooking the most? Who do you respect amongst your peers?
DM: My mentor is Charlie Trotter. I have a lot of respect for Nori Sugie, who worked with me at Trotter’s.

AB: What is your most indispensable cooking tool?
DM: A Japanese knife.

AB: What cities do you like for culinary travel? Why?
DM: I like Malibu for its natural resources. Kyoto is very creative and modernized.

AB: What is your favorite meal to make when you are not at the restaurant?
DM: I like to cook with whatever is nice and fresh in the market.

AB: What is your favorite question to ask during an interview for a potential new line cook?
DM: What book are you reading?

AB: What advice/tip do you have for culinary students just getting started?
DM: Be relentless!