Alto-Shaam Testimonials

"I picked Alto-Shaam for their ability to combine user-friendly technology with durable construction for an array of versatile cooking methods, while also minimizing the equipment footprint in my new, modern kitchen. With the ability to steam, roast, bake, sous vide, broil, proof, poach, fry, and smoke in one unit, the temptation to experiment was definitely strong. When I realized that after a hard day's work, the machine cleans itself, I was sold—I'm in lovewith Alto-Shaam. It has become the most valuable piece of equipment in SquareROOT's state-of-the-art kitchen."

Chef Philip Lopez
Root, New Orleans

"Alto-Shaams take the stupid out of my cooks"

Chef Mike Sheerin
Trencherman, Chicago

"We use the Alto Shaam Combi for cooking a variety of ingredients, from our Confit and Roasted Milk-Fed Pig's Head to Whole-Roasted Misty Knoll Chicken, overnight braises and slow-cooked pork belly. The Combi gives me the versatility and consistent results I depend on to create incredibly tasty dishes at Craigie On Main and our new restaurant, The Kirkland Tap & Trotter."

Chef Tony Maws
Craigie on Main, Boston