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    Winter Drinks 2009

    by JJ Proville
    December 2008

    Smoky Martini Mixologist David Nelson of Spur – Seattle, WA This modern martini isn’t quite “dirty” in the traditional sense – it’s semi-sweet and smooth and flaunts a salty molecular olive layer hiding under an aromatic cloud of whisky foam.


    Across the Pond Mixologist Anthony Alba – Las Vegas, NV Flavors of saffron and black tea make for a savory appearance in this English-influenced gentleman’s cocktail with a clean finish. Note: not for the faint of heart or novice drinkers.


    Chocolate Cochon Mixologist Jamie Boudreau of Tini Bigs – Seattle, WA Bacon-infused bourbon meets créme de cacao in this fun, wintry drink that well could be enjoyed with Sinatra gently crooning in the background.



    Sweet Potato Mixologist John Kinder – Chicago, IL Culinary cocktail specialist John Kinder calls for not one, but three separate sous vide infusions that make for a most festive drink with an undoubtedly original flavor profile that includes sweet potato, pumpkin, and pecan.