Fall Apple Tasting Guide: A Teacher for your Apples

by Antoinette Bruno
September 1998

They're firm, and go crunch when you bite into them. Apples are the perfect, healthy snack for parents to put in their kid's lunchbox. Always have been, always will be. Sweet, tart, spicy and tangy. They evoke memories of the fall when the leaves change color and the winter when fresh snow blankets the earth. StarChefs enjoy apples in applesauce, sautéed, as chutney, or just picked right off the tree.
And, of course in that great American favorite apple pie.

Apples are full of flavor, are low in calories and an excellent source of fiber. We suggest that you refrigerate your apples, in fact it's a must. Apples should be firm when being purchased With so many varieties to choose from we suggest that you use our apple tasting as a guide. Crunch and enjoy!


Braeburn AppleBRAEBURN (Available mid-August through September)
Gold to green skin with a partial red blush. Braeburns are sweet, tart, crisp, aromatic and as juicy as it gets.



Fuji AppleFUJI (Available late September through March)
Fujis are juicy, spicy, sweet, and crisp. These firm fleshed apples are delicious as snacks or in salads.



Gala AppleGALA (Available August through March)
These sweet, crisp apples have a creamy yellow color with a red blush. Galas are ideal for salads, snacking, and delicious when made into applesauce.



Golden Delicious AppleGOLDEN DELICIOUS
These are sweet, mellow flavored with thin delicate skin and firm flesh — excellent for snacking and cooking.



Granny Smith AppleGRANNY SMITH(Available late August through May)
Great to eat as a snack, it's tart and tangy. Ideal to bake or sauté. They even freeze well.



Jonagold AppleJONAGOLD (September through April)
An apple that's tart and sweet. A perfect blend of Jonathan and Golden Delicious.



Red DeliciousRED DELICIOUS (Available year-round)
It's crisp, sweet and juicy and the perfect snack food. Red Delicious apples are excellent in fresh salads.



Rome Beauty AppleROME BEAUTY(Available September through July)
These apples, which are also known as Red Rome, are firm and slightly tart. Ideal for baking!



Elstar AppleELSTAR (Available September through March)
Make an excellent applesauce with this tart, sweet apple.



Gravenstein AppleGRAVENSTEIN (Available August through December)
This apple is great for applesauce.



Jonathan AppleJONATHAN (Available August through November)
Deep red color with a pale yellow blush.



Newton PippinNEWTON PIPPIN (Available August through November)
Slightly tart and firm. Perfect for making applesauce, crumbles, and pies.