Elizabeth Falkner on Progress

By Lisa Elbert


Lisa Elbert
Chef Elizabeth Falkner of Falk Yeah! Productions | New York, NY
Chef Elizabeth Falkner of Falk Yeah! Productions | New York, NY

At the 11th annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress, we're gathering some of the industry's most formidable professionals to explore the theme, "What Is Progress." We asked Chef Elizabeth Falkner of Falk Yeah! Productions in New York what progress means to her. 

Lisa Elbert: How has the industry progressed since you started cooking?
Elizabeth Falkner: 
Chefs all over—and more consumers—are much more aware of food concerns, ingredients and diet. I think we continue to evolve in better directions.

LE: Most pressing issue facing chefs today?
 Labor and costs of doing restaurant business

LE: In whose progressive kitchen would you most like to be a fly on the wall?
 Niki Nakayama at N/Naka in Los Angeles. She is impressive, and her attention to multiple details for her guests is intense. She is a badass.

LE: Dish that represents how you’ve progressed?
EF: I continue to come up with dishes that are exciting to me and to my guests. One I made up after fishing for salmon in Alaska: Sockeye salmon crudo, kale chiffonade, goji berries, blueberries, sunflower seeds, and spiced maple-brown butter vinagirette with a toasted bagel, cream cheese ice cream, everything seeds, and toasted panko. It seriously is so balanced and exciting to eat. Another is what I call Black Star, and it is cassis-violet-Absinthe starch gel—ice cold—with cocoa nib-chipotle streusel, and soft chocolate brownie balls with a peaty scotch meringue that tastes like leather. It rocks!

LE: How will we be eating in 2030?
 I believe our diets will be more programmed because distribution of food will have to change over the next ten years so we have less food waste. I hope we can really eliminate most of the stuff that is really bad for people, and because of the effect of diabetes on our species.

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