You Can’t Call Me on My Cell Phone

By Caroline Hatchett


Caroline Hatchett
Gin, Aperol, Muddled Cucumber, and Lemon Twist
Gin, Aperol, Muddled Cucumber, and Lemon Twist

Modern speakeasies, those self-serious cocktail dens born in the early aughts, have lost serious market share to more casual, accessible bars. In that climate, Pablo Moix opened Old Lightning—hidden behind Scopa in Venice—in part to share his collection of exceptionally rare spirits (like a Civil War era bourbon) and vintage Champagnes. But more notably, the bar brings a welcome update to the speakeasy format. Mixing in a space that’s more living room than dungeon, the experience is fun and fleeting. And that’s due in no small part to the strict no cell phones policy. Millennials beware: the host collects them before you enter. When you can’t text, ’gram, or scroll, you tend to talk to the humans around you, and relish every uninterrupted sip of whatever damn cocktail strikes your fancy.  

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