Autumn Farmers Market 2007

November 2007



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From chefs around the country come bold-flavored recipes with an autumnal slant and focus on the season’s produce. If you’re an East Coaster who likes to go local, turnips count among your closest friends during the winter months. Chef Michael Anthony transforms the humble root cellar dweller with a preparation worthy of foie gras.

In Chicago, Chef Daryl Nash’s sweet potato is no measly, roasted ground–dweller — it’s a delicate flan topped with spiced caramel, buttermilk granita and pecans. In Vail, Paul Anders turns potatoes into a chorizo–spiked rosti, and pairs loup de mer with both caramelized and pureed cauliflower, balancing its richness with a piquant caper–raisin relish.

Lastly, a dish that improves upon a favorite flavor combination: Kevin Maxey’s Kabocha Squash Tortellini is inspired by the classic trio of brown butter, Parmigiano Reggiano and sage; its flavors are deepened – and warmed – by the addition chestnut honey and nutmeg.

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