First Annual SMOKE@ICC BBQ Rules and Regulations

First Annual SMOKE@ICC BBQ Rules and Regulations

  • Prep begins at 7am and smokers start at 7:30am.
  • Teams 1 - 5 will begin smoking their proteins at 9:30am. Teams 6 - 10 will begin smoking their proteins at 9:45am.
    Exception: Teams may prepare brisket for the People’s Choice round in advance.
  • Each team will have one smoker and a preparation area.
  • Teams will be scored after each round and individual round prizes will be awarded. There will also be a Grand Prize for the team that finishes with the highest score.
  • To comply with required safety measures, all persons entering and exiting the Pier will be subject to a bag search.
  • Each round of the competition will require the use of one or more featured ingredient(s) and/or equipment.
  • will provide brisket from sponsor, Meat & Livestock Australia, which must be used for the People’s Choice round.
  • Each team will be required to use Gochujang Korean Fermented Red Pepper Paste in Round 2 - New American.

Judging and Awards

  • Judges will conduct a double blind tasting panel before scoring each round of the competition.
  • Winners will be awarded for each round, category, People's Choice, and Grand Prize. People's Choice will account for 10 percent of the final team score.
  • Judging of each round will be based on the following categories
    1. Taste 
    2. Creativity 
    3. Presentation
    4. People’s Choice (10 percent of overall score)

    Times for judging are as follows:

    • Round 1: Teams 1 - 5 are 1:30 and Teams 6 - 10 are 1:45
    • Round 2: Teams 1 - 5 are 2:00 and Teams 6 - 10 are 2:15
    • Round 3: Teams 1 - 5 are 2:30 and Teams 6 - 10 are 2:45
    • Round 4: Teams 1 - 5 are 3:00 and Teams 6 - 10 are 3:15

    All judging will be finished no later than 3:45 p.m

    People’s Choice will be held during the public event surrounding SMOKE@ICC.

    Each team will prepare 500, two ounce portions, for guests to taste, and guests will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dish.

    Preperation of sauces, rubs, and/or mise en place may be done in advance of the competition.