The First Annual International Pastry Competition - FAQ's

The First Annual International Pastry Competition - FAQ's

Presented by PreGel at the International Chefs Congress
Save the Date: September 20-22, 2010 New York City

NOTE: FAQ’s will be updated and amended on an ongoing basis as details are finalized.

Please review FAQ’s to see if your question(s) are answered below. New questions should be submitted to (click here to submit your questions). All submitted questions and answers will appear in this section of the website.

How will competitors be selected?
The competition is open to any working pastry chef. Application must include the following elements:

– Completed application form

• One original recipe that showcases the chef’s creativity and style, with photo
• Three nominations by industry leaders, professionals or colleagues with contact information to verify
• Completion of a brief Q&A

What do you mean by “nominations”?
Each application must include the names and contact information for three people in the industry who will vouch for you as a pastry chef. These contacts could be your employer, colleagues, mentors, and/or vendors you work with on a regular basis.

What kind of recipe do I need to submit?
We would like you to submit an original recipe that will help us evaluate your creativity and your style. This is not the time to send over a recipe newly created for this purpose in the hopes of impressing us with techniques and flavors. Pick something that you are comfortable with and that you feel really identifies you as a pastry chef. We are not looking for a specific recipe like a plated dessert, for example.

How will the judges be selected? will hand-pick the judges from a list of industry leaders invited to participate in this event. These judges will be carefully selected based on their industry experience, reputation, and area of expertise.

How many judges will there be in total?
There will be four to five tasting judges as well as a number of floor judges.

How will competitors be judged?
Competitors will be judged on presentation, execution, creativity, taste, and theme during each round of the competition. A complete list of judging criteria will be released to the finalists in advance of the competition.

This is a three-day competition. What happens on each day?
Each day represents one round of the competition. Days 1 and 2 are elimination rounds.

Day 1 starts with Twenty (20) chefs creating a pre-dessert to be judged by the tasting panel. Ten (10) chefs will be eliminated and the remaining 10 chefs will move on to the next round.

Day 2 starts with the Ten (10) chosen chefs creating a plated dessert to be judged by the tasting panel. Seven (7) chefs will be eliminated and Three (3) chefs will move on to the final round.

Day 3 starts with Three (3) finalists creating a centerpiece, a bonbon, and a cake/entremet, with a common theme, all to be presented to the tasting panel for final judging. One chef will be declared the winner and take home the grand prize.

Are chefs allowed to bring in any ingredients or any portion of the required elements?
Chefs are not allowed to bring in any ingredientsto the competition.

Chefs will be allowed to make  their required element for Day 1 (using the Carpigiani LB100) on Sunday, Sept. 19th during the informational meeting. Adequate time will be set aside for the chefs to do this. This is the only prepared item or ingredient chefs will be allowed to bring with them into the competition. 

Everything else must be prepared on-site and during the allotted competition or prep time. 

Where will ingredients come from? will provide a general pantry of ingredients for the competitors to use. Each competitor will also be given their own mise-en-place of any required ingredient.

What to you mean by allotted prep time?
Chefs who advance from day 1 to day 2 and from day 2 to day 3 will be given time to prep on-site or in a kitchen area specified by for the following day/round. It will be up to each advancing chef to use this allotted time and space appropriately for their mise-en-place.

How long is each round of the competition?
Day 1 will begin at 8:00am and end at 10:45am, including times for tasting.
Day 2 will begin at 8:30am and end at 10:30 am, including times for tasting. 
Day 3 will begin at 11:00am and end at 12:00pm, including times for tasting.

On Day 1, all 20 chefs will begin at 8:00am and be given 60 minutes to prepare their pre-dessert. At the 60 minute mark, all chefs must stop working and will be moved to a separate area of the stage. At their alloted tasting time, each chef will then go back to their workstation and have 10 minutes to finish and plate their 6 portions of pre-dessert to give to the judges. Once each chef has sent their pre-dessert to be tasted they must clean and pack up their workstation and leave the stage. 
Competitors will find out who will be advancing to Round 2 at noon on the Main Stage. 

On Day 2, start times and tasting times will be staggered in five-minute intervals, following the same schedule as the previous day. Competitors will find out who will be advancing to the final round by noon on the Main Stage. 

Day 3 will begin at 11:00am and end at 12:00pm. All three finalists will be on stage at the same time and will have a total of 40 minutes to assemble their final presentation and use the TempStation on stage. The competitors will then leave the Main Stage and the judges will decide on the winner. The Grand Prize will be announced that afternoon after the innovator awards. All three finalists must be present for the announcement.

How will the tasting portion of the competition work?
Tastings will be done in five-minute intervals. Each competitor will be given a specific tasting time during which they will present his or her dish to each member of the judging panel. Competitors will find out the order in which they must present their dish on Sunday, September 19th, during the informational meeting.

Will the judges know who has prepared which dish?
No, tastings will be blind.

Is there more than one prize?
Only one chef will win the Grand Prize. However, all 20 competitors will be rewarded for their participation. Additionally, prizes will be given to all three finalists advancing from round 2 to round 3.

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