2017 Valrhona C³

2017 Valrhona C³

After two years of successful and incredible competitions with the 2015 North American selections and the 2016 International Final, Valrhona and StarChefs are thrilled to partner again this year and host the 2017 Valrhona C³ North American Selections at the 12th Annual International Chefs Congress on October 23, 2017.

Since 2008, Valrhona has organized the Chocolate Chef Competition (aka C³) to celebrate professional pastry chefs and honor the elaborate nature of the trade in all of its technical and creative aspects, with a focus on chocolate. By gathering a community of pastry chefs, who are driven by a desire to showcase the quality and creativity of their work, Valrhona highlights the profession and gives attendees the opportunity to discuss trends, salient events, techniques and market developments. 

Application Process

Applications for the 2017 Valrhona C3 North American Selections are now closed. Selected candidates will be notified no later than July 31, 2017. 

If you have any questions, please contact Valrhona at c3@valrhona.com.

Pierre Hermé of Pierre Hermé (Paris), Belinda Leong of b.patisserie (San Francisco),Ghaya Oliveira of Daniel (New York), Johnny Iuzzini of Sugar Fueled Inc. (New York), Kelly Fields of Willa Jean (New Orleans), William Werner of Craftsman & Wolves (San Francisco), Adam Thomas of The Broadmoor (Colorado Springs), Daniel Montgraw of Le Toqué (Montreal), Tom Hemerka of Pastry Elite, Nick Muncy of Tooth-Ache Magazine
Do you want to attend the Valrhona C³?
One-Day Pastry Pass: $99
Pastry Professionals can purchase a $99 one-day pass to attend the 2017 Valrhona C³ North American Selections competition and the second day of the 12th Annual International Chefs Congress.