Kit Wohl
New Orleans Classic: Gumbos and Soup
Jan 2009
Pelican Publishing

In her unpretentious, home-grown guide to gumbos and soups, Kit Wohl celebrates the free-wheeling and fanciful culinary legacy of a celebrated and storied regional American cuisine. Prolific artist and author, Ms. Wohl makes a charming escort through the home and restaurant kitchens of New Orleans. With help from some of the city’s most renowned chefs, as well as contributions of precious family recipes from private kitchens, Wohl presents the mystery and tradition of backwater cooking with unpretentious familiarity. The variously exotic, rustic, and hearty flavors of no-nonsense gumbos and soups take center stage in this edition of her New Orleans Classics series. Recipes suffused with Spanish, French, Cajun, and Creole influence will inspire any cook to engage in the cultural mélange of Louisiana cuisine with equal parts curiosity and confidence.

Carla Capalbo and Laura Washburn
American Heritage Cookbook
Jun 2002
Anness Publishing, Ltd.

Over 200 of the best regional recipes are presented in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, so you can sample the food that you love and learn the secrets and skills of preparing authentic Maryland crab cakes, Boston brown bread, Californian salad or Chicago pizza.

Melinda and Robert Blanchard
At Blanchard's Table : More than 200 Simple, Sensational Recipes from the Authors of A Trip to the Beach
Mar 2003
Random House Inc.

In At Blanchard's Table Melinda and Robert Blanchard share recipes, tips, and stories from their restaurant on the island of Anguilla and from years of entertaining at their home in Vermont, to which they return during the island's off-season.

Eugenia Bone
At Mesa’s Edge: Cooking and Ranching in Colorado’s North Fork Valley
Jan 2011
Houghton Mifflin

At Mesa’s Edge chronicles the transformation of seasoned food writer and determined Manhattanite Eugenia Bone into Westward-bound woman of the wilderness. Okay, so maybe she hasn’t abandoned all pretense to city sophistication—Bone and her family live part of the year in New York City. But Bone is now sufficiently ensconced in the rugged lifestyle of Colorado’s North Fork Valley to offer up this memoir, as much a story of her personal transformations on the family’s Colorado ranch as a guide to the cuisine, products, and spirit of this pocket of American wilderness. And while the rest of us soak up the vicarious thrill, despair, and knuckle-busting tribulations, city and coast-bound chefs can pore over the 100 recipes. Bone might not have known how to tackle the terrain as comfortably as her native Westerner husband, but with decades of food savvy under her belt—and in the pages of Gourmet, Food & Wine, Saveur magazines, and more—Bone knows how to tackle the cuisine. Her recipes showcase local flavors in all their traditional glory (“Lamb Hash”, “real Colorado comfort food,” says Bone) and in the context of a more sophisticated perspective (“Game Birth Broth with Cilantro Crespelle”).

Frank Pabst
Blue Water Café Seafood
Jan 2010
Douglas & McIntyre

Blue Water Café + Raw Bar is a seafood hub nestled in Vancouver, a food-loving waterfront city with a wealth of fresh, local fish to supply the restaurant. By combining Western and Eastern seafood traditions between its restaurant and raw bar, Blue Water allows for the greatest variety of menu options to accommodate the day’s catch. And in their recently published cookbook, chefs Frank Pabst and Yoshihiro Tabo bring these menu options to the page, offering up recipes for over eighty of the restaurant’s dishes. Beyond the standard fish, shellfish, and raw bar sections, the book offers very timely chapter on the “Unsung Heroes” of seafood, those under-explored species of fish who could replace the overfished, underpopulated species on a sustainable restaurant menu. Gorgeous photographs, wine pairing suggestions, and a sophisticated, globe-trotting roster of recipes make this seafood cookbook a serious catch.

Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger
City Cuisine
Sep 2004
HarperCollins Publishers

It's tandoori steaks, cool Thai salads, and fried parsnip chips. Its a great BLT, new-style grilled fish, and old-style brisket. It's exactly the type of food you love to eat. International in inspiration and 100 percent American in outlook, City Cuisine captures the high-energy style and big-city outlook of America's two most creative and dynamic Chefs, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken.

Ti Adelaide Martin and Tory McPhail
Commander’s Wild Side: Bold Flavors for Fresh Ingredients from the Great Outdoors
Jan 2009
William Morrow

With Commander’s Wild Side, the legacy of that storied New Orleans institution The Commander’s Palace returns to its roots in the wilds of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. While the Commander’s Palace restaurant family has expanded to Houston and Las Vegas since the original opened in 1880, the heart of the restaurant remains in New Orleans, specifically in the wilds surrounding the city where ambitious cooks catch their game, fowl, and fish. With Executive Chef Tory McPhail at the helm, Commander’s presents a hoard of recipes that celebrate and advocate a closer connection to the hunting and fishing that make most restaurants possible. The book supports a more sustainable, locally-sourced kitchen practice and the resulting dishes are sophisticated and suffused with strong southern flavors. Chef McPhail cultivates an active relationship between his kitchen and the environment that feeds it, and with this latest in the Commander’s series, he invites you to do the same.

Charmaine Solomon
Complete Asian Cookbook
Aug 2005
Tuttle Publishing

Serious cooks know the real thing when they see it, and Charmaine Solomon's Complete Asian Cookbook is it. Having garnered a legion of fans and rave reviews, this cookbook classic has served as a staple in kitchens around the world for 25 years. With an unmatched grasp of all the major culinary traditions of Asia, she presents recipes from Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos. Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Diane Imrie and Richard Jarmusz
Cooking Close to Home: A Year of Seasonal Recipes
Jan 2011
Chelsea Green Publishing Company

Nutritionist Diane Imrie and Chef Richard Jarmusz join forces for this book of healthful and seasonal recipes. Centered on the produce and seasons of the author’s home state, Vermont, this cookbook best serves as a touchstone to Northeastern cooks looking to improve their seasonal (and health-forward) habits. The book is divided by recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts, further arranged by seasonality from spring through winter. Imrie and Jarmusz include useful “Harvest Hints,” which include tips on unusual ingredients, where to purchase them, what to look for at the market, and how best to store and preserve. If the book has one flaw, it is that the photography is sparse, and the dishes themselves seldom photographed. Which is a shame, since simple dishes like Spring Asparagus with Garden Peas and Wheat Berries or Simmered Harvest Fruit with Minted Ricotta sound as picturesque as they do tempting.

Grady Spears with June Naylor
Cooking the Cowboy Way: Recipes Inspired by Campfires, Chuck Wagons, and Ranch Kitchens
Oct 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Cowboy-turned-chef Grady Spears presents a focused, food-oriented guide to life lived “the cowboy way.” With years spent in the saddle, Chef Spears has intimate knowledge of the grit and gristle of the cowboy life, as well as a keen intuition for the kinds of food capable of satisfying a cowboy’s well-earned hunger. Chapters are divided by region, starting with the Brazos River Cowboys of Graham Texas and traveling through cowboy cultures in Arizona, Alberta, Florida and Missouri. Chef Spears provides authentic recipes for each region, e.g. “Vaquero Migas” (Mexican cowboy scrambled eggs) out of Fort Worth, and even doses out an anecdote here and there to flesh out the cowboy experience. What pervades the book and seems to define the whole cowboy ethos is a healthy respect for the land and the animals that depend on it. Chef Spears demonstrates that cowboy cooking isn’t all about hearty portions, smoky flavors or well-marbled meats. Cowboy cooking at its finest is intuitively sustainable. And as much as the work of a cowboy depends on maintaining a balance with the land, the meal of a cowboy should reflect that – and Chef Spears’ book pays homage.

Fabio Trabocchi, with Peter Kaminsky
Cucina of Le Marche: A Chef's Treasury of Recipes from Italy's Last Culinary Frontier
Oct 2006
HarperCollins Publishers

Named a Best New Chef in America by Food & Wine and Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic by the James Beard Foundation, rising star Fabio Trabocchi offers a unique take on his native cuisine, that of the until-now-overlooked Le Marche region of Italy. Fabio Trabocchi's soul is in the Italian province of Le Marche. Equidistant from Rome and Florence, Le Marche is on the Adriatic coast, bordered to the north by Emilia-Romagna, to the west by Tuscany and Umbria, and to the south by Lazio and Abruzzo. This geography accounts for the rich variety of Le Marche's food traditions. The first chefs of Le Marche assimilated recipes, ingredients, and techniques from visiting mariners from Greece and North Africa. In his debut cookbook, Trabocchi showcases his signature style of cooking—called "soulful and passionate—not pretentious" by Food & Wine—combining traditional elements of Italian cuisine with a contemporary European sensibility that draws on the many flavors he's experienced throughout his extensive travels and techniques honed at restaurants around the world.

Michelle Higgins
Decanting Napa Valley: The Cookbook 100 Wines from Vintners with Pairing Recipes from Restaurateurs, Wineries, and Professional Chefs
Jan 2010
Decanting Wine Association Publishing

Founder of the Decanting Wine Country Association, Michelle Higgins oversees this distillation of over 100 wines from local Napa vintners, with detailed tasting notes and dish pairings from some of the area’s best chefs. The resulting book, with contributions from chefs, stemware professionals, photographers, farmers, cheese-mongers and more, presents the heart and soul of Napa Valley, from field to glass to countertop to dish. The book is structurally wine driven, with each entry centered on local wine and recipes for pairings from local area restaurants, but Higgins takes special care to present the passionate individuals behind the region’s renowned enological and culinary traditions.

Per-Anders Jörgensen
Eating with the Chefs: Family Meals from the World's Most Creative Restaurants
Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian
Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods
May 2010
Wiley Publishing

Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian started Edible Communities, Inc. in 2002 as a way to connect regional food magazines across the country in celebration and support of local, artisan, and farm-fresh foods. With Edible, they bring the bold, flavorful mosaic of regional American cuisine to cookbook form. The first part of the book introduces the standouts in local cuisine for six distinct American regions, from farmers and fishermen to ranchers and gardeners, all influential and impassioned leaders in wholesome hometown and sustainable food. The second part explores the flavor of those regions, with seasonally organized recipes that exhibit not only local character but the traditions of culinary excellence that pervade the country. Recipes like “Collard Tops with Parmigiano” and “Grilled Quail with Hazelnuts, Apricot Curry Sauce, and Wild Huckleberry Coulis” make a strong case for the flavorful vitality—and bright future—of local, homegrown American cuisine.

Peter Mayle
French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew
Apr 2002
Random House Inc

A joyous exploration and celebration of the infinite gastronomic pleasures of France. Ranging far from his adopted Provence, Peter Mayle now travels to every corner of the country armed with knife, fork, and corkscrew. He takes us to tiny, out-of-the-way restaurants, three-star Michelin wonders, local village markets, annual festivals, and blessed vineyards. Includes a few recipes.

Lisa Dupar
Fried Chicken and Champagne: a Romp Through the Kitchen at Pomegranate Bistro
Aug 2010
Southern Accents, Inc.

Fried chicken and a glass of Champagne? Yes, please. Chef Lisa Dupar’s IACP award-winning cookbook explores both the hometown and haute elements of the cuisines Dupar holds most dear. A Georgia girl, who cooked across Europe and landed in the Pacific Northwest, Dupar grew up eating Southern Fried Chicken but quickly developed a taste for life’s more refined and worldly flavors. And she combines high- and low-brow foods with gusto in Fried Chicken and Champagne. Her recipe for “Frogmore Stew: Shrimp, Crab, Andouille Sausage, Sweet Corn in Shellfish Broth” combines elegant ingredients with a touch of rustic sloppiness. And Ginger Molasses Cookies have all the homey simplicity you could want from a cookie—but Dupar isn’t afraid to add black pepper for kick. If by some stretch of the imagination, you can’t find something you’re dying to try from Fried Chicken and Champagne, it’s quite possible you simply don’t like food.

Constance Snow
Gulf Coast Kitchens : Bright Flavors from Key West to the Yucatán
Apr 2003
Crown Publishing Group

2004 IACP Award Winner for American Category; A journey to the source of some of the most tantalizing and delicious foods in the world--the 3,00 mile coastline stretching from Florida to Louisiana and on to Texas and the Yucatan. A recipes-filled, anecdote-rich road map to good times and great food, this volume conveys all the flavors and hospitality of the region. The 200 recipes, whether for classic dishes or innovative variations, can all be prepared easily by the home cook.

Judith Fertig
Heartland: The Cookbook
Apr 2011
Andrews McMeel
There’s no way to summarize a region that’s made up of 12 states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin). And longtime food writer and cookbook author Judith Fertig knows that. But what she does do—and does well—with The Heartland is acquaint readers to some of the best food and faces behind the misunderstood mosaic Midwest. With a book full of recipes like “Wisconsin Cranberry Jam” and “Roast Heritage Turkey,” a glimpse of some of the (great) Great Lakes smokehouses, and an introduction to old-school Midwestern ranchers like John and Dorothy Priskie of Fountain Prairie Inn and Farms (who take exactly one grass-fed steer a week to be slaughtered), Fertig and photographers Jonathan Chester and Ben Pieper paint a portrait of a culturally and geographically diverse region, rich in tradition, and—most important for chefs—teeming with high quality local product.
Mark F. Sohn
Hearty Country Cooking : Savory Southern Favorites
Oct 1998
St. Martin's Press

Nominated for a James Beard Award, this collection of mouth-watering recipes showcases the best foods of the South. Approximately 300 savory recipes exemplify the current trends in Appalachian cooking.

Sean Brock
Adams, Jody and Rivard, Ken
In the Hands of a Chef : Cooking with Jody Adams of Rialto Restaurant
Jan 2002
HarperCollins Publishers

As a chef, Jody Adams spends most evenings at her restaurant, but on nights and weekends off, she treasures cooking for family and friends. Here are favorite dishes she prepares at home. Inspired by New England ingredients and her gastronomic forays throughout Europe, Adams' food--simple soups, seasonal salads, and satisfying main courses--is happy and hearty.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie’s Italy
Nov 2006

Both the recipes and the photographs in this book make you feel as if you’re traveling through Italy. The recipes are the result of Jamie Oliver’s journey all over Italy, and they are by Italian home cooks, for home cooks. Traditional and authentic, the food in this book will make you want to cook, and then take a trip to Italy to thank the contributors for their Sicilian Lobster Broth and Pear Sorbet.

Jonathan Lundy
Jonathan’s Bluegrass Table: Redefining Kentucky Cuisine
Jan 2010
Butler Books

A taste of Kentucky isn’t just a taste of the South. Kentucky is a region unto itself, with culinary traditions and local ingredients that give its food distinctive character. Chef Jonathan Lundy has been preparing the region’s distinctive cuisine for years at Jonathan at Gratz Park in Lexington. He shares the secrets of his culinary success in this tell-all recipe guide to Kentucky cuisine. With recipes that feature the region’s fresh local produce, artisan cheeses, and wildflower honeys, as well as the long-held traditions and techniques, Jonathan’s Blue Grass Table presents a rich and inviting culinary tapestry, a testament to the flavors and textures of real Kentucky cuisine.

Pino Luongo
La Mia Cucina Toscana : A Tuscan Cooks in America
Oct 2003
Broadway Books

2004 James Beard Award Nominee for Photography; Pino Luongo, prolific and irrepressible restaurateur (Le Madri, Coco Pazzo, Tuscan Square, and Centolire) and author of A Tuscan in the Kitchen and Simply Tuscan, has written a highly personal, completely innovative take on the food of his native region.

Paul Prudhomme
Louisiana Kitchen
Apr 1984
HarperCollins Publishers

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen is full of surprises, for he is unique in the way he has enlarged the repertoire of Cajun and Creole food, creating new dishes and variations within the old traditions. Seafood Stuffed Zucchini with Seafood Cream Sauce, Paneed Chicken and Fettucini, Veal and Oyster Crepes, Artichoke Prudhomme- these and many more are newly conceived recipes, but they could have been created only by a Louisiana cook. The most famous of Paul Prudhomme's original recipes is Blackened Red fish, a daringly simple dish of fiery Cajun flavor that is often singled out by food writers as an example of the best of new American regional cooking.

Emeril Lagasse
Louisiana Real & Rustic
Sep 1996
HarperCollins Publishers

This is a roots cookbook through and through, and the first lesson to learn is that in Louisiana, the roots run deep. Acadian, Creole, north Louisiana, south Louisiana, Bayou, country, city--each figures into the mix, and Emeril explores them all. He shows you gumbos that can be made with a French roux, African okra, or a file from the indigenous Indians. There are famous Meat Pies from Natchitoches, Louisiana; Creole dishes like Catfish Pecan Meuniere; and classic etouffees, jambalayas, and fricassees--the one-pot meals that are the heart of Acadian (a.k.a. Cajun) cooking.

Martin Bosley
Martin Bosley Cooks
Jan 2010
Random House

“My year rolls across ingredients,” says Martin Bosley in the introduction to his new book, “each season bringing something new to look forward to.” Chef-proprietor of the beloved Martin Bosley’s in Wellington—the 2007 recipient of Cuisine magazine’s Restaurant of the Year Award—Bosley might easily rest on his laurels and let the legacy of his restaurant speak for itself. But Bosley is a cook at heart, a cook in the kitchen and a cook at home. And what’s more, he’s a cook who shares, whether in his weekly recipe columns for the Listener or here, in a book that collects years’ worth of recipes, with sourcing and cooking tips, and, of course, the stories behind them. And while Bosley makes his recipes accessible to most home kitchens, his fellow chefs will no doubt be interested to know just why Bosley’s Perfect Steak Sandwich is the thing to eat after a long night’s service.

Nancy Hutchens
Memories of a Midwestern Farm
Jul 1998
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

...A celebration of country living sprinkled with irresistible recipes, reminiscences, and bits of timeless folk wisdom. There are more than one hundred classic recipes handed down in the Hutchen's farmhouse kitchen. From "Moist and Crunchy Fried Chicken and Gravy" and "Green Beans Country Style" to "Sweet Cherry Dumplings" and "Get You a Husband¹ Apple Pie," these mouthwatering favorites bring back the sweet and savory pleasures of country cooking for any occasion and every season.

Mark F. Sohn
Mountain Country Cooking : A Gathering of the Best Recipes from the Smokies to the Blue Ridge
Nov 1996
St. Martin's Press

From Georgia to Maryland, the region known as Appalachia has created a style of country cooking that is without parallel. This collection features nearly 300 savory recipes of this unique cuisine, each offering a piece of history, shaped by time and the spirit of the Appalachian people. Line illustrations.

John Besh
My New Orleans: The Cookbook
Oct 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Prolific Chef and Louisiana champion John Besh presents this ode to his hometown in a format that straddles memoir and cookbook. Especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the environs seem like a precious but essential element of Americana, with its regional specialty cuisine providing the equivalent of a spice-and-sugar-rim on the national cocktail. With this beautifully illustrated book, Besh aims to preserve the mosaic of regional flavors of Louisiana. With an emphasis on the distinctive ingredients that make up Louisiana cooking, Besh breaks down the book by ingredients, region, and events. Chapters like “Strawberries and Citrus,” “Shrimp Season” and “Creole Tomatoes” appear alongside occasion-oriented chapters like “Feast Days” and “Thanksgiving.” Besh begins each chapter with a personal account, either of his encounters with an ingredient (e.g.“Creole tomatoes should be eaten warm, right off the plant, a thing I still look forward to like a child.”) or his experience of a particular feast or occasion, like his in-laws’ famously elaborate Thanksgivings. Chefs unfamiliar with Louisiana can use this native-made resource to incorporate the exotic flavors and textures of New Orleans into their cooking.

George Mendes with Genevieve Ko
My Portugal: Recipes and Stories
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Charles O'Rear
Napa Valley: The Land, the Wine, the People
May 2001
Ten Speed Press

From the people who grow the grapes and create the wines to the variety of winery architecture and unrivaled vistas that distinguish the land, Napa Valley offers a personal and stunning look at the places, people, and events that have shaped this now-famous region. Without a doubt, O’Rear’s collection is the most original and comprehensive treasury ever assembled on Napa Valley.

Marcus Samuelsson
New American Table
Oct 2009
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Perhaps no one has better captured the multifaceted American culinary landscape than Marcus Samuelsson in his latest cookbook. New American Table, besides being a compendium of eclectic recipes that range from the home style rustic to the conceptually sophisticated, presents a snapshot of the country in all its variegated culinary glory. Samuelsson brings the wisdom of a well traveled palate to his adopted homeland, where his vigorous enthusiasm takes him from coast to coast in celebration of the nation’s multi-ethnic, patchwork cuisine. Recipes for Szechuan-Roasted Cornish Hen, Jerk Spiced Catfish, and Doro W’et showcase the dynamic of family traditions, local ingredients, and immigrant influences that permeate the American palate. As much a celebration of the people behind the food as the food itself, New American Table speaks in a unified voice for the country’s many kitchens, affirming the undeniable openness, versatility, and freedom of the American culinary landscape.

Norman Van Aken
Norman's New World Cuisine
Oct 1997
Random House Publishing Group

There are over 160 recipes in this book--for everything from cocktails and sunset snacks (Machete Colada, Calypso Calamari) to soups (White Bean, Chorizo, and Collard Greens Caldo; Cracked-Hacked Conch Chowder with Saffron, Coconut, and Oranges) and seviches, salads, and paellas. Norman's fish fare is unforgettable--Rhum and Pepper-Painted Grouper, Grilled Florida Spiny Lobster with a Spicy Cumin Seed Drizzle, Yuca-Crusted Florida Striped Bass--and his recipes for birds, such as Roasted Stuffed Game Hen with Pearl Onions and Sherry, are breathtaking. And then there are Our Just Desserts: A Cubano Bread Pudding Brûlée, Havana Bananas with Barbados Rhum, a Stirfry of Exotic Tropical Fruits in Aromatic Spiced Crêpes.

Patricia Wells
Patricia Wells At Home In Provence:Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France
Oct 1999
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Here are 175 recipes from Patricia's farmhouse kitchen. As you read and cook from this book, you will feel as if you have actually joined Patricia Wells in her beloved stone farmhouse, her passion for the foods, flavors, and people of Provence will become yours. As comforting as an old friend, as enlivening as a trip to the sun-dappled hills of southern France, this book will truly bring Provence into your kitchen, and you will want to visit its pages again and again.

Alain Ducasse
Provence of Alain Ducasse
Mar 2001

The world-renowned chef shares his secrets of Provence with recipes, addresses and places. Alain Ducasse has a grounded obsession, a secret garden, a protected territory–namely, Provence. Ducasse is, of course, familiar with all the well-known locations, but in this book he chooses to highlight places off the beaten track: the best markets, wineries, villages, the best terraces to have your aperitif. In each chapter, you will find those addresses and phone numbers for guidance. He even includes many recipes to inspire you in the kitchen.

Peter Gilmore
Quay: Food Inspired by Nature
Nov 2010

Chef Peter Gilmore of Quay cares primarily about the diversity of food. On the menu or on the plate, he wants variety as well as vibrancy. His artistic cookbook celebrates his open culinary philosophy with recipes and photographs from his iconic restaurant. Thomas Keller penned the introduction, where he claims “[Gilmore] has great command of the fundamentals and is also able to successful blend the diverse cultures that have influenced the region with integrity and understanding.” Keller’s favorite, “Mud Crab Congee” reflects Gilmore’s philosophy as much as Keller’s, featuring diverse textures and local ingredients, but with the depth of knowledge that makes Gilmore stand out among Australian chefs. His book, like his restaurant, is a piece of art.

Ralph Brennan, with Gene Bourg
Ralph Brennan’s New Orleans Seafood Cookbook
Apr 2008
Vissi d'Arte Books

Much more than just seafood recipes, this book is a complete guide to preparing seafood, accessible to a beginner as well as suitable for an expert. There are detailed instructions on how to select, handle, and properly cook virtually every kind of seafood—down to directions on how to determine your fillet’s level of “doneness”—and a helpful appendix of ingredient sources in Louisiana and elsewhere. Full of excellent photographs, this book has everything you need to know, from appetizers to the wine that will perfectly complement your Fried Soft-Shell Crabs.

Christian F. Puglisi
Ten Speed Press
Peter Gawron
Saffron: Food from the Central Otago Heartland
Jan 2010
Randhom House New Zealand

Although Pesto and The Blue Door Bar were loving additions to their tidy Otago restaurant empire, Chef-owner Pete Gawron and wife Melanie Hill have run Saffron together for nearly a decade, and it’s here that Chef Gawron showcases his style at its most essential. For the restaurant’s eponymous cookbook, the chef has chosen his favorite dishes from Saffron’s regionally evocative menu. Like the restaurant, the book is organized according to the seasons, and dishes like Goat’s Cheese Sorbet with Snowberries and Stir-Fried Milford Sound Crayfish showcase the region’s unique produce and express the chef’s ardent commitment to thoughtful cooking, start to finish. Aaron McLean’s photographs add stunning beauty and character to this already strong voice for New Zealand regional cuisine.

Anissa Helou
Savory Baking from the Mediterranean: Focaccias, Flatbreads, Rusks, Tarts, and Other Breads
Aug 2007
HarperCollins Publishers

Anissa Helou introduces her book with the Spanish saying that “Without bread, you cannot eat.” She covers nearly every type of Mediterranean bread imaginable, including flatbreads, pizza, focaccia, breadsticks, pies, and savory pastries, in over 130 recipes. The easy-to-follow instructions make even the slightly more complex recipes manageable. After reading this cookbook, you will agree that it is impossible to have a meal without bread.

Efisio Farris
Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey: The Mediterranean Flavors of Sardinia
Oct 2007
Random House Inc.

Sardinia is exquisitely depicted in this cookbook, through the recipes and lush photographs of its cuisine, people, and landscape. The anecdotes about the island’s history and foods, and the author’s family culinary history add depth to an already varied selection of recipes. Reading chef Farris’s book, you are welcomed into his kitchen and inspired to cook.

Teresa Barrenechea
The Basque Table: Passionate Home Cooking from One of Europe's Great Regional Cuisines
Nov 1998
The Harvard Common Press

Come and join Teresa Barrenechea on a culinary expedition to the Basque Country.
The 130 recipes included here are authentic, taken from daily life in the Basque Country and recognizable by old and young alike.
These dishes are easy to make even for an inexperienced cookThe recipies are also uncomplicated and could be included in the daily
menus of any household. During the journey through The Basque Table several stops are made. The first is pinchos,
the Basque version of tapas; next you will explore the wonderful world of Basque sauces, simple but exquisite fish and meat preparations,
and also more sophisticated dishes for special occasions. Vegetable dishes and desserts, uncomplicated and deliciou.
Are you ready?

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
The Flavor Bible
Sep 2008
Little, Brown & Company

Brought to you by the award-winning duo that created Becoming a Chef and Culinary Artistry, The Flavor Bible is a comprehensive reference on the essence of flavors and flavor combinations. The third chapter is the meat of the book, comprised of “The Charts”: 600-plus entries about ingredients and regional cuisines (with lists of complementary flavors or typical ingredients). Each entry has its own list of characteristics, common flavor combinations, function, affinities, avoidances, and so on. This self-dubbed bible is meant to be just that: a philosophical and practical guide to cooking based on chef-inspired flavor combinations rather than regional ones. Blurbs from famed chefs regarding their fondness for particular flavors and lists of particular dishes are sprinkled throughout. As Culinary Artistry defined the classical combinations that chefs employ, The Flavor Bible reinvents these combinations and provides a jumping-off point for new flavor ventures.

Waldy Malouf
The Hudson River Valley Cookbook : A Leading American Chef Savors the Region's Bounty
Nov 1998
The Harvard Common Press

Long celebrated for its beauty and rich cultural history, the Hudson River Valley, with its magnificent waterways and mountains, once inspired the early Indian and American settlers as well as the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts. In his stunning culinary debut, Chef Waldy Malouf provides more than 200 recipes that embrace the region's extraordinary variety of produce, game, fish, and dairy products.

Arthur Schwartz
The Southern Italian Table Authentic Tastes from Traditional Kitchens
Oct 2009
Clarkson Potter

Prolific food writer, cookbook author, and radio talk show host Arthur Schwartz brings his profound love of Southern Italian cuisine to center stage with this new cookbook. The result is a simultaneous ode and guide to the ingenuity, tradition, and soul of the region’s world-famous cooking, with a comprehensive recipe guide that covers everything from antipasti and insalate to pesce, carne, verdure, and dolci. Recipes are matched with their region of origin, providing cultural context to further enrich dishes like Aeolian Salad or Calabrian Pasta with Shrimp, Fennel Seed, and Arugula. What distinguishes Schwartz’s book is its intimate, personal approach, rendering the whole experience familiar, an authentic homage- rather than culinary exploitation - of rich, enduring, and delicious Southern Italian traditions.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper
The Splendid Table: Recipes from Emiglia Romagna, the Heartland of Northern Italian Food
Sep 1992
HarperCollins Publishers

This cookbook makes the wonderful cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region accessible to American cooks with more than 200 recipes, accompanied by wine and menu suggestions, that feature all the area's specialties. 24 pages of color photos.

Elizabeth Sims with Chef Brian Sonoskus
Tupelo Honey Café: Spirited Recipes from Asheville’s New South Kitchen
Apr 2011
Andrews McMeel

It’s been more than 10 years since Tupelo Honey Café first introduced the denizens of Asheville, North Carolina, to the farm-to-fork flavor of New Southern cooking. And in that time, Chef Brian Sonoskus has cultivated a roster of richly idiosyncratic recipes—125 of them collected here, in the café’s first cookbook. With such a unique cultural heritage (a mishmash of southern, mountain, and its own inborn culture) and a population of vast and various interests, it’s not surprising Asheville—and Tupelo Honey Café—is the seat of some delicious and warmly intimate food. The cucumber-and-tomato-heavy Sunshot Salsa is named after the Asheville farm that supplies it with said bounty, and the Southern Fried Chicken Breasts recipe is prefaced by an explanation of the local “We Still Lay” humane chicken treatment campaign. (“Our community paid attention to where our food comes from long before The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” says author Elizabeth Sims). More than conscientious, the cuisine here is conceptually exciting. In an era where southern food has more than busted out of its soul-food, Kentucky-fried stereotypes, Tupelo is a cookbook to dive into.

Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch
Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy
Aug 2005
Crown Publishing Group

A much-needed guide to the pleasures and particulars of Italian wine, with original recipes by bestselling chefs and authors Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianch, here is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country's wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes.

Warren Geraghty
West Restaurant: The Cookbook
Jan 2010
Douglas & McIntyre

In 2000, West began its restaurant existence as Ouest, a French fine dining destination in the heart of Vancouver. Since then it has transformed to the West of today, a restaurant that painstakingly works with the best local ingredients to produce regionally authentic, imaginative cuisine. Over 100 recipes from the Vancouver culinary gem fill the pages of this cookbook, dishes that showcase the seasonality and character of the city, including the immigrant influences that shape Vancouver’s cuisine. Contributions from Chef Warren Geraghty as well as pastry chef Rhonda Viani, wine director Owen Knowlton, and mixologist David Wolowidnyk make this a well-rounded exhibition of Vancouver’s increasingly—and deservedly—recognized culinary sophistication.

Carlo Petrini
Wine Atlas of the Langhe : The Great Barolo and Barbaresco Vineyards
Sep 2003
Slow Food Editore

This volume is a beautiful and highly informative book, produced by the international Slow Food movement, headquartered in Piedmont. For over ten years Slow Food researched the vineyards, the wines, and the history of this fascinating part of the world, including the men and women who have made the vines of the Langhe famous. The book explores the unique features of topography, soils, and climate that have enabled Baraolo and Babaresco to become recognized as two of the world's most exclusive and highly prized wines.

John Beeston
Wine Regions of Australia : The Complete Guide, Second Edition
Oct 2002
Allen & Unwin Pty., Limited

In response to a growing movement to classify Australian wine in more regional terms, this "geography" of wine looks at Australia's wine regions and subregions-from Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to New South Wales, Western Australia, and Queensland. Encyclopedic in scope, this book will help wine enthusiasts understand the unique qualities of Australian wines and discover the country's many vineyards, both large and small.