Molly Stevens
All About Roasting
Nov 2011
W. W. Norton & Sons

“There is no single path to perfect roasting.” So says Molly Stevens, classically trained chef and author of All About Roasting. And she’s not far off. Like baking, roasting is a technique embedded by time and tradition with just enough “je ne sais quoi” to elude exact quantification. So rather than trying to pin its many variables down to an exact science, Stevens treats roasting like “a process, a conversation between you the cook, the oven heat, and the food you’re roasting.” And All About Roasting, her compendium guide to all things roast-related, provides the tools, techniques, and traditions you’ll need to begin—or elevate—the roasting conversation. Before delving into specifics, Stevens provides some of the history and basic chemistry of roasting, culled from the likes of James Beard and Harold McGee. Dishes are qualified by method (e.g. “combination sear and moderate heat”), planning (“the apricots need to soak for 4 to 8 hours”), and wine pairings from M. S. Tim Gaiser (who recommends a “Nebbiolo-based red” for Stevens’ Oven-Roasted Porchetta). And recipes span the gamut, in skill and cuisine type, with several recipes per protein (or fruit or vegetable)—meaning an experienced chef can work on the nuance of his or her technique while newbies delve into the delicious basics.

Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill : Get Busy in the Backyard With More Than 125 Bold New Recipes
May 1997

The star of two cooking shows on the Television Food Network presents more than 125 recipes for mouthwatering meat, poultry, and fish dishes, as well as soups and salads that can be prepared partially or completely on the grill.

Clare Ferguson
Chicken : From Maryland to Kiev
Jan 2009
Ryland Peters & Small

Here internationally renowned food writer Clare Ferguson turns her attention to the world's most popular ingredient: chicken. This is a collection of the most delicious chicken recipes from around the globe, including the basic information you need to choose and prepare each cut. Each recipe is temptingly photographed with 10 shown step-by-step.

Laurence and Giles Laurendon
Chicken Chicken Chicken
May 2003
Ici La Press

Takes us on a gourmand and literary world tour of... chickens. Amusing and fascinating lore accompanies more than 70 new chicken and egg recipes from every corner of the globe. Delightful photographs showcase an astounding variety of country and ornamental chickens.

Cheryl and Bill Jamison
Chicken on the Grill : 100 Surefire Ways to Grill Perfect Chicken Every Time
May 2004
HarperCollins Publishers

Chicken on the Grill offers a gotta-have collection of grilled chicken recipes--from skewers and kebabs to rotisserie chickens, sandwiches, pastas, salads, along with 50 nifty ideas for boneless skinless chicken breasts. The Jamisons provide all the tips, tools, and techniques needed to make the most succulent, flavorful, grilled-to-perfection chicken you've ever tasted.

Per-Anders Jörgensen
Eating with the Chefs: Family Meals from the World's Most Creative Restaurants
Steven Raichlen
High Flavor, Low-Fat Chicken
Jan 1996
Viking Adult

Raichlen has taught millions of Americans how to transform low-fat cooking into culinary triumph by using intense flavors and savvy cooking techniques. Here he provides over 40 recipes for tantalizing variations of favorite chicken dishes, from Smoked Chicken Gumbo to Chicken Salad Nicoise to Chicken Noodle Soup

Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
Sublime Smoke : Bold New Flavors Inspired by the Old Art of Barbecue
Apr 2004
The Harvard Common Press

In their fifth cookbook, Cheryl and Bill Jamison feature more than 200 exciting recipes for backyard (or stovetop) smoking. Building on the basics laid out in their award-winning Smoke & Spice, which offers traditional barbecue, the Jamisons now delve into a more contemporary approach to smoking, with an emphasis on chicken, fish, and vegetables. Illustrations.

Michelle Ann Anderson
The Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook: Homemade Meals with Store-Bought Convenience
Jan 2009
Cumberland House

Each of the more than two hundred recipes in Michelle Ann Anderson’s new book begins with one time-saving staple: the rotisserie chicken. After a brief introduction on chicken carving and chicken stock, Anderson delves immediately into the many recipes to which white and dark meat chicken readily lend themselves. Alongside traditional offerings like “Creamy Chicken and Pea Salad,” Anderson includes recipes like “Chicken Samosas” and “Pollo Posole,” allowing the time-starved cook a decent variety of options for what would otherwise be a basic chicken dinner. From its humble spot in the local grocery, the rotisserie chicken is transformed into what Anderson and many a rushed home cook would consider a sophisticated culinary experience.

Amelia Saltsman
The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook
Aug 2007
Blenheim Press

In Saltsman’s own words, this book is intended “to offer novice and market-savvy shoppers a seasonal guide to both familiar and exotic crops, with tips on how to select, store, and prepare these interesting finds.” If you have ever been overwhelmed by the array of foods at a farmer’s market, this volume will help you make sense of the produce. The easy-to-prepare recipes, like Penne with Winter Greens, Potatoes, and Cheese, showcase the wonderful fresh ingredients that you can find at your own local farmer’s market.