Cathy and Tony Mantuano
Wine Bar Food: Mediterranean Flavors to Crave with Wines to Match
Apr 2008
Crown Publishing

In Wine Bar Food restaurateurs Cathy and Tony Mantuano share their passion for the European tradition of pairing small plates with wine among one’s close friends. In their travels to cities like Seville, Rome, and Lisbon, the Mantuanos acquired a taste for this decidedly civilized ritual of revelry and sought to recreate it back home, opening Enoteca Spiaggia in Miami Beach and publishing Wine Bar Food. Both ventures are intended to further the culture of casual, convivial mealtime gatherings in a country polarized by fast food and major occasion-oriented dining. The Mantuanos organize their chapters by region, so the reader is introduced to the wine and small plates of Venice, Barcelona, and Athens organically, as part of the prism of a larger culture. With its exquisitely simple recipes and regional wine recommendations, Wine Bar Food enables us to recreate the easy charm and casual gourmet experience of small plate dining.

Frank McClelland and Christie Matheson
Wine Mondays: Simple Wine Pairings with Seasonal Menus
Oct 2008
The Harvard Common Press

Frank McClelland and food writer Christie Matheson here pass on the “Wine Mondays” tradition of McClelland’s renowned Boston-based L’Espalier, where the philosophy of wine-pairing is to drink what you like, and when you like, above all. Not only does Wine Mondays provide a much-needed demystification of the process of pairing wine and food (the rules are exquisitely simple), it features seasonally-tailored menus complete with course-by-course wine choices and explanations. Whether you’re looking to host a dinner party or picnic by the lake, the book’s recipes guarantee a sophisticated meal. And McClelland’s attention to detail will ensure you find the right wine to accompany it.

Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren with Kate Leahy
A16 Food + Wine
Sep 2008
Ten Speed Press

The title of A16 Food + Wine presents the winning formula of the eponymous San Francisco restaurant A16: well prepared food plus well chosen wine equals sublime dining. With their first cookbook collaboration, Chef Nate Appleman and wine director Shelley Lindgren present the rustic pleasures of their beloved southern Italy in terms of libation and sustenance respectively. In her section on wine, Lindgren presents wine by region, offering concise explanations of the region’s classics - as well as any recently rediscovered or replanted favorites - along with an addendum on food pairings. In the book’s second half, Chef Appleman takes over, providing the complement to heady Italian wines with the rustic, hearty cuisine of Campania. In an easy to follow course by course layout, the chef pays tribute to the simplicity and potency of southern Italian cooking in what can only be called an exquisitely crafted homage to his adopted culinary homeland.

Laura Werlin
All American Cheese and Wine Book
Apr 2003
Harry N Abrams Inc

2004 James Beard Award Winner for Single Subject; 2004 IACP Award Nominee for Wine, Beer, or Spirits Category; We may know the classic combinations--cheddar and port, blue cheese and Sauternes, goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc--and appreciate their ethereal marriage of flavors and textures. But as Laura Werlin reveals in this book, there's a whole world of perfect pairings to discover. In her follow-up to the IACP Award-winning The New American Cheese, Werlin guides us to matching the extraordinary artisan cheeses being made across America with our own incomparable wines.

Michelle Higgins
Decanting Napa Valley: The Cookbook 100 Wines from Vintners with Pairing Recipes from Restaurateurs, Wineries, and Professional Chefs
Jan 2010
Decanting Wine Association Publishing

Founder of the Decanting Wine Country Association, Michelle Higgins oversees this distillation of over 100 wines from local Napa vintners, with detailed tasting notes and dish pairings from some of the area’s best chefs. The resulting book, with contributions from chefs, stemware professionals, photographers, farmers, cheese-mongers and more, presents the heart and soul of Napa Valley, from field to glass to countertop to dish. The book is structurally wine driven, with each entry centered on local wine and recipes for pairings from local area restaurants, but Higgins takes special care to present the passionate individuals behind the region’s renowned enological and culinary traditions.

Fiona Beckett
Eating & Drinking : An A-Z of Great Food and Drink Combinations
Jan 2009
M. Beazley

"Red meat, red wine; white meat, white wine." The old standbys of dining etiquette are downright laughable in the face of the amazing array of ingredients and influences that make up our diet today. This easy-to-follow A to Z lets you pair your meals with the perfect wine, beer, or spirit, even if you know nothing about vintages or vineyards. Just look up a dish or it's main ingredient to find its perfect complement.

John Ash
From the Earth to the Table John Ash's Wine Country Classics
Feb 2007
Chronicle Books LLC

From The Earth to the Table includes more than 300 recipes featuring fresh seasonal ingredients and distinctive flavor combinations. Dishes such as Fish Tacos with Citrus Salsa and Cabbage Slaw, and Pecan Polenta Salad with Grilled Green Onions showcase Ash's global influences as the culinary directory of the Fetzer Vineyards Wine and Food Center in Northern California. All of the recipes in "From The Earth to the Table" show readers how to marry each dish with the appropriate wine. Illustrated with 16 pages of color photographs, "From The Earth to the Table" is the definitive guide to delicious, healthful wine country cuisine.

Andrea Immer
Great Tastes Made Simple: Extraordinary Food and Wine pairings for Every Palate
Oct 2002
Broadway Books

The author of Great Wine Made Simple takes the mystery out of pairing food with wine and makes it easy to choose the best wines to accompany everything from barbecue to rack of lamb. Hundreds of wine and food pairing suggestions are highlighted by superb wine-friendly recipes.

Virginia Moore
How to Drink
Nov 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

How to Drink is a book chefs cannot, and should not, ignore, not least “because,” says author Victoria Moore, “what you drink cues up your taste buds.” Moore is a staunch advocate for serious drinks appreciation, from the well-mixed cocktail to the perfectly steeped tea. In How to Drink, the Guardian wine columnist makes the case that the liquid that passes our lips should be paid as much attention to the food it accompanies or precedes. In a dining age where menus are saturated with farm and sourcing information, Moore argues, drastically less attention is being paid to drink accompaniments. “I’ve lost count,” laments Moore, “of the number of intricate, slaved-over dinners featuring organic rare breeds from the farmers’ market to which I’ve sat down when the first thing to pass my lips has been a virtually flat gin and tonic with no ice or a glass of lukewarm white wine.” With How to Drink, Moore offers a thorough drinking how-to, inspiring a more through appreciation of the quaffable side of dining.

Matt Kramer
Making Sense of Wine : Revised and Updated
Nov 2004
Perseus Publishing

This new edition of Matt Kramer's classic guide to wine features a new preface and an all-new chapter that covers changes and advances in winemaking since its first publication in 1989. The superbly written text explains everything an oenophile needs to know, including the creation and naming of wines, wine cellars, presentation and glassware, pairing wine with food, and much more.

Michael Chiarello
Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking : Wine Country Recipes for Family and Friends
Aug 2002
Chronicle Books LLC

2003 IACP Award Winner - General Category; From Michael Chiarello, author of The Tra Vigne Cookbook, comes a collection of recipes on his favorite subject-and the favorite subject of home cooks everywhere-preparing meals for family and friends. These treasured recipes marry the rich traditions of his Italian culinary heritage with the casual style and fresh flavors of the Wine Country. Each outhwatering dish-such as Tuscan Shrimp with White Beans, Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon Salt, and Italian Fruit Salad with Sta Bene Honey Zabaglione-is sophisticated, yet simple to prepare.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's Beer Companion: Second Edition Revised and Updated
Jan 2002
Running Press Book Publishers

From the critically acclaimed Beer Hunter, comes this award-winning classic, with entirely updated information on two new beer styles (Leipzig Gose and Helles), American ales, Lambics and fruit beers, wheat beers, international ales, porters and stouts, lagers and specialty brews. Also features a recipe section highlighting foods that complement beer.

Evan Goldstein
Perfect Pairings A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food
May 2006
University of California Press

Perfect Pairings, by well-known Master Sommelier and respected restaurant industry veteran Evan Goldstein, provides straightforward, practical advice for choosing the right bottle for each meal. The quintessential resource for matching wine and food, this book includes 58 companion recipes developed by celebrated chef Joyce Goldstein that showcase each type of wine. Perfect Pairings combines in-depth explorations of twelve grape varietals, sparkling wines, and dessert wines with guidance about foods that enhance the wide range of styles for each varietal.

François Chartier
Taste Buds and Molecules
Sep 2010
McClelland & Stewart

Canadian Sommelier François Chartier takes food and wine pairing to the next level in his revolutionary guide to uncovering the hidden tastes of wine in Tastebuds and Molecules. Anyone familiar with the work of Bernard Lahousse of FoodPairings will already have a brief idea of Chartier’s methodology. Deconstructing ingredients and wine to their most basic molecular structure, he offers insight on why certain pairings work and others don't. Rather than focus on the similarity of flavor profiles, Chartier steers his reader towards making complementary choices. By bringing science to an elusive art, Chartier provides access for everyone, from the novice wine aficionado to the Master Sommelier, with practical methods for enhancing the dining experience through greater sensual understanding.

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
The Flavor Bible
Sep 2008
Little, Brown & Company

Brought to you by the award-winning duo that created Becoming a Chef and Culinary Artistry, The Flavor Bible is a comprehensive reference on the essence of flavors and flavor combinations. The third chapter is the meat of the book, comprised of “The Charts”: 600-plus entries about ingredients and regional cuisines (with lists of complementary flavors or typical ingredients). Each entry has its own list of characteristics, common flavor combinations, function, affinities, avoidances, and so on. This self-dubbed bible is meant to be just that: a philosophical and practical guide to cooking based on chef-inspired flavor combinations rather than regional ones. Blurbs from famed chefs regarding their fondness for particular flavors and lists of particular dishes are sprinkled throughout. As Culinary Artistry defined the classical combinations that chefs employ, The Flavor Bible reinvents these combinations and provides a jumping-off point for new flavor ventures.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper
The Splendid Table: Recipes from Emiglia Romagna, the Heartland of Northern Italian Food
Sep 1992
HarperCollins Publishers

This cookbook makes the wonderful cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region accessible to American cooks with more than 200 recipes, accompanied by wine and menu suggestions, that feature all the area's specialties. 24 pages of color photos.

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
What to Drink with What you Eat: What to Drink with What You Eat The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea - Even Water - Based on Expert Advice from America's Best Sommeliers
Oct 2006
Little, Brown & Company

If you have ever wondered what drink to serve with your meal, this is the guide you need. Covering everything from water to wine, this book breaks down what to drink with what you eat into eight instructive and interesting chapters—some alphabetized by food, some by type of beverage. With advice from master sommeliers and top chefs, you’ll soon know what beverages to serve with cheesecake, and which wine goes best with quesadillas.

Frank McClelland and Christine Matheson
Wine Mondays: Simple Wine Pairings with Seasonal Menus
Oct 2008
Harvard Common Press

When proprietor Frank McClelland introduced his 4-course wine paired dinners at Boston’s renowned L’Espalier restaurant on Monday nights, he had an instant hit on his hands. L’Espalier’s Wine Mondays were a way to introduce and educate diners on pairing wines with a fantastic seasonally inspired meal in an approachable, fun, and straightforward fashion. McClelland has selected 16 of his favorite menus from Wine Mondays over the years—4 for each season—applying his casual approach and philosophy on food and wine to the recipes and pairings included. Each menu is centered around a seasonal theme ranging from Winter’s Bordeaux and Spring’s Rosè- Colored Glasses, to Summer’s Totally Organic and Autumn’s Mushroom Dinner. McClelland encourages his readers to use the book as a reference rather than a formal set guide, asserting his number one rule: drink what you like!