Adam Batt
Sandwiches of the World: Recipes from 108 Great Chefs
Oct 2007
Battman Studios

As much a visual feast as recipe book, Battman’s (aka Adam Batt, renowned New York photographer) Sandwiches of the World is a vivid, mouthwatering invitation to what are arguably the world’s most delicious and sophisticated sandwiches. In an unrelenting visual assault, Battman provides gorgeous close-up portraits of the most varied collection of sandwiches ever assembled. With recipe contributions and wine pairing suggestions from restaurants and chefs worldwide, Sandwiches of the World spans the sandwich gamut, including the truffle-stuffed “db burger royal” from Daniel Bouloud’s eponymous restaurant alongside the “soft shell crab blt” from Havana Blue in the Virgin Islands. If it is a sandwich, or almost a sandwich, and if it is exceptional, Battman will have found it. Each of the books 108 recipes accompanies a stunning photograph, so alive with fresh, bright colors and textural details that you’ll swear you can taste with your eyes.

Miriam Jacobs
Brown Bag Lunch Cookbook
Oct 2003
Globe Pequot Press

This is the cookbook for working people looking for a lunchtime alternative to the snack machine or the fast food down the street. These are interesting and satisfying recipes for good lunches that promote afternoon energy and won't put on unwanted pounds. More than 100 great choices for healthy lunches in today's fast-paced work environment.

Emily Haft Bloom
Burgers Every Way : 100 Recipes Using Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Fish, and Vegetables
Feb 2004
Harry N Abrams Inc

From fast-food beginnings at diners and drive-ins, where they were served with the mandatory fries and shake, hamburgers have risen to the ranks of haute cuisine, and now appear on the menus of the poshest dining rooms stuffed with foie gras and black truffles. With recipes for burgers made from veal, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, and, of course, beef, Burgers Every Way celebrates the iconic sandwich in all its ground-up, char-grilled glory.

Per-Anders Jörgensen
Eating with the Chefs: Family Meals from the World's Most Creative Restaurants
Laura Werlin
Grilled Cheese, Please! 50 Scrumptiously Cheesy Recipes
Mar 2011
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

Every American has a particular grilled cheese sandwich—it’s the sandwich of our childhood, family kitchens, and favorite memories. But these days who can admit aloud that all they want is a Kraft single on white bread? For those who crave their childhood favorites but don’t want to lose face, Laura Werlin has a solution, or 50. By Europe-izing the American staple with Mediterranean ingredients she cleverly cloaks our favorite comfort food in style. After all, what are burrata, prosciutto, and sautéed pepperoni if not a grown-up’s answer to a BLT?

Miriam Jacobs
School Lunchbox Cookbook
Sep 2003
Globe Pequot Press

It's no mere coincidence that the easy availability of fast food to school children, both in school cafeterias and off campus, is increasing as obesity among American kids is reaching an all-time high. Author Miriam Jacobs tackles the problem in this cookbook, which gives recipes and tips for harried parents concerned with their kids' nutritional well being. The recipes are designed to be easy and fast to prepare, nutritious and good to eat, and so much fun that even the kids will want to help.

Chad Robertson
Tartine Bread
Sep 2010
Chronicle Books

Welcome to bread, not as a food, but as a way of life. Chad Robertson’s devotion to the history and process of bread baking is unsurpassed. It’s what earns the chef and owner of Tartine Bakery industry admiration and his recipes Biblical status among bakers and carbohydrate aficionados. Tartine Bread scales back Robertson’s bakery recipes for the home cook and includes chapters on basic country bread, semolina and whole-wheat flours, baguettes, and enriched breads. And with more than 30 recipes that use days-old bread, cooks can replicate the hearty, healthy, and bread-laden fare that cements Tartine Bakery’s unrivalled reputation for crafted café cuisine. Sous chef Eric Wolfinger’s photographs set a luxurious tone to the cookbook, and along with colloquial prose, take readers as close as they can get to looking over Robertson’s shoulder.