Stephen Reynaud
French Feast
Oct 2009
Stewart, Tabori & Chang

Author of the acclaimed Pork & Sons, Stephen Reynaud returns to culinary publishing with this brimming and often playful guide to French feasting. Incorporating the regional cuisines of France—including the prolific influence of immigration—with entries on the farms, architecture, wine, and spirits of local life, French Feast presents a veritable banquet of cultural heritage. Reynaud focuses his exploration on traditional and family-oriented dishes, the meals that make a French occasion, with recipes for classics like boeuf bourguignon, pike terrine, and head cheese alongside regional specialties that showcase the idiosyncratic adaptations of French cooking in the countryside. Reynaud approaches his subject with as much humor as love and the result is a rich, accessible guide to the unencumbered culinary exuberance of the French feast.

Sally Sondheim and Suzannah Sloan
Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays : Festive Meals for Family and Friends
Jan 2009
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Tired of the average weekend fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, or takeout? The Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays takes a unique approach to family food preparation, with menus for twenty-three holiday meals from New Year's through Christmas, as well as Saturday dinners and Sunday suppers for every weekend of the year

Emeril Lagasse
Emeril's Creole Christmas
Oct 1997
HarperCollins Publishers

It's time to celebrate Christmas the Creole way: Corn Cakes with Caviar, Sugarcane Baked Ham with Spiced Apples and Pears, Jiffy Pop Firecracker Shrimp --these are the dishes guaranteed to make your holiday season festive. In addition to great appetizers, entrees, and desserts, Emeril includes some terrific stocking stuffer ideas--everything from his Homemade Worcestershire Sauce to a delectable recipe for Orange Pralines that are so good you might just decide to keep them for yourself.

Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March
Fresh from the Market: Seasonal Cooking with Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March
Sep 2010
John Wiley & Sons

Fresh from the Market might be an elegant cookbook geared towards the home chef, but it contains valuable insights for professionals looking to marry a farm-fresh perspective with refined cuisine. Because it’s from master chef Laurent Tourondel, progenitor of the BLT restaurant empire, the recipes combine the lush product of local country farms with a cosmopolitan culinary finesse. And because it’s Tourondel, the dishes balance decadence with subtlety, refinement with rusticity. Photographs from Quentin Bacon complement Tourdondel’s culinary narrative; Bacon’s evocative pictures beautifully tell every dish’s story from farm to table. The book is portioned into chapters by season, with a comprehensive list of seasonal ingredients and recipes progressing from the cocktail and amuse bouche all the way to entrees and desserts. Touchingly familiar and yet sophisticated menus for the season’s holidays round out the generous offerings. Pigs in a Blanket “Ritz Carlton” opens a Thanksgiving Menu complete with duck confit and Turkey with chestnut-sausage stuffing. With juxtapositions like this Tourendel succeeds in making gourmet cuisine seem as comfortably familiar as it is in his many restaurants.

Gary Ibsen with Joan Nielsen
Great Tomato Book
Jul 1999
Ten Speed Press

The founder of the renowned TomatoFest celebration provides a juicy delight of a book that gives history and cultivation information for such sweet delights as Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter.

Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pepin Celebrates : The Companion Book to His New PBS Series
Sep 2001
Random House Inc

The companion book to a new 26-part public television series debuting in the fall of 2001. A fabulous book for people who love to cook! To Jacques Pepin, every meal is a celebration. And his delight in creating delicious offerings for family and friends is contagious as he shares the secrets of meals he has prepared over the years for holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings.

Joan Nathan
The Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen : Seventy Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids and Make Your Family's Celebrations Special
Sep 2000
Knopf Publishing Group

There could be no more festive way to introduce Jewish children to their Jewish heritage than through the food associated with the holidays. And no better person to do it than Joan Nathan, whose great enthusiasm and knowledge have gained her a national reputation as the maven of the Jewish kitchen.

Darina Allen
The Festive Food of Ireland
Jul 2001
Rinehart P

The Festive Food of Ireland explores the timeless themes and recipes of Ireland's past, and the result is a year full of celebrations and culinary delights. With over 50 recipes, Darina Allen presents the full range of traditional. Irish holiday fare. Celebrate St. Bridget's Day with Boxty Pancakes and May Day with Poached Salmon and Irish Butter Sauce.

Joan Nathan
The Jewish Holiday Baker
Aug 1999
Knopf Publishing Group

Here are fifty original recipes for the traditional baked goods associated with the major holidays--challah for Shabbat, hamantashen for Purim, macaroons and matzah for Passover, jelly doughnuts for Chanukah--as well as delicious and exotic alternatives from around the world: Yemenite kubbanah, Turkish boyos, German schnecken, Russian babka, Hungarian strudel, Parisian pletzel, Mexican banana cake, Syrian ka'ak. But why wait for the holidays? Along with challah, bialys, and bagels, you will want to bake and enjoy all of these cakes and breads with your family and friends throughout the year.

Joan Nathan
The Jewish Holiday Kitchen
Nov 1998
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

By adding over 50 new recipes, Nathan has improved and expanded what is already considered the classic Jewish cookbook. Featuring recipes from around the world--Italy, Mexico, Algeria, and Russia, to name a few--this is the most complete collection of specific dishes for the eight major holidays, the Sabbath, and all special occasions in the life of a Jewish family.