Fritz Gubler
Great, Grand & Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes
Jan 2010
Great, Grand, & Famous

Some cookbooks are incomplete without notes in the margins, creased pages, and the occasional grease stain. Others, such as Great, Grand, & Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes, don’t even belong in the kitchen. This elegant collection, presented by Australian hotelier Fritz Gubler, presents a survey of iconic chefs of modern haute cuisine. Each chef profile includes personal anecdotes and culinary philosophies, beautiful photographs, and the recipe for a chef’s signature dish. The recipes are more illustrative than specific, intended to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the chef rather than a detailed method. But be forewarned: Great, Grand & Famous Chefs may inspire a bout of culinary exploration that could lead to bankruptcy and an overstocked fridge. But according to Fritz Gubler, and based on the profiles in the book, it will be money well spent.

Stephen Brook
A Century of Wine : The Story of a Wine Revolution
Jan 2000
Octopus Publishing Group

This is truly a definitive work that explores the history, the politics, religion, culture, climatic changes, fashion and social phenomena that have impacted on wine developments around the world. Richly illustrated with hundreds of historic photographs, this is a book that will entertain and inform any wine enthusiast or history buff.

Jenni Muir
A Cook's Guide to Grains : Delicious Recipes, Culinary Advice, and Nutritional Facts
Jun 2008

Grains are one of the most tasty, versatile and nutritious food sources available, a delight to eat and easy to cook. In this new work, Jenni Muir travels the world, discovering indigenous grains and the best recipes for using them. The first part of the book provides an in-depth look at each of the grains and the second section features over 100 recipes, taking you from breakfast through to dinner. Jenni explains how to vary the dishes according to the grains you have and also recommends an exciting range of accompaniments that will transform each dish to suit the occasion.

Pascal Rigo
American Boulangerie
Aug 2003
Bay Soma Publishing

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Bread, Other Baking and Sweets Category; The French bakery is recognized the world over as the bastion of the fine art of baking. But how can one experience the true French bakery without a visit to France? Simply by following the guidance and simple instructions of the man who has changed the way San Franciscans think about their breads and pastries, Pascal Rigo. He and his crew of bakers and pastry chefs have poured into this book the knowledge of many lifetimes, of many provinces. And, they have provided recipes that do not compromise authenticity while making the minor adjustments needed to account for local ingredients and the needs of the home cook.

David Darlington
An Ideal Wine
Jun 2011
Harper Collins

An Ideal Wine by David Darlington is an in-depth account of the California wine industry and the two conflicting schools of thought in wine making. The book centers on two camps of wine-makers: Randall Grahm, famed winemaker at Bonny Doon Vineyards, and Leo McCloskey, the founder of Enologix, a leading consultancy that helps wineries use scientific techniques to make better wines (some say just to get high scores from Robert Parker). The Grahm camp is made up of vintners fighting to be as “natural” and terroir-driven as possible, allowing for the idiosyncrasies (and complexities) of an environment-driven product. Vintners in the opposite camp are prioritize standardization, consulting Enologix for help with consistency and efficiency. With a primer of who’s who in viticulture today, and a good argument for both the science and art camps of wine making, An Ideal Wine is a must read for anyone drinking wine and hoping to understand the business behind it.

Frank Fedele and Mario Batali
Artist's Palate
Aug 2003
DK Publishing, Inc.

A stunning cookbook, suitable for the coffee table as well as the kitchen counter,The Artist's Palate contains an unprecedented collection of favorite recipes from some of the most famous international artists throughout history -- from Michelangelo, Henri Matisse, and Mary Cassatt to Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons. Featuring over 125 recipes from 89 great artists, and accompanied by more than 150 photographs of the artists and their work, family snapshots, artworks, documents, and memorabilia, this book offers a unique look at the private lives and appetites of some of the world's most creative personalities.

Charles Bamforth
Beer : Tap Into the Art and Science of Brewing
Apr 2009
Oxford University Press, USA

Bamforth traces the history of beer from ancient Babylon some 8,000 years ago to today's brewing science, recounting important brewing milestones along the way. This new edition contains expansive coverage of global beer styles throughout the world, the sensory character of beef flavor, and the development of the global beer industry.

Inga Saffron
Caviar : The Strange History and Uncertain Future of the World's Most Coveted Delicacy
Oct 2002
Broadway Books

In Caviar, Inga Saffron tells, for the first time, the story of how virgin eggs of the prehistoric-looking sturgeon were transformed from a humble peasant food into a czar's delicacy--and ultimately a coveted status symbol for a rising middle class. She explores how the glistening black eggs became a culinary extravagance, while taking readers on a revealing excursion into the murky world of caviar on the banks of the Volga River and Caspian Sea in Russia, the Elbe River in Europe, and the Hudson and Delaware Rivers in the United States. Saffron describes how the complex caviar industry has spawned, illustrating the unfortunate consequences of mass marketing such a rare commodity.

A.L. Sadler
Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Oct 2001
Tuttle Publishing

First published in 1933, this classic remains the gold standard for books on the five-centuries-old tea ceremony. Illustrated with traditional drawings of furniture and utensils, tearoom architecture, garden design, floor and ground plans, and beautiful black and white photographs of famous tea bowls, teahouses, and gardens, this volume will enlighten the reader to the intimate aspects of ancient Japanese history, philosophy, and culture.

David Waltuck and Andrew Friedman
Oct 2008
Taunton Press

New York’s Chanterelle opened in 1979 and has steadfastly remained one of the city’s most timeless restaurants. The book, the restaurant’s first, begins with a charming account of the business’s beginnings, and in the same light, thoughtful prose appears throughout the book in recipe introductions and anecdotes about staff and events. The 150-plus recipes inspired by Chef David Waltuck’s seasoned and delicate interpretation of French country-style cooking are complemented by photography that provides an appealing, evocative look at the life and times of the restaurant. Chanterelle, with its surprisingly creative and ambitious dishes (e.g. Squab Mousse with Juniper and Green Peppercorns, Scallops with Duck Fat, or Brined Roast Pork Loin with Fennel Jus and Fennel Flan) is a perfect gift for inspiring your favorite cook around the holidays and throughout the seasons.

Ian Kelly
Cooking for Kings : The Life of Antonin Carême, the First Celebrity Chef
May 2004
Walker & Company

A unique feast of biography and Regency cookbook, Cooking for Kings takes readers on a chef's tour of the pleasure-palaces of Britain and Europe in the ultimate age of culinary indulgence. Drawing on the patissier royal's rich memoirs, Ian Kelly traces Antonin Carême's meteoric rise from Paris orphan to international celebrity, and provides a dramatic below-stairs perspective on one of the most momentous, and sensuous, periods in European history - First Empire Paris, Georgian England, and the Russia of War and Peace.

Smita and Sanjeev Chandra
Cuisines of India:The Art of Regional Indian Cooking
Aug 2001
Ecco Press

This lush volume is destined to become the gold standard in Indian cookbooks. Recipes feature authentic, often unusual dishes and are accompanied by lyrical descriptions of locales, legends, and history. Sure to please any connoisseur, this delightful cookbook celebrates a great world cuisine, one that is inseparable from its people and its past.

Alan and Iris MacFarlane
Empire of Tea : The Remarkable History of the Plant that Took Over the World
Feb 2009
Penguin Group (USA)

From the fourth century B.C. in China, where it was used as an aid in Buddhist meditation, to the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when its destruction became a rousing symbol of the American Revolution, to its present-day role as the single most consumed beverage on the planet, The Empire of Tea explores the effects of the humble Camelia plant--both tragic and liberating--in the history of civilization.

Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz
Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices, & Flavorings
Jan 1992
DK Publishing, Inc.

Many cookbooks and kitchen references are described as indispensable to experienced chefs as well as culinary novices but this book is one of the few that truly fits the bill. As the title says, it is an encyclopedia and it offers detailed information and vivid pictures of over 200 herbs, spices, essences, edible flowers and leaves, aromatics, vinegars, oils, teas, and coffees. Each is described with tips for storage and cooking, food match-ups, and recipes as well as general background information. This is a book no kitchen should be without.

Eric Schlosser
Fast Food Nation
Jul 2005
HarperCollins Publishers

Though created by a handful of mavericks, the fast food business has triggered the homogenization of our society. Fast food has unleashed the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, spawned an epidemic of obesity, and propelled the juggernaut of American cultural imperialism abroad. That's a lengthy list of charges, but Schlosser makes them stick with an artful mix of first-rate reportage, wry wit and careful reasoning. This is a groundbreaking work of investigation and cultural history that is changing the way America thinks about the way it eats.

Deborah Krasner
Flavors of Olive Oil : A Tasting Guide and Cookbook
Sep 2002
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

2003 James Beard Award Winner - Single Subject Category; In The Flavors of Olive Oil, Deborah Krasner demystifies the world of olive oil. Olives-just like wine grapes-respond directly to variations in climate, soil, cultivation, and harvest, so each oil is unique. By classifying olive oil in four distinct groups (delicate and mild, fruity and fragrant, olivey and peppery, and leafy-green and grassy), Krasner guides readers through the different characteristics of more than 150 different olive oils, providing a step-by-step tasting guide to the flavors and aromas of each one. With notes on oils from Italy to Morocco to California, Krasner transports the reader to olive-oil-producing regions around the world.

Donna Hay
May 2002
Whitecap Books, Limited

From sweet to sour, piquant to mellow, Flavors is an intoxicating journey through fourteen delectable flavors: vanilla, lemon, lime, ginger, chili, garlic, onion, chocolate, salt, pepper, basil, mint, cinnamon, and spice. Each chapter invites you to enliven your senses by exploring the origins of these aromatic ingredients, in simple preparations, and with more complex, mouth-watering recipes.

Patrick Dillon
Gin: The Much-Lamented Death of Lady Geneva: the 18th Century Gin Craze
Feb 2003
Justin, Charles & Company Publishers

"Gin is both a vividly drawn excursion into the gin-soaked underworld of eighteenth-century London and a vivid recreation of an event which shaped our modern attitudes to alcohol: this is potent stuff."

Diane Kochilas
Glorious Foods of Greece: Traditional Recipes from the Islands, Cities, and Villages
Apr 2001
HarperCollins Publishers

An extraordinary culinary and historical tour, this comprehensive, beautifully evocative cookbook draws a lovely, detailed portrait of a culture in which food is revered for nourishment, necessity, and pleasure. Covering everything from the rich mountain cooking of Epirus, Roumeli, and Thessaly, to the inventive cuisine of the sparse, dry Greek isle, The Glorious Foods of Greece offers more than 400 recipes drawn from generations of Greek cooking that use every native ingredient––including fowl, grains, cheese, greens, seafood, grapes, and olives--that can be prepared by home cooks.

Joan Nathan
Jewish Cooking In America
Sep 1998
Random House Inc

Much more than a cookbook--though it does contain over 300 recipes--this entertaining volume is also a history of the Jewish people through their food. Nathan introduces both people and food in a preface that discusses dietary laws, Jewish holidays, Jewish immigration to the U.S., and the impact of Jews--and their food--on American culture. With every recipe comes an original story or a reprint of an article or a personal vignette that intrigues and/or edifies. For instance, the recipe for falafel appears complete with a profile of Moshe, owner of the best falafel pushcart in New York City. There are also lots of photos, both modern and historic. A number-one choice for cookery collections, but make sure history buffs can find it, too.

Librairie Larousse
Larousse Gastronomique : The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia, Revised Edition
Oct 2009
Crown Publishing Group

This extensively revised edition features 200 new recipes (3,500 in all), 400 new reference entries, new full-color photographs, a handy ribbon marker, and an appealing, contemporary new design and package. And, for the first time ever, entries on American cuisine!

Jill DeGroff
Lush Life: Portraits from the Bar
Jan 2010
Mud Puddle Books, New York

Steeped soundly in the culture of the American cocktail scene—now entering the 21st century with a mixed roster of talented, wisecracking, colorful cocktailians—Lush Life is a veritable labor of love, nor simply for being a byproduct of husband and wife Dale and Jill DeGroff’s LA-born romance. The love here is for the people of the cocktail world, and it’s sketched, brushed, and suffused into each of Jill DeGroff’s pictures. And while the book is laid out generationally, Lush Life essentially unites its subjects under the proud patchwork banner of the bartender. A pictorial tour of the beating heart of the American cocktail scene, Lush Life recalls the old school cool of Al Hirschfeld’s “Speakeasies of 1932,” updated with its tech-savvy cast of mixologist up-and-comers and standby old-timers—all of it colored by DeGroff’s inimitable aesthetic eye. DeGroff’s portraits are the beating heart of the book, and they capture the spirit and nuance of this cast of cocktail-slinging characters with visual grace and spry, poetic wit. But lest she leave her reader thirsty, DeGroff includes recipes for favorite and famous drinks, as well as tales from behind the bar and occasional odd remembrances. In the end the whole experience is akin to an evening spent among friends, leaning up against the polished wood of a favorite local bar.

Matt Kramer
Making Sense of Wine : Revised and Updated
Nov 2004
Perseus Publishing

This new edition of Matt Kramer's classic guide to wine features a new preface and an all-new chapter that covers changes and advances in winemaking since its first publication in 1989. The superbly written text explains everything an oenophile needs to know, including the creation and naming of wines, wine cellars, presentation and glassware, pairing wine with food, and much more.

John Ferrell
Mary Mac’s Tea Room: 65 Years of Recipes from Atlanta’s Favorite Dining Room
Sep 2010
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

In Mary Mac’s Tea Room, nose-to-tail ingredients and whole foods make up the majority of ingredients—not for the sake of a trend but for tradition. Recipes from this Atlanta institution are unselfconsciously sustainable … and high in calories. But it’s more than a deep-fried, Southern-best-hits list. Recipes for gelatin molds and fried green tomatoes are interspersed with stories from the restaurant’s past and photos of loyal patrons. As traditional American cuisine lost its soul in the hands of corporate food manufacturers, Mary Mac’s Tea Room held fast to its traditions, and Mary Mac’s Tea Room: 65 Years of Recipes from Atlanta’s Favorite Dining Room offers its readers a history lesson for the eyes, nose, throat, and stomach.

Mark F. Sohn
Mountain Country Cooking : A Gathering of the Best Recipes from the Smokies to the Blue Ridge
Nov 1996
St. Martin's Press

From Georgia to Maryland, the region known as Appalachia has created a style of country cooking that is without parallel. This collection features nearly 300 savory recipes of this unique cuisine, each offering a piece of history, shaped by time and the spirit of the Appalachian people. Line illustrations.

Charles O'Rear
Napa Valley: The Land, the Wine, the People
May 2001
Ten Speed Press

From the people who grow the grapes and create the wines to the variety of winery architecture and unrivaled vistas that distinguish the land, Napa Valley offers a personal and stunning look at the places, people, and events that have shaped this now-famous region. Without a doubt, O’Rear’s collection is the most original and comprehensive treasury ever assembled on Napa Valley.

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Near A Thousand Tables : A History of Food
Sep 2003
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

2003 IACP Award Winner! Literary Category; Because cuisine is a--perhaps the--defining characterization of culture, Near A Thousand Tables, is a sampler of civilization; because we meet our environment most intimately when we eat, this is an exploration in historical ecology. Because cooks were the first chemist, this is a history of science. Above all, perhaps, because food is universally appealing and irresistibly topical, this is unashamedly a book of human pleasures.

Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas with Dave Beran, Photography by Christina Seel
Next Restaurant: Paris 1906
Jan 2011
Achatz LLC

It’s apt that the same year that saw the original, unabridged translation of the Guide Culinaire also saw the publication of Next Restaurant: Paris 1906—the wireless, cyber-bound, great culinary grandson of Escoffier’s original. The first in the “near-real-time” documentation of Next Restaurant’s time-and-taste jumping menu publications, Paris 1906 presents both the rationale for their starting point and the extensive, elegant menu that made up their first three-month culinary tour, courtesy of Executive Chef Dave Beran. "By starting Next in Paris in 1906, we honored one of the greatest chefs of all time," says Achatz, "and in the process showed … just how far—or not—cooking has evolved in the last 100 years.” Recipes give reference numbers, so you can check back to Escoffier’s originals [“Potage a la Tortue Claire,” (907); “Bombe Ceylan” (4826)]. But unlike Achatz et alia, Escoffier was scant on instruction, not to mention void on visuals, which are presented here in full, color-rich, iPad perfection. Photos showcase Beran’s modern aesthetic updates on the French classics—Next tends to plate where Escoffier buffets—and give readers a peek into the cobalt blue, industrial-chic, visually spare jumping-off platform that is the Next restaurant space. At a radically affordable $4.99, it’s an easy addition to your iBook shelf. Just leave room for the next Next, coming soon to an iPAD near you.

William Echikson
Noble Rot : A Bordeaux Wine Revolution
May 2004
Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Noble Rot introduces us to the figures who epitomize the changes sweeping Bordeaux: the noble family behind Château d'Yquem engaged in a soap-opera feud; a stonemason turned winemaker whose wine, made in a garage, sells for $100 a bottle; the Maryland-based critic Robert Parker, whose opinion routinely makes or breaks a wine; and the New World operations that have used branding to undercut Bordeaux's supremacy. It also delves into the mysteries of the legendary classification of 1855: how it became the bible of Bordeaux, and how it was at last successfully challenged.

Eric Ripert and Christine Muhlke
On the Line
Nov 2008

On the Line is a colorful and entertaining in-depth look at almost everything about New York institution Le Bernardin. Chef Eric Ripert reveals details of all aspects of the restaurant: history, back-of-the-house operations, and A to Z planning of the dining experience. You’ll find a list of the 129 cardinal sins that waiters need to memorize and avoid, a daily time-line of Michael Laiskonis’s pastry department, and a play-by play of what goes on in the fish station during service. On the Line is a fun and out-of-the box look at the inner workings of one America’s most highly regarded restaurants, and is perfect for recent culinary grads or those in the industry curious about Ripert’s methods.

Silvano Serventi and Francoise Sabbas
Pasta : The Story of a Universal Food
Oct 2002
Columbia University Press

Pasta: The Story of a Universal Food shows that this enormously popular foodstuff is not merely a form of nourishment but the result of a lengthy process of cultural construction and the culmination of a wide array of knowledge, skills, and techniques. This volume shows that pasta has existed in various forms throughout Middle Eastern, Asian, and even North African culinary cultures long before its appearance in the West. Pasta is indeed the universal food.

Andrew Smith
Pure Ketchup: A History of America's National Condiment
Mar 2001
Smithsonian Institution Press

For topping French Fries or cottage cheese, K rations or school lunches, ketchup has long been an American favorite. In Pure Ketchup, Andrew Smith chronicles American milestones in ketchup history, including colonial adaptations of popular British mushroom, anchovy, and walnut ketchups, the rise of tomato-based ketchup, the proliferation of commercial bottling after the Civil War, debates over preservatives, the resurgence of homemade and designer varieties, and a recent challenge from salsa. He also includes 100 historical recipes.

Rocky Aoki
Sake : Water from Heaven
Mar 2003
Universe Publishing(NY)

Rocky Aoki, the founder of the famous Benihana and Haru restaurants examines how the rice is grown and brewed, supplies fascinating background and history of saké in Japanese culture, describes the different varieties of saké, discusses which sakés should accompany different types of foods, and where one can purchase saké.

Cook, Sandra; Slavin, Sara; Jones, Deborah
Salt & Pepper: the Cookbook
Apr 2003
Chronicle Books LLC

2004 James Beard Award Nominee for Photography; The range of flavors available in gourmet salts and fresh peppercorns of every color are bringing to all kinds of dishes added complexity and nuance. Salt & Pepper takes readers on a culinary journey through the wide world of new and exotic salts and peppers --from fleur de sel and gray salt to Szechuan and pink peppercorns--and reveals their essential influence on the taste of good food

Mark Kurlansky
Salt : A World History
Jan 2003
Penguin Group (USA)

New in paper. Homer called salt divine. Plato described it as especially dear to the gods. As Mark Kurlansky so brilliantly relates in his world-encompassing new book, salt has shaped civilization from the beginning, and its story is a glittering, often surprising part of the history of mankind. So valuable that it has often served as currency (and still does in places today), salt inspired the earliest trade routes across unknown oceans and the remotest deserts. Wars have been fought over salt, and while salt taxes secured empires across Europe and Asia, they have also inspired revolution (Gandhi's salt march in 1930 began the overthrow of British rule in India).

Jacki Passmore
Savoring China : Williams-Sonoma Savoing Series
Mar 2003
Oxmoor House, Incorporated

Part travelogue, part cookbook, this title in the award-winning series features delicious recipes, hundreds of breath-taking photos, original watercolor illustrations, hand-drawn map, all capturing the essence of the country's rich heritage and diverse culinary traditions.

Charles MacLean
Scotch Whisky : A Liquid History
Jun 2005
Cassell P L C

This is the definitive history of whisky, written by Scotland’s leading writer on the subject and Editor at Large of Whisky magazine. Superb illustrations and entertaining anecdotes bring to life storied names such as John Walker and Sons, Glenlivet, Macallan, and many others.

Rod Phillips
Short History of Wine
Nov 2002
HarperCollins Publishers

New in paper! Entertaining and accessible, this guide illuminates the meaning of wine through the ages?which like gold, has consistently generated passions that verge on mania.

Panderina D. Soumas
Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook:
Aug 2000
Soumas Heritage Creole Creations

This cookbook is filled with legendary, historical, and ancestral legends of Afro-Creole culture through the Soumas Family in South Louisiana as well as cultural connections with Louisiana's history from African slaves from French & Irish plantation era.

Maria Baez
South American Table : The Flavor and Soul of Authentic Home Cooking from Patagonia to Rio De Janeiro, With 450 Recipes
Oct 2003
Harvard Common Press

The South American Table is an extraordinary and authoritative culinary, cultural, and historical chronicle of this fascinating landscape. The result of 15 years of research, it is the first comprehensive survey in more than a decade of the diverse Latin cuisines of South America. With more than 450 authentic recipes from 10 countries, it covers everything from the tamales, ceviches, escabeches, and empanandas that are popular across the continent the specialties that define the individual cuisines, such as Brazil's feijoada, the barbecue of the frontier areas of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, and the special seafood dishes of Ecuador and Colombia.

Anita Naughton; recipes and intro by Nicola Perry
Tea & Sympathy: The Life of an English Tea Shop in New York
Oct 2002
Penguin Group (USA)

In 1990 Nicola Perry, former tea lady at the London Stock Exchange, started living her dream. She found a storefront and opened Tea & Sympathy, an authentic amalgamation of English tea shop, mum's kitchen, and working man's cafe right in the heart of New York. Anita Naughton was one of her first waitresses, and from day one she kept an anecdotal record of the place, encapsulating the charm, flavor, and enigmatic patrons that are the atmosphere of the restaurant. Together they have created a colorful biography spanning the first decade of this landmark eatery. Complete with 60 recipes and photos of food and popular visitors, this is a quintessential taste of England ready to take home.

Jane Pettigrew
Tea Companion : A Connoisseur's Guide
Sep 2004
Perseus Publishing

This comprehensive, authoritative guide to understanding, purchasing, and serving the world's finest teas is beautifully illustrated with color photographs of a variety of tea leaves and herbs, as well as their countries of origin. Learn how to store tea so its aromas last, brew it properly to fullest enjoyment, and appreciate the many nuances of flavor to be found in this extraordinary drink.

Enrique F. Martinez Limon
Tequila : The Spirit of Mexico
Feb 2000
Abbeville Press, Incorporated

In this delightfully visual book, author Enrique Martinez Limon takes the reader on a fascinating anecdotal journey through the history of tequila, providing complete information about how it is produced and descriptions of its legends, heroes, songs, and artistic manifestations. In addition, there are recipes for tequila-based cocktails and for dishes using tequila, as well as professional ratings of more than a hundred brands.

Michael Lomonaco
The '21' Cookbook Recipes & Lore from New York's Fabled Restaurant
Oct 1995
Broadway Books

The '21' COOKBOOK contains well over 150 recipes for dishes ranging from the world famous '21' Burger and Traditional Crab Cakes to many of Chef Michael Lomonaco's innovative ways with grains, fish, and the game for which '21' has always been renowned. And liberally sprinkled throughout are fascinating stories about the restaurant's history, the legends that have grown up around it, and, of course, the many celebrities who have dined there over the years--all illustrated with photographs, cartoons, drawings, and other '21' memorabilia. In short, simply reading THE '21" COOKBOOK is to partake of a feast nearly as opulent as a visit to '21' itself.

Darina Allen
The Complete Book of Irish Country Cooking: Traditional and Wholesome Recipes from Ireland
Mar 1996
Penguin Books, Limited

Wholesome, simple, and comfortingly nostalgic, Irish food is famous for its heartiness and use of fresh ingredients. Over many years Darina Allen has researched the culinary heritage of Ireland and The Complete Book Of Irish Country Cooking brings these recipes together--from the Irishman's Omelette, Watercress Soup, Michealmas Goose with Traditional Potato and Apple Stuffing, to Funeral Ham and Irish Coffee Meringue and Apple Amble Tart. But the book itself is much more than an Irish cookbook, as it is the first to gather together the history of the traditional dishes of Ireland--and with the passing of this generation, they would certainly have been lost. Darina Allen traveled around Ireland, speaking to the local people and collecting together the recipes. In the book each one is introduced by its history and specially commissioned photographs of the Irish landscape are interspersed throughout.

Maricel E. Presilla
The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural and Natural History of Cacao with Recipes
Nov 2009
Ten Speed Press

With a background in cultural anthropology and a native familiarity with cacao production, Maricel Presilla brings both an expert’s authority and a life’s experience to this comprehensive guide to chocolate. Combining its rich cultural history with its evolution through the ranks of modern production, Presilla makes chocolate as we know it a full-fledged centerpiece for the culinary library. Especially in an age of origin-conscious cooking, Presilla’s discussion of cacao farming, including its genetic varieties and agricultural prospects, provides an invaluable link between the chef or pastry chef and his or her cacao source. And a further discussion of cacao’s many flavors and the influences that ultimately affect the finished product will further educate the chef on how to choose from among the increasing variety of single-origin and single-variety chocolates available in the marketplace. Presilla provides recipes that span the gamut from updated Mayan Kekchi Cacao-Chile Balls to Valencian-inspired Chilled Cacao-Almond Horchata, describing the impact and usage of the particular chocolate in each preparation. And a professional glossary and resource index in the back of the book allow chefs to source cacao products to suit their particular culinary needs.

Elisabeth Rozin
The Universal Kitchen
Oct 1996
Viking Adult

Through a 250 recipe tour of world cooking, Elisabeth Rozin focuses on similarities rather than differences, on structures and techniques shared by cultures throughout history. Earthy and erudite, Rozin takes us on a gastronomic odyssey, from the classic Salad Nicoise to her grandma's unburnt cucumber salad, to show how the food of people all over the world has evolved along similar lines, a testament to the kitchen as a focus of our common humanity and to the cook as the interpreter of our shared culinary heritage.

Mimi Sheraton
The Whole World Loves Chicken Soup
Dec 2000
Grand Central Publishing

Gathered during years of travel and conversations with cooks, the recipes reflect intriguing differences and similarities in chicken soups the world over. And yes, the whole world does love chicken soup; almost all cultures regard it as a truly nurturing food of fragrant comfort and homey warmth.
Grouped geographically, the recipes range from the classic clear and golden Jewish soup of Eastern Europe to a creamy rose- colored Shorabit Addas, or Arabian Red Lentil Soup with Chicken; from hearty New England Chicken and Corn Chowder to a fiery Chicken Pepper Pot Soup and a lusty Italian Green Minnestrone with Chicken and Pesto. And the author also includes instructions for making dumplings, won-tons, noodles of many nations, and appetizing garnishes.
More than just a cookbook, this wonderful volume offers charming chicken soup ancedotes from such diverse personalities as Ed Koch, Geoffrey Beene, Yasir Arafat and Nell Newman, daughter of screen idol Paul Newman, who divulges her father's chicken soup habits and describes his favorite recipe.

Gil Marks
The World of Jewish Cooking
Sep 1996
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Gil Marks, a rabbi, gourmet chef, and authority on Jewish food history and lore, guides us through this largely undiscovered world of Jewish cooking beyond chicken soup and gefilte fish. He has compiled over 500 kosher recipes and histories of Jews throughout the world. Gil Marks delights and enlightens readers with traditional recipes from Italian, Yemenite, Ethiopian ,Indian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Moroccan, German, Alsatian, and Middle Eastern Jewry; culinary conversations with contemporary members of these ancient and medieval communities; and fascinating commentary on Jewish food and Jewish history. He offers a spectacular array of delicacies that will whet the appetite and delight the spirit.

Mark Pendergrast
Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed the World
Apr 2000
Basic Books

The first comprehensive and social history of coffee, which describes how coffee has dominated and molded the economies, politics and social structures of entire countries. Pendergrast's scrupulously researched and lively anecdotal history provides a window thorough which to view broader themes of modern-day media and marketing, the rise of mass production, colonialism, women's issues and international commodity schemes.

Carlo Petrini
Wine Atlas of the Langhe : The Great Barolo and Barbaresco Vineyards
Sep 2003
Slow Food Editore

This volume is a beautiful and highly informative book, produced by the international Slow Food movement, headquartered in Piedmont. For over ten years Slow Food researched the vineyards, the wines, and the history of this fascinating part of the world, including the men and women who have made the vines of the Langhe famous. The book explores the unique features of topography, soils, and climate that have enabled Baraolo and Babaresco to become recognized as two of the world's most exclusive and highly prized wines.